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Episode-76- Local Economies and Web Based Survival Tools

Today’s show covers a wide range of topics and announcements with a big focus on what we can do to support our local economies and online tools to help with your survival planning.  Along with several announcements about the show and our forum.

Tune in today to hear….

  • About Dan Tanner becoming our first survivalist mentor
  • The Survival Podcast is now syndicated on Texas Independence Radio
  • Supporting Local Swap Meets, Flea Markets and Farmer’s Markets
  • Using Craig’s List to find local sources of goods and services
  • More on our five item challenge
  • Thoughts on using weather.com and weather bug
  • Using Google Alerts
  • Using Google Maps – map training, evac routes, etc
  • Using Google Documents for back up, collaborations and making data portable

Resources for Today’s Show

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