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Episode-814- Ted Lacksonen Author of “The Eagle Has Crashed”

 Get the Book The Eagle Has Crashed

Get the Book The Eagle Has Crashed

Ted Lacksonen is a writer and commentator known in the blogosphere as The Country Thinker. He has previously practiced as an attorney for a major international law firm, and worked as a structural designer in the shipbuilding industry. Ted lives in the rolling hills of his home state of Ohio with his wife and son.

Ted joins us today to discuss his recently released novel The Eagle Has Crashed, which is a near-future novel that is set in 2029-30. It is the story of the day that America’s national debt leads to an economic meltdown.

The Eagle has Crashed documents the lives of several ordinary Ohioans as the nation falls apart around them. As the situation worsens it brings out the best – and worst – in Ohioans and Americans across the land.


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