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Episode-335- The Illusion of Freedom

We often talk about what to do if the shit hits the fan.  We also tend to acknowledge that at personal and regional levels the shit does in fact hit the fan on a daily basis for many people.  However, I submit to you that the shit hit the fan for the American way of life long ago and has been flying off the blades for more then a century now.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • The old concepts of slavery and indentured servitude
  • What was a company store, do we still have them today
  • Is the feudal system really gone
  • How has the concept of royalty and the merchant class changed in today’s world
  • What is a communist democracy, how does it parallel a “two party system”
  • How can we define slavery in 2009
  • What is the difference between dependence and choice
  • Who does the Constitution and Declaration apply to
  • What is individual sovereignty
  • Why everyone is “born into captivity”
  • Natural captivity vs. imposed captivity
  • How you can get rid of the illusion of freedom and claim true freedom

Resources for today’s show…

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