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Episode-1088- Patrick Barron from DefiningTheMachine.com

The Machine is Why Nothing Changes

The Machine is Why Nothing Changes

Pat Barron is a former Independent candidate for congress in 2010,with over 25 years of experience working within both public and private mental health settings.

Currently, Pat works for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.  Pat’s experience as a trained clinician, has helped to not only treat the symptoms of a problem, but to identify/understand the complex causes of the problem, and then find the straightest path to both stability and success.

In the 2010 congressional election Pat Barron was an Independent candidate in the 3rd district against incumbent James McGovern and Republican Marty Lamb. Pat ran as a true outsider to Washington D.C. and political partisanship.

Pat believes reform in Washington DC is the only solution to all our issues ranging from healthcare to infrastructure, to national defense. The current climate of partisanship, gridlock, national debt and congressional approval ratings in the teens substantiate this belief.

Since the last election Pat Barron has been hard at work researching and developing a seminar he is now offering called “Defining the Machine”

 Join Pat and I Today as We Discuss…

  • Partisanship and political gridlock, why it occurs and how this influences policy and fund-raising
  • The history of congressional committee term limits and does this help
  • The Bipartisan Congressional Reform Act of 2002
  • The RNC, DNC, what and where is K Street and why this matters
  • The difference between PACs, leadership PACs, and Super PACs
  • Control by the political parties through the Party Dues System.
  • Where your money goes when you donate to a candidate
  • Why change can’t happen with the current system
  • The fact that there is a published price list for committee seats
  • A new congressman’s first job is basically the same as a 9 dollar and hour telemarketers
  • Sponsorships and Co-sponsorships of bills are for sale on the House Floor
  • Congressman can legally bribe each other in their own office based on a law they passed
  • The only solution to this is education

Resources for today’s show…

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