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New MSB Discounter – Olive Basket, LLC

white-truffle-325x390The Olive Basket, LLC – now offers either a 15% discount on your order OR free shipping for MSB members.

Olive Basket is proud to offer the freshest in olive oils and balsamic vinegars in over 60 flavors. Heart healthy oils come from the freshest harvest either in the southern or northern hemisphere during the year.

The balsamic vinegars are made the old fashion way in Modena, Italy, assuring you no artificial colors or ingredients. Just go to the website, www.olivebasketonline.com  to learn more.

Please note that this is EITHER OR discount, not both.  You can either select free shipping OR 15% off.   These discount codes are already posted to the members area of the MSB.

This is another example of my efforts to expand the diversity of the MSB.  If you have a high quality company and would be interested in discussing a discount for the MSB please let me know and we can see if we can reach an agreement.

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

Log In or Join the MSB for this and Other Great Discounts.

Right now I specifically would love to add a supplier of mushroom spawn.  This is one I have tried to acomplish for a long time and it has led me to believe most suppliers are spending a LOT of time with magic mushrooms!

The truth though is I am open to anything high quality that I feel my audience would benefit from and appreciate.  Just email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with TSPC discount partner in the subject line and tell me a bit about your offering.

If you have been on the fence about MSB this is just another example of the high quality discounts I work to negotiate for members.

To learn more about the MSB or log in to get your latest discount just visit the Members Page.

Hawk Ammo Added to the MSB

True Precision Ammo!

True Precision Ammo!

Hawk Ammo – Offers all MSB members 7% off all ammunition purchases by using the code that has already been added to the benefits page of the MSB.

Hawk Ammo is designed and constantly tested to provide ammunition with the best accuracy possible with various handguns from full size to compacts.

They have a selection of popular rifle calibers also. Custom and bulk orders are also welcome. You can find Hawk Ammo at hawkammo.com

Hawk Ammo was formed at the beginning of 2013 with the goal of making the highest quality ammunition available to the public and be competitively priced with other premium ammunition. All of the ammunition that they sell has been optimized to give the best accuracy and function in each caliber.

All Hawk ammunition undergoes an extensive quality control check during manufacturing and all ammunition is test fired to check grouping, function and cleanliness. This results in ammunition that performs better than other commercial factory ammunition that was loaded by a machine.

If you have been considering becoming part of the MSB this is yet another great example of the value it represents.

Two New Additions to the MSB

If you check out the MSB Page you will see I have recently updated it with all the partners that offer discounts.  Really check out how long the list is!

And let me tell you I am adding more by next week!

We now have a total of 59 supporting vendors in the MSB, many pay for an annual membership for themselves because they personally see the value in it.  If you are buying items in the self sufficiency space every year the MSB more then pays for itself, with discounts on everything from herbal supplements to long term storage foods to tactical items and as listed above even gardening supplies.

To Learn More About the MSB or
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Two New Awesome Partners Added to the MSB

Two New Additions to the MSB

I have just updated the MSB with two great new discounts for all members.  These are both business strait out of the TSP community.

These are American Made products being made by the people that sell them.  They are top quality and highly unique.  Ironically both involve wood work, though both are quite different.

I really do work hard to increase the MSBs value on an ongoing basis.  Rather than just another survival supplier reseller I am trying to find unique and interesting products that will appeal to our members.

If you have a company with such products please email me and let me know what you would be interested in doing.  Please know I don’t take everyone.  I look for top quality and unique attributes that will appeal to self sufficient individuals.  I believe these two new partners are excellent examples of that.

  • Two Timbers Display Cases  – Hand make awesome cases to display your knives, arrowheads, fossils, medals, pins, military items, and more!! Two Timbers, LLC is a family business. Each of  their display cases are built by hand in our Father-Son shop in Southern Indiana. They strive to source our materials from other local businesses and are proud to produce a product that is truly made in America. They now offer 5% off all orders for all MSB members.  Visit TwoTimbers.com to learn more

We now have a total of 59 supporting vendors in the MSB, many pay for an annual membership for themselves because they personally see the value in it.  If you are buying items in the self sufficiency space every year the MSB more then pays for itself, with discounts on everything from herbal supplements to long term storage foods to tactical items and as listed above even gardening supplies.

To Learn More About the MSB or
Log In to Your Existing Account Just Click Here.

