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Counter Markets Newsletter added to the MSB

I have really enjoyed working with Vin Armani for the past few months.  The guy really has his stuff together.  His show is combination of deconstruction of the MSM narrative followed by great guests.

I just did my second appearance on his show yesterday.  Despite a technical issue (things froze and crashed on his end) we powered though and you can see the archive here or you can jump to my part here.  It was a great show.

Vin released “Counter Markets” a few months ago, he sent me the first three issues to review and I was very impressed.  Counter Markets is written from the Agorist perspective, how can you profit in the new economy?  What are the trends you should be following?  How can you profit from these trends?

I was impressed by the content, and that isn’t easy to do.  We live in a world where in many ways content is now produced in such quantity that getting someone to pay for more requires something special.  I think Vin and his team have nailed it in that regard.

In the first three issues, I have learned a lot about a booming trend in housing called the “Co-Living Trend”.  Most are high density dorm like housing for millennials in the tech industry.  They tend to be in expensive tech areas like Silicon Valley and even Austin Texas.  I would not use this trend as it is described but it has given me thoughts about a new way to market “Tiny House Living” on my property.

I also learned in great detail the story behind Uber and Lyft being pushed out of Austin, and how the gray market then created “Arcade City” with ride shares being accomplished on Facebook Groups. How that splintered into Swarm City and why the Swarm may become the disrupter of the disrupters in almost no time at all.  This understanding has changed the way I am viewing crypto currencies and block chain technology.

The cost of Counter Markets is 149.99 a year for 12 issues.  Each issue has about 60-70 pages of amazing content that drills down on the most important counter market trends of the current month.  That might sound expensive but it isn’t for the quality of the information you receive.  It is like having your own team to drill down and find the best information each month and prepare a concise report for you on Counter and Gray Market activities.  Frankly I am glad it is expensive, I am glad that you have to buy it to see what is inside of it.  I think it will give subscribers and edge in the changing markets.

Of course, when Vin asked me to promote it I asked him to do an MSB discount and I got you a BIG ONE, how about 50 dollars?  You do realize that is the entire cost of a year of MSB at full price, right?  The discount code has already been added to the MSB and you can find it on the benefits page.

To Get the Code and Discount Log into The MSB Here

Not Sure Yet?  How about getting to look inside first with a free issue? To do that just go to www.countermarkets.com and sign up for your free copy.  But if you decide to subscribe after that be sure to use the MSB discount when you do.

MSB Sale Extended Because I Screwed Up

Last week I launched a sale where you could get your first year of the MSB for only 30 dollars.  I also did something kind of cool, all of you that got the deal didn’t just get your first year free, you got that rate for your renewals too.

I do that some times, sort of like and unexpected bonus.  But I also screwed up!  There were a ton of failures and I blamed PayPal, it is easy to do, because well they screw up a lot, not this time though.

Nope I screwed up.  This is what happened when I create a coupon code there is a box that says how many times that code will be permitted to work.  So I could like say there are only 25 available and the system will stop giving the discount out at 26.

I usually set this to some stupid large number and simply limit the dates so that it is a non issue.  Some how I set the limit to 10, I caught this mistake after helping a bunch of people with manual payments.

By that point I could see a ton of failures in the system.  I decided to just “fix the glitch” and bring the sale back around this week.  It is working fine now.

To get the MSB for only 30 dollars a year just use discount code spring17 when you sign up.  You can do that with Paypal Online Here or you can pay by Check, Cash or Money Order Here.  If you want to pay with Bitcoin please email me to arrange the sale price on Bitcoin.

Now this is a great time to become a member because I have made two great additions to the MSB just last week…

  • First – I have just added 14 Full HD Videos from the 2017 Spring Workshop at Nine Mile Farm.  To view them just log into your account and go to the Video section of the MSB private area.  These videos are all on Vimeo and you can view them streaming or directly download them to your hard drive as well.  This now makes a total of 24 Workshop videos of 30-60 minutes long each all in full HD video.
  • Second – By popular request I have put all 124 episodes of my Five Minutes with Jack Business Podcast in the MSB.  They are all in zip files and available on the download page of your MSB Private area.

