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Episode-1450- TSP Homestead Lessons and Planning – Fall 2014

Three Bee Hives - One of Many Additions to the Homestead in 2014

Three Bee Hives – One of Many Additions to the Homestead in 2014

This is a great time of the year to look back at 2014 and begin fall/winter planning as well.  2014 was a big and very active year at the TSP ranch.

It also saw the launch of PermaEthos, AgriTrue, the TSP Wiki, SchoolStupidity.com and now we will soon be releasing  GenForward.com.

While I will talk a little bit about those things today I really want to focus mostly on the on the ground homestead improvements and lessons.  We now have a very large flock of chickens and a pretty good sized group of ducks.  The exciting part is our ducks are now laying eggs and I am absolutely in love with fresh duck eggs.

I also broke down and installed some “conventional garden beds” but I have already decided on a intensive polyculture model for them.  I have completed my sorghum trials and selected a variety to attempt to naturalize on the homestead and more.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • The rise of the red pharaoh chicken
  • Ducks the gentle on the land birds still do some damage
  • The ducks also seem to lay enough and grow fast enough to be a good meat source
  • Geese these guys might all be legs up in an oven by years end, except for Buddy
  • Jute Mallow will self reseed in my climate, sowing is better though
  • The sorghum trials are in, Mennonite for the win, the contestants were
    • Black Amber – grows great, birds don’t love it though
    • Giant White African, huge yields but falls over
    • Tarahumara doesn’t self reseed as well as the others
    • Mennonite birds love it, compact, reseeds, coppices well for 2 crops
  • Plant propagation is like printing money
  • Don’t skimp on the “support trees” and get over the density concerns
  • Pop up green houses suck, time to build a real one
  • Wolf Berry is fricken tough as nails and easy to propagate
  • Dwarf Mulberry is awesome
  • My best trees and bushes to grow are
    • Apple
    • Peach
    • Plum
    • Mulberry
    • Jujube
    • Autumn Olive and Goumi
    • Elders in the right locations
  • Currants will grow in Texas in a “Goldy Locks spot”
  • If there are to be blueberries, they must be in a container
  • Some new things I am going to try
    • White clover as a ground cover
    • Sowing more vegetables in the food forest
    • Better irrigation systems
    • The beginnings of a full property “fedge” system
    • A controlled Red Pharaoh breeding program
    • Horse poop on contour (yes I am serious)
  • The biggest lesson, as soon as you find the “best way” you find a better way

Resources for today’s show…

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