New MSB Updates 2-2-15

Geoff Lawton is one of my Greatest Teachers

MSB Members get 100 Dollars off of Geoff Lawton’s PDC

First many have been asking for the discount for Geoff Lawton’s PDC.  I try not to add his code to the MSB until right before he opens his course so I don’t end up with a dozen how do I order the PDC emails.  Anyway Geoff is opening his course either tomorrow or Saturday.

I am not sure it has usually been Friday but his email says February 7th.  That might be the 7th in Australia though.

In any event the discount code is now in the MSB, you can learn more about Geoff and get a ton of awesome free videos at GeoffLawton.com

The discount I negotiated for MSB member is 100 dollars which is two full years of MSB by itself.  Geoff is an amazing teacher and I am continuing to get discounts to his course for MSB members who want to avail themselves of his teaching.

While we are now technically in competition with Geoff with our courses at PermaEthos, I have decided that I will always support Geoff’s efforts as well, as he is my greatest teacher and mentor in the field of Permaculture.

MSB Members Get 50% off Luke Calahan's Guide to the Microgreen Business

MSB Members Get 50% off Luke Calahan’s Guide to the Microgreen Business

Next up is Luke Callahan’s Guide to the Micro Greens Business – Did you know that you could be up and running with a Permaculture style business in just a few weeks for perhaps a few hundred dollars invested.  That with some hustle that business could earn you a thousand dollars a week or more.

Luke Callahan did it, in fact he made 2,000 a week plus selling micro greens and it put it all into his eBook called, The Complete Guide to Growing and Selling Microgreens.  This really isn’t an eBook it is a complete and proven business plan, one that has already worked for Luke.  And how is this for a discount?  50% yep you can get his 64 dollar Guide for only 32 dollars.  To learn more go to http://localbusinessplans.com/microgreens/  to hear a full interview with Luke on the Permaculture Voices Podcast go to http://www.permaculturevoices.com/87 

Even if you are not interested in the eBook I really recommend you listen to Luke’s interview with Diego on the PermaCulture voices podcast.  The methods and business principles discussed are spot on.  Again you can find that podcast at http://www.permaculturevoices.com/87

As always to get the discount code just log in to your members area.  If you are not yet a member and would like to join the MSB you can do that here.

Five New Companies Added to the MSB

New Stuff Has Been Added to the MSB

New Stuff Has Been Added to the MSB

I have been working hard to increase the value of the MSB and today am happy to let you know that 5 new partners have been added.

I am constantly looking for high quality unique vendors that offer things you would likely want to buy anyway.  I work with them to get my members significant discounts that you can’t just get anywhere else.

I personally vet each company and the products they offer by direct personal purchase or investigating the response of community members who have done business with them.  In most instances I have personally done business with many of these companies at full price before even discussing a discount with them.  Or I have heard enough good things from multiple community members to know they are solid and worthy of MSB inclusion.

In this round of additions here are five new great companies and products with big discounts for all members.

  • Doctor’s Nutrition – I first had Doctor Lewis and his wife Janet on TSP a bit over a year ago, and then a second time about 6 months later, you can hear those interviews here.  Many of you gave their science based, results oriented approach a try and the feed back has been 100% positive.  My wife started working with them as well and has had amazing results.  I have now negotiated a discount on all their supplements for the MSB.   The discount is 10% off all products except lab work.  The discount code is already in the MSB on the Benefits page.  You can use it when you order on the web or when you call in an order.  Please note that Doctor’s Nutrition only sells supplements to registered users and they prefer to work with lab results before making recommendations.  I can personally tell you their approach works!  Learn more at http://www.drsnutrition.org/
  • Pretty Loaded – Beth Warford is the founder of PrettyLoaded.org.  A company that provides training specifically targeted to women on firearms, concealed carry, self defense, situational awareness and more.  They have released their first video based seminar series on situational awareness and it is outstanding.  It may be targeted to women but men can learn just as much from it.  I am confident that this seminar will save lives and it is something you should make sure the women in your life see.  The course is 99 dollars and I got the MSB a discount of 20% discount and the code is already in the MSB.  Learn more at www.PrettyLoaded.org and you can hear Beth on TSP at this link.
  • Andrew McKnight – I met Andrew McKnight at the first ever PermaEthos Fall Festival and fell in love with his music at that time.  His music tells amazing stories based on the joy and pain of life in rural Appalachia.  As the son of a coal miner and of a solider who did a bit of both professions myself this music speaks to me directly, but I think Andrew’s music will speak to you as well.  I have negotiated a 15% discount on all of Andrew’s music for you guys.  Just use code that is in the MSB at check out.  Learn more at http://www.andrewmcknight.net I really hope to have Andrew  play at the TSP Homestead some day during one of our events.  You can hear me talk about his music and play one of his songs in this episode of TSP.
  • Lenwood Leather – You don’t want to be let down when depending on your gear, you want (and need) the very best. Lenwood provides the highest quality hand made equipment possible. Lenwood products are built with pride right here in these USA by Americans who know the value of a hard day’s work. Lenwood offers a 20% site-wide discount at LenwoodLeather.com just use the code from the MSB benefits page at check out.
  • HiddenTruckBox.com – Provides unique storage solutions for Ford F150 owners. These hidden truck boxes are mounted under the hood, and discretely keep your tools safe from the prying eyes of thieves. Take back you truck bed, and get a Hidden Truck Box. MSB members receive an additional 10% OFF with discount code from the MSB Benefits page at hiddentruckbox.com

