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Episode-402- The Startling Reality of Pandemic Threats

The real threat of pandemic disease if honestly startling.  In spite of the recent H1N1 (swine flu) no event the pandemic threat is always with us.  Today’s show has a mountain of scientific facts and figures that should drive home the reality of how ominous this threat to survival really is.

Join us today as we discuss…

  • Pandemic vs. Epidemic
  • The probability, impact and commonality of pandemic and epidemic
  • How real the threat is
  • A true scientific consensus
  • Why the Spanish flu in 1918 seems to have killed so many healthy people
  • The speed of mutation at the viral level
  • What the infection and death rates from the 1918 pandemic would look like with a population of 6.7 billion – 2.4 billion infected – 60 million dead
  • The total number of hospital beds in the US and the harsh reality of what that means
  • Two lesser pandemics that killed 1.9 million people globally
  • 5 emerging threats that have nothing to do with the flu
  • The monetary cost of infectious disease
  • Nipah – a disease unknown until 1999 with an 80% death rate

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