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Episode-243- 20 Simple Everyday Food Storage Options

In an effort to provide more “what you can do” action items I decided to do a show today on common foods we eat every day and mostly can buy in any supermarket that will store well.  I though in a lot of ideas of what to do with this food day to day so you can eat what you store and store what you eat.  I finish up with how long term storage meats from providers like Mountain House compliment this approach very well.

I am also continuing with a current events intro segment prior to housekeeping again do to positive feedback from yesterday.  You get three rants and three auto rants today.  On the rants we have Susie Orman my favorite useful idiot, The Today Show piece on urban survivalists that I turned down and “Plan C” a plan by the Fed to dump another 3 Trillion Dollars of monopoly money into our economy to bail out commercial real estate.

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