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Episode-1065- Mark Kirkwood on Hybrid Earthships and Building Community

Construction Begins on a New Hybrid Earthship

Construction Begins on a New Hybrid Earthship

Mark Kirkwood is the cofounder of Biotecture Training and a self proclaimed life long survivalist.  He teaches aquaponics, earthship construction, sustainable living and survival through community development.

He is 36 years old and his past careers have included working as a banker, health insurance professional, pest control specialist and as a construction worker.

Mark is currently married with 3 children. He and his business partner have invested a year and a half and several tens of thousands of dollars to build a foundation for people to come and learn how to live free of “the systems of man”.

Mark joins us today to discuss earthships and how they are the perfect survival vehicle. We discuss Biotecture Trainings new hybrid earthship that is mixed with Monolithic dome technology and brings the price down significantly.  We also discuss the training they offer to teach people how to build these new earthships in conjunction with aquaponics and permaculture.

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