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Episode-1453- Challenging the Myths about Voting

My Vote in 2014 Is NONE of the ABOVE.

My Vote in 2014 Is!

I am really late today because I wrote an article that took a long time about not voting.  I wrote this not to convince you of anything only to challenge the myths around the concept.  What amazed me was how quick I got some really hateful comments by people who clearly didn’t even read the article.

How quickly people who choose to listen to and follow my work just out of hand dismissed what I had to say with programmed talking points while never actually hearing what was said.

So today I am going to examine this and I do hope people LISTEN to the substance vs. the title.  You see to me this is about liberty.  I always say, “know why you believe what you believe”, that is all I am saying here.

I think so many people are trying to control other people and tell them how and what to both do and think that people just can’t accept that such isn’t always the case.  It is even harder on a hot button issue like voting.  Anyone listening to this episode or reading my article is highly likely to assume that my goal is for them to follow my example and not vote.  Nothing could be further from the truth than that.

I am only asking you to examine why you believe what you believe and the validity of your own beliefs.  No one who fully understands that should respond with either anger or preprogrammed talking points.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Why I wrote the article and what it says
  • Voting myths and talking points we should examine
    • People died for your right to vote so you should vote
    • Voting brought us great things like Social Security and the Civil Rights Act
    • But there are also important regional, local, etc. issues ballot initiatives, etc.
    • If you don’t vote you don’t get to bitch/complain
    • Not voting is unpatriotic or un-American
    • Not voting is admitting defeat
    • Your vote really matters, it counts
    • If you really cared then you’d run for office yourself
    • What if everyone didn’t vote
    • Voting for a third party sends those in power a message
    • The only way to protect your right to vote is by voting
    • If you don’t vote you are not offering up any solutions
    • You should vote so at least you can say you stood for/against something
    • Our system isn’t perfect but it is the best we can do
  • Why I think you should vote if you personally feel that it is the right thing to do
  • Why you have no right to be angry at those of us who don’t vote

Resources for today’s show…

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