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Free Episode of Advanced Ballistic Striking – Episode One

In 2010 I co produced a 5 DVD series with Neil Franklin called Advanced Ballistic Striking.  This was done with Val Raizanov as the key instructor.  Val was a member of the Russian Olympic Judo Squad in the 1980s and later served in the KGB prior to the break up of the USSR.

Today he serves as a trainer to the Royal Guard of the Royal Family of the UAE.  He is an amazing guy you have heard me talk about on the show at times.  One of my greatest teachers.

Well I just realized that long ago Neil put this first entire DVD online for free.  If you have ever wanted to really know what Systema is all about this is a great start and it is free. Hope you enjoy it.  You will also see no less than Bryan Black from ITS Tactical in this video.