Again if you are not yet an MSB Member you can join on this page or if you are already a member login here to get this great new content.  This sale officially ends on Monday the 8th at midnight central time.

P.S. – While I have fixed my screw up it doesn’t mean that PayPal won’t toss a wrench in the works for some of you, if it happens, just email me with TSPC MSB in the subject line, tell me what is going on and I promise I will handle it for you.

The two most common failures are first that the discount won’t be applied, the second is that it just won’t process the payment for you.  If either of these occur, I will get you a work around an I will honor the price.

MSB Updates 1-10-17

I have made some updates to the MSB that I wanted everyone to be aware of.

First – The High Mowing Organic Seeds code had expired.  The new code is now in the MSB, and High Mowing is a great long term supporter.  This is the time of year to be ordering seeds for the coming season, so check out High Mowing and remember to get your MSB discount visit the Benefits Section of the MSB before you make your purchase.

Second – Chef Keith Snow has an awesome new course on cooking with your preps called Food Storage Feast.  It is 199 dollars and that is a good deal but I got him to do a HUGE discount of 70 dollars for MSB Members.  To get the discount just use the special link for Chef Keith in the benefits section of the MSB.  By the way Chef Keith will be on air tomorrow to talk about this new course so tune in.

Third – I got with Dave Duffy and his team at Back Woods Home and said, hey man, do you guys want to do a discount for MSB for your new Self Reliance Magazine?  His answer was you bet, so I now have that code in the benefits section of the MSB as well.  So check out Self-Reliance.com today and if you sign up you get a great discount as an MSB Member.

Fourth – Just a quick reminder that all the videos form the TSP Fall 2016 class are now uploaded to the Downloads Page of the MSB Website.  They are hosted on Vimeo with a password because they are for MSB only.  The pass word is provided with the links to them.  There is over 10 hours of high quality instruction in these videos from 20 different classes.

To join the MSB and get all of the great benefits just click here.

To log into your MSB account just click here.

TSP Workshop Fall Videos Posted to the MSB and Spring Workshop Announced

I have just added all the videos (20 of them) from the TSP Fall Workshop to the MSB.  They are all hosted on Vimeo, you can stream them or download them it is your choice.

Each video requires a password, the password and links to all the videos is posted on the “Video” Page in the MSB, you can log in here to access them.  If you are not a member consider joining today, the value of the information in these videos is easily worth a year of dues alone.

PLEASE NOTE in the MSB you will see a heading for these videos that says “Fall 2016 Videos from our TSP Workshop – These Videos are on Vimeo, you can download them there.  Used code _____ to access each of them. ”   That ONE CODE works for all of those videos.

Next Dorothy and I have settled on dates for our Spring Workshop, they will be March 23-25.  With set up on the 22nd and students can stay over until Sunday the 26th, to be off property by 11AM that day.

No further details or ability to sign up are available yet except the basic format will be like our fall event was.  A “fun and skills” theme with multiple instructors each doing about a one hour presentation.

On that note I am looking for people that want to teach a class.  This time I think we are going to do 5 classes a day for 3 days for a total of 15 sessions with some bonus sessions tossed in.  7 a day was a bit much in the fall event.

So I will not take every instructor that applies.  The deal for instructors is the same as last time.  If you are approved you get

  1.  A guaranteed seat at the class (last time we sold out in two hours)
  2.  A discount of 100 dollars off the event (due to space limits I can’t give instructors free seats)

To apply email me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast.com with TSPC event instructor in the subject line.  Pitch me your class and the basics of what it will include in one to two paragraphs.  If you email me and don’t hear back that I got it in 24  hours please reemail me so you don’t slip though the cracks.

I am going to give about 2 weeks of applications before making my decisions but will email you back that I got your application right away.

