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The Quail Tracker System is Here – Order Yours Now

As promised Brad Davies, Steve Larkin and I have officially launched the Quail Tracker System via KickStarter. This system has been developed over two years. When you see it you may wonder why it took so long as it looks somewhat simple.

The reality is we used it, we tweaked it, we made it better, we used it some more. We found every problem we could, solved that problem then, used it some more, found more problems and eventually got this system to do everything and anything you could ask of it.

Our primary goal with our system was to make raising poultry profitable, fun, easy and doable in any backyard in America. We wanted anyone from the person with a full on permaculture backyard. To the person living dead center of a Tyrannically run HOA headed up by the worst Bluehairs you could imagine. To be able to produce meat and eggs and improve the quality of their land while doing so.

And We Are Already about 2/3rds of the Way to Our Goal!

That’s right with only a posting to facebook and a mention on yesterdays show the Quail Tracker Project is already about 2/3rds funded and we are within striking distance of our goal!  And we still have 19 days to hit it.  So you know we are going to!

That means you should consider getting a system for yourself perhaps two.  If you do by spring you could be doing the following.  Raising the best quality meat and eggs for your family and improving your land and making compost all at the same time.  And doing it with birds getting to behave like birds.  Out in the yard, eating bugs, weeds, seeds, etc. and enjoying their lives, and blue hairs be damned, they are just your pets.  Quiet pets by the way that no one can see in a backyard unless they are peering over your fence!

Quail really are the perfect back yard poultry. They are quiet, they qualify as “pets” where that is an issue and frankly our system makes it likely no one will know you have them anyway. They are very easy to breed, incubate and brood and grow to meat harvest size in 6 weeks and start laying eggs at 7 weeks. If you keep them under lights (easily done with cheap solar yard lights) with at least 14 hours of light a day, well fed and watered the average hen will give you 28-30 eggs per month, every month.

Our Quail Trackers are light enough that even the average 12 year old child can move it easily to the next location. The material is a very high end cage material that is hard to even buy unless you are commercial builder.  The wire is coated with a completely non toxic material that makes it easy on your animals, in other words, no foot lacerations or “bumble foot” to deal with. Well cared for our Trackers will last for decades, they will never rust and can be cleaned by simply hosing them off under a spray nozzle.

It really is the ultimate backyard egg and meat production machine.  To learn more and get your Quail Trackers on order today visit our Kickstarter Page and select the options you want today.

P.S. – The Quail Tracker System is the first product being released by our new company called Perpetual Food Systems, LLC with our website located at www.homefoodsystems.com

You can expect more to come from our company as we seek to empower Americans to once again feed themselves from their own back yards.

Redneck Venison Pho and New Aquatic System Drains

Couple videos we did over the weekend.  First is what we call Redneck Pho (pho is pronounced fuh) this version is made with venison and quail.  Most of the time I actually do the broth for about 3-4 hours longer, chill over night in the fridge and remove any hardened fat/tallow from the top.  Then use the broth for Redneck Pho or other things.  But for the sake of this video I condensed it into one process.

Items mentioned in this video Items mentioned in this video are Red Yeti Shears  and the Stock Sock



Next up some modifications I made to out aquatic system on Sunday.  I came up with a simple cheap way to create overflow drains that should be 100% fool proof in never clogging.

NOTE – Concerns about the metal tanks, suggestions to try to make this aquatic system into an aquaponics system or fear mongering about PVC will be ignored and possibly deleted.  Sorry but after three years of explaining it, I am just done.  Some day soon I may do one video addressing these concerns one more time, but for the time being I am just done with nervous nillies and people that worry about non problems.



Episode-1717- Quail Keeping Q&A Edition

Quail are Uber Productive and Give You Delicious Eggs

Quail are Uber Productive and Give You Delicious Eggs

So I had anohter one of my little ideas for an easy show.  Ask me about quail and I will do what I can to answer them.  Figured a dozen questions might come in, well um yea.  The Regenerative Ag Group on Facebook alone has PAGES of questions on this.

Frankly this makes the Three Hours of Q&A I did on ciders and meads look like a walk in the park!  But I will do my best.

To make this even doable, here is what I decided to do.  There is no way to go though them in real time with like a rapid fire response, so I took about two hours to come up with the questions below.  I have tried to make them as generic as possible.  Some of the more specific questions to an individual I can work into general feedback shows in the future.

