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Episode-215- Advantages for the Suburban Survivalist

Typical survival mentality is to be as remote and self sufficient as possible to avoid mob mentality in a SHTF scenario.  There are also however, considering disaster probability, some real advantages for the surburbanite who is both prepared and “plugged in” to his neighborhood.

We also videoed the action inside the car today, that will be published tomorrow.

Tune into today as we discuss some advantages like…

  • Suburbanites have more people to work with if you can organize them
  • They have more “buying power” and will continue to get materials longer in a shortage
  • You can take advantage of “efficiency of distribution”
  • Utility recovery will be given priority in a point of higher population density
  • There are large and more organized police forces available
  • Resources are more accessible by bike or on foot
  • You are also often likely to get priority of support from authorities for any needs
  • It is a lot easier to get by with out gasoline on an individual level
  • There are thousands of pools holding reserve water in most suburbs
  • I also discuss a long list of corresponding disadvantages

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