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Episode-730- Permaculture Solutions for Water Needs

A Mature Hugelkultur Bed - Photo Credit to RichSoil.com

Today we revisit a topic I covered with the awesome Paul Wheaton on a past episode of TSP.  Paul actually just put out one of the best compilations of photographs and illustrations I have ever seen on hugelkultur which inspired this episode.

We are going to go deeper than that today though.  We are going to talk about multiple concepts with water, I am going to tell those of you in states where they say you can’t capture and store rain water how to do it anyway.

I am going to discuss the water crisis we can’t see and how permaculture provides a solution for it.  I will tell you about millions of acres of lakes that you never see and how they can teach us exactly how to provide water to our plants even in the driest areas with little to no irrigation.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • If water is everywhere how can there be a shortage of it
  • What at the two largest types of lakes that we never see
  • Who waters the forest, who waters the prairies
  • My hugelkultur project so far
  • The rain garden
  • Swales and swale style barriers
  • Self watering gardens – irrigation with maximum efficiency
  • Terracing and how I feel they differ from swales
  • The role of poly culture
  • Selection of hardy varieties
  • Growing from seed, especially trees
  • The Groasis system

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