Join Me Today As I Answer…

  • What type of quail do I have [time stamp 13:45]
  • Do I have a good book on quail to recommend [time stamp 15:20]
  • What type of quail gives the best yield of meat and eggs [time stamp 16:25]
  • What is the difference between a Texas A&M Quail and a Brown Quail [time stamp 17:30]
  • Why am I likely to switch from A&M back to Browns [time stamp 21:00]
  • How would you breed to get white quails if you wanted that [time stamp 23:03]
  • Since birds like Bobwhites get bigger why not raise them [time stamp 26:45]
  • How do I find quail to buy locally [time stamp 28:35]
  • What is the biggest initial cost in getting set up [time stamp 31:49]
  • What bases do you really need to cover before getting birds [time stamp 36:43]
  • How small a number makes sense what is the lowest number you’d recommend [time stamp 40:43]
  • What is there optimal stocking density, how dense is just too dense [time stamp 43:30]
  • How would you set up quail in a rack system – IE garage style [time stamp 46:52]
  • How would you set up quail in caging but out doors [time stamp 51:32]
  • How would you set up quail in a “quail tractor” [time stamp 56:49]
  • How would you set up a coop/run style of thing [time stamp 1:04:00]
  • How will my rotational aviary work [time stamp 1:05:55]
  • How can you automate watering [time stamp 1:12:28]
  • How can quail be integrated into a composting system [time stamp 1:14:10]
  • Why can’t you “free range quail” or use electro net systems [time stamp 1:18:23]
  • How can you deal with mosquitoes and flies around your quail [time stamp 1:21:22]
  • Could you do quail “seasonally” and not keep them though winter [time stamp 1:24:40]
  • What do I feed my quail  [time stamp 1:34:00]
  • Why do quail get prolapse or weak shelled eggs [time stamp 1:37:50]
  • What special needs do they have diet wise [time stamp 1:39:37]
  • How to you minimize feed waste [time stamp 1:40:15]
  • What is the best breeding ratio [time stamp 1:42:58]
  • Can you grow 100% of the food your quail need [time stamp 1:44:20]
  • What about really hot climates [time stamp 1:50:38]
  • What about really cold climates [time stamp 1:51:42]
  • What do they taste like, is the meat dark, light, etc. [time stamp 1:53:10]
  • Why do I skin vs. pluck my birds [time stamp 1:57:10]
  • How do I slaughter and process my quail [time stamp 2:00:06]
  • How many eggs do they really lay [time stamp 2:06:40]
  • My birds are old enough but not laying, why [time stamp 2:09:22]
  • Why are quail eggs better than chicken eggs [time stamp 2:12:02]
  • What is the brooding process [time stamp 2:19:56]
  • What is the incubation process like, what type of incubator works best [time stamp 2:22:16]
  • How many birds do I need to eat quail once a week and eggs three times a week [time stamp 2:26:52]
  • What are the input and out put numbers, feed, time, production [time stamp 2:37:18]
  • Can you legally sell meat in _____ [time stamp 2:41:15]
  • Can captive quail really be part of a regenerative system, isn’t it small scale factory farming [time stamp 2:47:50]

Resources for today’s show…

Bob Wells Nursery “Plant Of The Week”4 In 1 Fruit Salad Tree It is adaptable from zone 6 to zone 9

Multiple-budded fruit tree on Nemaguard rootstock, with 4 of the following varieties:  Polly White Peach, Harcot Apricot, Harken Peach, Harco Nectarine, Superior Plum.

If you need more variety from a limited space? The multiple-budded fruit tree is the answer! Multiple-budded fruit trees will give you several fine selections of tree-ripened fruit from the space of a single tree.

Bob Wells specializes in edible landscape, including: Fruit Trees, Berry Plants, Nut Trees, as well as the hard to find Specialty Fruit Trees. Find this plant and more at BobWellsNursery.com

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Episode-1071- Raising Quail for Eggs and Meat with MoonvalleyPrepper

Coturnix Quail Eggs with a Chicken Egg for Scale.

Coturnix Quail Eggs with a Chicken Egg for Scale.

MonvalleyPrepper (aka Brad Davies) is a long time member of the TSP audience and community.  A few months ago he chimed in on a comments thread  here at the TSP Blog about raising quail  When I heard the shear volume of production in such a tiny foot print I knew I had to get him on the air.

It got better though!  Next, I heard he lived in the suburbs, had neighbors on either side.  That inspire of that he was able to produce in the range of 20,000 eggs a year and hundreds of meat animals.  Now get this his neighbors didn’t even know they were there!

Once I heard all that I knew how important this could be for other preppers.  I also realized it might be a solution for many of our members that want to homestead in the city or the burbs and not call down the wrath of code enforcement officials or blue hairs running the local HOA.

Join Us Today As We Discuss…

  • The basic process from start to finish
  • Setting up housing and equipment
  • Getting incubation of your eggs right
  • Inputs and outputs of the system
  • Specific suburban issues to consider
  • Using quail tractors or going large scale
  • Breeding to improve stock and culling to curb undesirable traits
  • Avoiding common getting started/first season mistake
  • Some specific equipment and feed recomendations

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

Bird Specific Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-765- Useful Small Animals for the Homestead

Okay there is a lot of gloom and doom out there and to be honest some of the crap is really hitting the fan right now.  It will be necessary for me to delve into that world more and more in the coming months/years but I still want to keep some positive and fun stuff coming as well.

Hence today we are going to focus on homesteading and animals that can feed us, protect our property or provide us with other benefits.  The list we will cover today includes some “traditional small livestock”, some wild game and some other stuff people don’t usually think of.

So what happened to chickens?  They get a token mention but as everyone thinks of chickens first we are focusing elsewhere today.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • What makes an animal useful for our homestead
    • Produces food
    • Produces functional by products
    • Produces useful waste
    • Performs a useful function
    • Provides entertainment
    • Supports other systems
  • Some useful and easy to care for livestock
    • Dogs
    • Rabbits
    • Small Swine
    • Squirrels, Raccoons and other small wildlife
    • Bees (mason and conventional)
    • Ducks
    • Fish – tilapia, catfish, trout, crayfish, frogs, etc.
    • Worms and insects
    • Goats and sheep
    • Pigeons and Quail

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.