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Episode-255- Mixed Bag Wednesday for The Survival Podcast

I decided to cover a varitey of subjects today and shake things up a bit.  We will talk today about local currency, the Discovery Channel’s show “The Colony”, a simple man who is a hero, more on home defense long arms and an “attack fox” (no I am not kidding about the fox).

Tune in today to hear…

  • The assclown of the day are the economists that say the recession is over
  • Francisco Reyes – Our Hero of the day, a simple man who saved two lives
  • What can we learn about local currencies or “scripts” like the “Pittsboro Plenty
  • What does it mean that any group can decide that any paper is worth something when backed by nothing say about fiat currency?
  • What would happen if a local currency were backed by gold or silver?
  • A review of the colony and some things we can learn such as protecting food, how to barter, using time and resources wisely and thinking practically
  • More on shotguns and my recant of my previous views on “bird shot” I was wrong
  • Will the 223 / 5.6mm fragment on a wall?  The answer is not a yes or no.
  • Your best defense against over penetration is knowledge of your environment and solid training
  • What is a “non dangerous, dangerous animal”?
  • What do we need to know about underestimated wild animals like foxes, coons and coyotes when we live in or travel to rural areas?  Or more and more in many urban areas as well?

Resources for today’s show…

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