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Episode-2289- Practical Homesteading in the Modern Age

Sometimes I feel society in on the edge of yet another split.  Those that value things like gardens, back yard birds and foraging, and those who don’t but see no value in such things.  These people look around and see  a world when you can summon a car with a cell phone, to either take you to dinner or bring dinner to you.

Unlike 2008 when I began the journey of this podcast, the economy is booming.  Right now if you don’t have a job, frankly don’t really want one.  Everyone is hiring.  Every day some new technical marvel is unveiled.  Alternative energy is really beginning to stop looking so “alternative”.  It seems in perhaps a decade electricity may be almost free in relative terms.

Computers are continuing to become better, smarter, faster and cheaper.  Anything you want from lobster tails to fine silk can be delivered to your home in 12-24 hours from the almighty Amazon.  You can understand when it comes to homesteading why some people are like, why bother?

The other side though is pretty amazing.  We have people on YouTube documenting their homesteading journeys with hundreds of thousands of people following them.   A few such people have more than a million followers.  Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are full of pictures and short videos of everything from “square foot gardens” to urban chicken tractors.   Celebrity Chefs like Guy Fieri show off their backyard flocks and compost piles.

Yes even in a world of high speed processors and “Door Dash” food delivery the back yard homestead is thriving in 2018.  Today we discuss ways to be a practical homesteader in the modern world.

Join Me Today To Discuss…

  • Why do we homestead
    • Humans are cultivators
    • As much for recreation as for production
    • The quality of food we can produce
  • Some rules for happy homesteading
    • One project at a time
    • Start with something easy and fun
    • Set and respect a budget
    • Build management into daily activities (smart zone design)
  • Some of my favorite projects for homesteading
    • Back yard birds (composting system)
    • Of course a kitchen garden (gotta love wicking beds)
    • Set up a seed starting system (lights, etc)
    • Building a solar heater
    • Lean how to can food
    • Install rainwater catchment
    • Creating habitat, natural spaces, attracting wildlife
  • Final Thoughts

Resources for today’s show…

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