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Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Battery Adapter Kit for 18 Volt Tools – Item of the Day


Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day the Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Battery Adapter Kit.  As many of you know I am a huge fan of Dewalt Tools, I have quite a few I have owned for over a decade. Drills, Reciprocating Saws, Circular Saws, you name it, I have it and if I cut myself with one I might just bleed Dewalt yellow.

Like many I settled on the 18Volt line of tools many years ago and was very happy with them.  The batteries for these tools may have been old school NiCad but they were bullet proof and I often got 5 years of steady use before they went south.  Lately that has changed, the NiCads Dewalt is making today are just not what they used to be.

I guess this is a combination of wanting to move the installed base to the new 20Volt Lithiums, and simply that when a company, any company invests in a new line the old line is no longer a real priority.   But what is a guy like me with over half a dozen great tools to do?  Keep buying sub quality batteries?  Pawn all my shit for a fraction of its real value and buy new stuff?

Well, option three is what I went for.  Last week I was at Lowes and found the Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Battery Adapter Kit just sitting there looking at me.  That very day I had tossed another old school battery out.  So I thought what the hell and picked it up for 149.99.  My old tools are like new again, all the power is back!

The kit is a great solution it is not perfect but it is good.  If you read some of the lower rated reviews you will not that the main complaint is that if you leave the battery attached to the adapter it slowly drains the battery.  Okay, great as long as you know that it isn’t a big deal, when you are done remove the battery and fricken charge it, that is a best practice anyway and Lithiums have no memory so there is no reason not to.

The other is the balance and feel of your tools isn’t what you are used to.  The lithium is lighter but more powerful, the adapter makes the entire pack a bit longer than the old 18VDCs did.  It isn’t a big deal but you do notice it.

The other issue is going from tool to tool, you either need more adapters or you need to swap the battery when you go from say a drill to a saw.  If I really like it long term, I will buy a second adapter, perhaps a full kit because the charger, two batteries and adapter together are a great deal over a la carte.  Again this isn’t a big deal but I like to be honest about what I recommend, both the good and bad as very few things are perfect.

Here is the last problem, Dewalt got what it wanted from people like me.  I now have two 20Vdc Lithium Batteries and a charger, I will buy more, I know that now.  So what am I olgingly longly now like some school girl, other new Dewalt Tools of course.  Yea I have a drill but two is one and one is none and man this one is a beast!  Oh and have you seen the new Dewalt Cordless Nailer?  I have got to get one of those!

Yep over the next year Dewalt will get more of my money.  I was perfectly happy with my 10 plus year old tools but now I have the new light saber batteries and it opens up a whole new world of Big Yellow in my shop.  There are worse problems to have.

I thought long and hard about buying the adapter kit or just moving on to the new line.  The issue there is it isn’t a real solution unless I spend a LOT of money right away to replace everything.  Now my plan is simple, watch for special deals and sales and upgrade a piece at a time.  Move the older tools into the two is one and one is none mindset and get into the modern age of power.

If you have 18VDC Dewalt tools, consider the Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Battery Adapter Kit as it is one of the less financially painful ways to move forward and stay with Old Yellow.

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Episode-1014- Hand Tools and Homestead Gear

A Husqvarna 450 with an 18 Inch Bar is my go to Chainsaw

A Husqvarna 450 with an 18 Inch Bar is my go to Chainsaw

I think it is a good time to look at some common hand tools and homestead gear specifically with winter approaching.  Winter presents quite a few opportunities for repair and maintenance.

First, I am not sure why but winter is when many things that have always worked decide it is time to break down.  It is like they want a rest from the action just like everyone else or something.

Second, many of the tasks we have to do frequently in the Spring, Summer or Fall are not necessary in winter.  Even for those of us that garden, you very seldom need to water an weed.  So many of the things that get put off during the busy season are prime for getting done in the slower months.

Third, a lot of maintenance work just sucks to do when it is 100 plus degrees outside.  Doing them in a warm garage or shop or doing them on a sunny winter day is just a lot more fun then sweating your brains out.

Fourth, winter can get boring and wear you down.  Days are short, nights are long and once hunting season is over cabin fever can set in hard and fast.  Doing maintenance, repairs, upkeep and projects in this time helps us stay positive and be up and running full out when spring arrives.

Join Me Today as We Discuss…

  • Tools I think should be on every homestead
    • The Chainsaw (gas is primary but electrics have a place)
    • Rechargeable/Power Tools
      • Drill (make sure to have plenty of bits)
      • Reciprocating Saw
      • Circular Saw
      • Cut Off Tool
      • Impact Driver
      • Jig Saw
      • Grinder
    • A good axe and a good hatchet
    • A good sickle or corn knife
    • Shovels, Hoes, etc.
  • Hand Tools that Everyone Should Have
    • Hammer (at minimum sledge, mini sledge and claw)
    • Socket Set
    • Screw Driver Set
    • A set of driver tips and hex keys
    • Wrench Set
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Channel Locks
    • Vice Grips
    • Chisels
    • Wire Brushes
    • Planing tools
    • Tape Measures, rulers, yardsticks, etc
    • Level
    • Square
    • Cross and Rip Saws
    • Hack Saw
    • C-Clamps
    • Pipe Wrench
    • Pliers of All Common Form
    • Files
    • Sharpening stones
    • Lots of nails, screws, bolts, washers, etc.
  • Some Real Nice to Have Stuff
    • Log splitter
    • A press
    • A scythe
    • A shop vac

Resources for today’s show…

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