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Episode-1009- Permaculture Lessons and Observations from 2012

Today I want to take a look back at much of what we have learned in regard to permaculture over the mostly now passed year.  In 2012 I attended two major permaculture events, planted over 35 trees, experienced my first full season with hugulkultur beds and more.

I also received huge numbers of questions by email about permaculture that have taught me that many good permaculturists are often lousy at explaining big picture reality, myself included.  To examine that we will discuss the most common question about large scale permaculture I get today.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • What is Permaculture for those new to the concept
  • Why I think we should call most US hugulkultur simply “woody beds”
  • Why I think woody beds work so well and it ain’t what everyone says
  • What we need to start teaching the permaculture youth crowd, reality
  • Why Permaculture courses need the addition of “hard skills”
  • The missed opportunity in small scale urban design
  • Where grain fields fit into the equation
  • How can you practice permaculture/polyculture on a large scale
  • The future of permaculture at the individual level
  • The future of permaculture at the commercial level
  • Why a full working acre may be optimum for small family concerns
  • The animals I see as the “best bets” for working families

Resources for Today’s Show…

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