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Review of the Vacucanner Dry Canning System

The Vacucanner is available at http://vacucanner.com/

I am very impressed with this product and think it will be serve high volume preppers that like to buy in bulk and still eat what you store and store what you eat.  Specifically to take large bulk items like dehydrated veggies from Harmony House and #10 cans like Mountain House and process them into usable sizes without sacrificing long term storage life.


Eton Scorpion Emergency Crank/Solar Radio Review

I get a ton and I mean a ton of questions from the audience about a good quality emergency radio.  There are some really good ones and there are some that are total crap (for an example of total crap see my prior review of the Kaito Voyager).

So when Eton asked me to review the new Eton Scorpion I was quick to accept the opportunity, while skeptical of what I would receive.  I am happy to report despite a few nit picks this is a great radio, check out the video below.

The Eton Scorpion has some Great Features Including

  • AM/FM receiver with digital tuner
  • NOAA weather band  radio
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Large and efficient solar panel
  • USB charger converts the Eton Scorpion multipurpose radio into a recharging station for cell phones and other devices (did not charge and iPod or iPhone for me)
  • Audio line input lets you use the radio’s speaker with your music player
  • Headphone jack allows you to listen without being head by others
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Rugged, splashproof body for outdoor use
  • Includes a integrated bottle opener
  • Aluminum carbiner for hanging the radio (not as rugged as I would like)