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Episode-1011- What is Modern Survivalism Really All About

Learn from the past, live in the now, plan for the future

Learn from the Past, Live in the Now, Plan for the Future

Every day I get an email from some company that wants something from the TSP community.  They want to promote some new gadget or gizmo, on occasion it is something really new, cool and useful.   More often then not though it is some repackaged crap or over priced assembly of commonly available components.

Since I have told off just about every major network executive like those making the horrible crappy “Doomsday ________” shows they contact me less frequently but it still happens.  They are always looking to discuss the “end of the world” and do a good job of feigning false support of the idea.

Additionally of my 200-500 daily emails a good portion are new audience members that are in a huge state of fear.  Most just found out recently that everything isn’t okay and super and that real threats exist.  They are generally focused on one or two major threats and freaked out.  The ones who have been listening to Alex Jones are generally the worst.

These are three very different groups of people, but they all have the same problem, they don’t really know what real survivalism is all about.  Yep real survivalism, but I call it modern survivalism, today we discuss why.  In short to me, modern survivalism is a lifestyle that builds redundancy first around our needs, then around our wants and lastly around luxury so that we can live a better life.

Join Us Today As We Discuss…

  • The bullshit statement, “I am not a prepper I am a real survivalist”
  • What my real goals are for my nation and the rest of the world for that matter
  • Why reactionary prepping is dangerous and counter productive
  • How to decouple from fear based action
  • Balancing the reality of true threats with common sense
  • Why understanding needs is important
    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
    • Energy
    • Security
    • Sanitation and Health
  • Why living life effectively when times are good is the best form of preparedness
    • Insure your needs have redundancies
    • Build real wealth in every way you can
    • Bet neither on failure or success, either way you will lose
    • Develop skills and knowledge daily
    • Learn from others but don’t try to be who they are
    • Trust yourself more then anyone else, including me
    • Learn from the past, live in the now, plan for the future

Resources for today’s show…

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