Two New MSB Discount Vendors Added

I am pleased to announce two more great MSB Vendors were just added to the members area.  Here they are…

Forward Observer provides expert insight into SHTF intelligence, security, defense and warfare from intelligence professionals and special operations soldiers. Join over 400 subscribers already receiving intelligence reporting and training for SHTF preparedness and community security.  MSB Members receive a 10% discount on an annual or monthly account just use discount in the benefits section of the MSB.  To learn more visit, https://readfomag.com/subscribe

The Shack Ultimate Hunting Blinds is a Michigan based company founded by hunters for hunters. We pride ourselves on having everything sourced from within the states and always strive to do right by our customers. Founded in 2008, we have continued to grow and improve upon our designs. Currently we use hand laid fiberglass construction that leads to a durable and light weight blind that will be with you for years to come. As a member and now partner to the TSP MSB we look forward to doing business with the family here by giving y’all a 10% discount on all of our models.  Just use the discount code in the benefits section of the MSB and learn more at http://www.shackhuntingblinds.com

To use this discounts or any of the other 67 current discounts available to members just visit the members area and log into your account.  If you are not already a member consider joining the MSB today, over a year your membership will pay for itself many times over.

Patrick Roehrman Has Launched – MT Knives Private Reserve

mtknifMT Knives LLC has launched their private reserve program. Which is in some ways similar to my MSB Program.

MT Knives Private Reserve Members get 20% off MTKnives.net orders (Excludes Limited Edition knives and the Professional Sharpening System), a free digital download of Beyond Razor Sharp (a 21 dollar value), discounts on Trek Lite Gear, various consultations, mushroom spawn, lacto fermentation supplies, Simply Cleansing Soaps and more.

See http://mtknives.net/mtk-private-reserve for details.

Of course I asked him if he might consider discounting the program for my MSB members.  He was gracious indeed, I was thinking like 20% but he did double that, with a 40% discount.

MSB Members will also like the fact that all the discounts Patrick set up are ones I don’t have.  Great stuff too!  Discount codes and further detail are already published in the benefits section of the MSB.

Two Awesome New MSB Partners Were Just Added

I work hard to bring new discount partners to the MSB, I really do.  That said there is a ton of overlap in our industry, how many places do I let in that sell the same stuff?  While rhetorical let me answer that question with one or two in general.  So I am super psyched to bring you two today that are totally unique to all our other partners.


yoyitoFirst – FishingYoyito.com now offers MSB Members a 15% discount on all orders with their MSB discount code that has already been added to the benefits section of the MSB .

Their survival fishing kit is the result of two years of R&D, the goal was to create a pocket size fishing kit that you could literally bet your life on. Their product is handmade in our Florida production facility by their family and neighbors.  Made in the USA – Taking America back one job at a time!

This kit has neen successfully used to catch all popular saltwater and freshwater fish species in and around the Florida area.

For more information please visit their website at http://fishingyoyito.com.


gruphoeNext up, The Tool Merchants now offers MSB members 10% off of their entire unique collection of effective and durable hand tools for the garden, homestead and farm.

Based out of their homestead in Southern Oregon, The Tool Merchants is dedicated to helping you succeed on your land.  Tools are not really an expense what they are is a major investment when you buy top quality stuff.  That is why I am excited to bring this new partner to you.

To see everything they have to offer visit The Tool Merchants Website and use the code on the benefits page of the MSB for 10% off all orders.


More on the MSB Sale can be found Here.

To Log into Your MSB Account for the Codes Click Here.

New MSB Vendor – Honey Locust Home

Green Monster with a Comfrey Core is My Personal Favorite Soap

Green Monster with a Comfrey Core is My Personal Favorite Soap

Based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania Honey Locust Home is a family run business providing artisan soap and home décor. Their soaps are handcrafted in small batches with select high quality oils and butters. All soaps on their site come with a full description and list of ingredients.

Aged for a minimum of 4 weeks they provide a great smelling, long lasting bar of soap that will leave your skin feeling great. Honey Locust Home offers a variety of other hand crafted products including custom décor pillows. Use the offer code that is already in the benefits section of the MSB at checkout to receive 15% off all orders before shipping.

I am pretty excited to bring you guys this discount.  Dorothy and I absolutely love the soaps from this company and they area  company truly inspired by the work we do at TSP, building their company from nothing to very respectable volume in about a year.  I actually featured them on a prior episode of the show.