Also Dan Malone who is the ownere of HiddenTruckBox.com set up a Community Business Directory on the TSP Wiki. TSP Community Members should add their side businesses in preparation for holiday shopping.

If listeners are going to spend money this holiday season, what better way than within our community.

This directory should be for dedicated listeners and friends of survival podcast, not just random links to other survival websites that don’t care about our us.)

It also serves another purpose.  Many times people with new businesses inquire about an MSB discount opportunity.  To protect my listeners and members I only take established companies as partners.  This directory can become sort of a launch point and a proving ground.  Once you have a few dozen happy customers or so if you provide something unique we can talk about getting you into the MSB.

So there you go 5 new and 5 totally different and unique new supporting vendors for the MSB.  If you haven’t signed up yet consider doing so you can do that here.

When I say that I am constantly trying to improve the MSB value this is what I mean.  New and unique companies with great and proven products at real discounts.

Iron Edison Batteries Joins the MSB

MSB Members Now get 5% off all Iron Edison Batteries.

MSB Members Now get 5% off all Iron Edison Batteries.

As the online leader in Nickel-Iron batteries, solar power and renewable energy products, Iron Edison is providing people with off-grid, clean energy solutions. Whether you need Nickel-Iron batteries for your current system or a fully-customized package renewable energy solution Iron Edison can help you build the right system for your need.

All MSB members now receive 5% off all Nickel-Iron batteries at Iron Edison. This discount ONLY applies to batteries but with Nickel-Iron batteries starting at about 1,000 dollars a piece this is a huge discount for the person building a top quality off grid system. No batter can compete with a Nick-Iron battery for this use.

We owe a special thank you to Steven Harris of the Expert Council who secured this discount for us while researching one of your questions about nickel-iron batteries.

The discount code has been added to the benefits page of the MSB.  Remember also if you are not a member today is the last day of the fall sale, get your first year for only 30 dollars.  To do that use discount code fall14.

TacticalWoodGas.com – Joins the MSB

This Compact Gasifier Can Provide Lots of Power

This Compact Gasifier Can Provide Lots of Power

I am personally very excited about this product and to be bringing you a great discount on it. TacticalWoodGas.com offers full wood gas systems that are easy to use and very portable. They also offer custom DC generators to run off of their gasifiers. I scored a huge discount on the generators for the MSB. 10% off their generators.

This includes the strait 6.5HP 12V Generator that sells for 799.95, so that is a 79 dollar discount. It also includes the 3.5HP Generator, with inverter that sells for 549.95 so that is a 54 dollar discount.

So this supplier not only provides a complete stand alone, renewable power generation system for under 2,000 dollars, it also provides a discount that is larger than an entire year of MSB Service.

To get the discount you will need to email them and give them the discount code.  The code is already posted on the benefits page of the MSB.  You can learn more at the Tactical Wood Gas Website and you can email them at sales@tacticalwoodgas.com

New MSB Vendor Partner – Ecosents

Join the MSB Today

MSB Members Get 25% off at EcoSents!

Okay guys and gals I have a cool new MSB vendor for you!  This company is called Ecosents, and they are just awesome.  A small family owned business with great products and they are extremely cost competitive.

EcoScents Home Fragrance products really unique addition for the MSB, their products include Scented Wax Melts, Fragrance Oils and Room and Linen Sprays and they are all made from the finest fragrances blended with pure essential oils to promote a longer lasting, full-bodied fragrance experience.

EcoScents manufactures from a 100% off-grid homestead in the mountains of Eastern Utah where they are celebrating their 10th year in business and are proud to be a new member of the MSB team.  MSB members receive 25% off all products ordered through the website; www.MyEcoScents.com.  Just use the coupon code at checkout.  The code has already been posted to the MSB benefits area!

Hey it gets even better!  EcoScents orders are shipped within 24 business hours by US Priority Mail, orders over $25 enjoy free shipping.  So for MSB Members that is 25% off and free shipping!

And hey guys, what a great gift idea on a “just because day” for your wife or girlfriend.  Don’t get me wrong I like my house to smell great and honestly aroma therapy is great for all of us.  Scents can actually transport the mind in time.  I know every time I smell water hit a tomato plant I am back to being 12 years old and in my grandfathers garden with him when he was still around.  Still one can’t deny this new benefit should definitely appeal highly to the female portion of the TSP community.

ATTENTION – There is an MSB Sale Right Now Until Monday July 7th, Use Discount Code “4july” and get 15 dollars off a one year membership!

Permaculture Voices Video Series Added to the MSB

The Permaculture Voices Conference of 2014 was the first of its kind in the world.  Names such as Geoff Lawton, Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, Greg Judy and more all in one place.  Now you can get the entire conference on video.

Those who attended get an even lower price.  To get the video series go to http://www.permaculturevoices.com/video/subscribe/

If you attended you can get the videos for only $99.00 with the discount code on the benefits page of the MSB.  If you didn’t attend you can get the videos for only $199.00 with a different discount code in the MSB .  Please use the proper code based on whether or not you actually attended the conference.  Spot audits will be performed to ensure no one cheats.  Those who attended get a much larger discount because they paid the full fee to attend the conference.

Here is what is included with this video series…

  • Over 80 hours of talk footage from PV1.  This includes almost all of the talks given during the conference.
  • Over 5 hours of bonus footage of behind the scenes interviews filmed during PV1.
  • Over 5 hours of Geoff Lawton talking permaculture in a PDC held immediately after PV1.
  • All talks are available via streaming, and all talks are downloadable.  You will have access to the streaming for a year and beyond.
  • All of the keynotes and some other talks are available now.  New talks will be released on a weekly or faster basis.  A release schedule is below.
  • All talks can be watched in SD or HD through Vimeo streaming.
  • There will not be any physical DVDs.  They are cost prohibitive given the total length of footage that we have.  Each video is downloadable.

The regular price of this video series is $245, so this is a great discount.  The discount codes again are on the benefits page of the MSB.

And now back to my vacation.

Spring Sale on MSB – Discount Code is “spring14”

Join the MSB Today

Join the MSB Today and Get 20 Dollars Off Your First Year

Spring has officially sprung, at least in the south so I decided to run a spring MSB sale.  With this sale you can get your first year of TSP Members Brigade for the next ten days for only 30 Dollars, which is a savings of 40%. Use discount code “spring14″ to get your first year for only 30 dollars.

This sale runs until midnight on Sunday the 20th and as usual I will not offer the discount after the sale closes. This is a great discount on an already great product.

You can learn more and join the MSB Here. Those who wish to pay by mail can just write the discount code on the mail in form. Those paying by silver will receive 2 extra months (14 vs 12) instead of a direct discount.

Yes you can pay for multiple years if you pay by cash, check or silver and apply the discount to every year.  If you pay online you can’t use this code to renew early, sorry it creates a logistical nightmare to do that.  Let me just say in the words from the Electric Company song on PBS when I was a kid, “I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t, please forgive me if I don’t.”

That said if you currently have an expired membership, you can use this code to add a new subscription to your old account.  Just log in to the MSB, you will see a link saying your account has expired.  Use the code “spring14” during renewal and select MSB 12 Month Renew as your term of membership.

Let me just close with, while the MSB is already a great value, when I return from vacation later this month I am launching a full on summer time blitz to gain new discount vendors.  The value of the MSB will definitely go up in 2014 a great deal, so if you have been thinking about it, now may be a great time to get in on a great deal and help support the work we do at TSP at the same time.