Our favorite soaps from them are the Comfrey Green Monster and and Patchouli Mint soap.   Again the discount is 15% and some of their stuff is just bang on for the holidays.

To Log Into or Join the MSB and Get this and Other Awesome Discounts Just Click Here

Sheaffer Select Coins & Collectibles – Joins the MSB -10% Off Silver!

Visit SheafferSelect.com Today for 10% Off All Orders

MSB Members will be offered a 10% off discount on all orders of $300 or more at SheafferSelect.com.  They provide an assortment of bullion, coins, currencies, and rare numismatics. This is to help you hedge against “Inflation” the hidden tax on the American citizen.

MSB Members can just visit SheafferSelect.com and enter the discount code that is now in the benefits section of the MSB to receive your 10% discount.  Again the discount is on orders of 300 dollars or more.

On larger bullion orders please email Sheaffer Select from their website for today’s current market rate.

Oh but I am not done, perhaps you don’t want to buy 300 bucks worth but still want a discount?  As you know margins in the world of silver are small and 10% is a big discount.  But I still worked out something for you on smaller orders with Sheaffer.  On all orders less then $300 there is a second code in the MSB and you can use it to receive free shipping on your order.

Any Questions or Concerns feel free to contact SheafferSelect from their website or at (844)-874-3233

Christmas is on the way, why not get some cool older coins for those kids, nephews, nieces, etc, rather than plastic crap from China?  Oh and remember if you are not a member of the MSB yet, it is on sale for 24 hours only right now for 30 bucks.

Oh look at that math!  Become an MSB member today for 30 bucks, then order some silver from Sheaffer for those kiddos or for your own future, order 300 bucks worth, get 10% off and your membership pays for itself, in one day flat!  Cool huh.

More on the MSB Sale can be found Here.

To Log into Your MSB Account for the Codes Click Here.

Three Cool New MSB Updates

I have three cool announcements for MSB Members today.  A new partner has been added, an existing partner now has a great deal on one of the coolest products for planting trees on the market and there is a limited amount of a knock your socks off variety of coffee.


ninjaprepFirst – Ninja Prepper has joined the MSB.  MSB members are now eligible for a 10% discount on Ninja Prepper products. Ninja Prepper is a family owned business that manufactures titanium survival gear including insulated mugs, sporks and carabiners. Find their products at NinjaPrepper.com and use the discount code that is now on the benefits page of the MSB when purchasing through Amazon. All products ship free with Amazon Prime.


irripanSecond – About two months ago March Creek Comfrey joined the MSB and a ton of you guys have gotten one of the best deals on the planet on comfrey cuttings.  But now they have added one of my favorite products on the market to their line up.  The IrriPan!  You can learn about the IrriPan here.  They offer a great discount on this product.  To get the discount click on the TSPC.co tab on their site, the password to access the special pricing is in the MSB benefits area.


honeyprocessThird – Matthew at Mai Thai Coffee just sent me something called “Honey Processed Coffee“.  In it was a letter telling me that no honey is involved, it is just a unique way to process coffee.  A special roast where water bath stage is skipped which allows the coffee to take on a unique flavor. This coffee features a smooth and melow flavor and it is a low acidic coffee compared to conventional coffee.

Okay I don’t know what the water bath stage is, but let me tell you this.  Right now I am on the first cup of my second pot!  Fan freaking tastic!  Mellow, smooth and smokey.

He also told me they only have 48 pounds of this stuff for this year.  Now if you want to know what I really think I ordered 10 14oz packages for myself BEFORE I posted this.  It is that awesome.  Of course all MSB Members get 10% off everything at Mai Thai Coffee including the new Honey Processed and my other favorites Full City Roast and Butter Rum.  Of course anyone can buy this awesome coffee but only MSB Members get 10% off.


tspmsblogoAs always I work hard to make sure I continue to build value in the MSB and now is a great time to join.  Right now I am running an MSB Sale for 20 dollars off your first year.  That makes an already great deal even better.

To learn more about the MSB and our current summer sale on the membership rate, you can see this post about the MSB Sale.  But the short version is use code hotjuly on sign up and get 20 dollars off your first year of membership.