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Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife.  Man this thing is slick!  I picked on up right before last years deer hunt and  I’m glad I did.  I was hunting with about 14 other people at a ranch in the Texas Hill Country and was surprised to see about half the people there with one version of other of this knife.

The premise is simple your blade is always razor sharp because when it gets dull, you toss it out and replace it with a new one, new blades cost about $1.60 each.  The blades are made with an inexpensive steel called 420 J2, which has poor edge retention but sharpens very easily and is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust.   This steel until these knives came out had two primary uses.

  1.  It is used by many high end knife makers as liners, springs, etc in their folding knives, due to high corrosion resistance.
  2. It is used by many makers of surgical scalpels.  Generally scalpels must be incredibly sharp and are used one time in surgery and deposed of.  Inexpensive steel that stands up to harsh chemicals for sterilizing and gets incredibly sharp easily is perfect for this application.

Given the above I think 420 J2 is perfect for what Outdoor Edge is doing with this knife.  Let me tell you what everyone with one at this hunt had it primarily for, one thing, skinning.  I am big on not letting a knife get dull in the first place, using a good sharpening steel you can keep an edge for a very long time, if you are patient and keep touching it up.

However in the real world hunting makes a man tired, stuff slips and next thing you know it is 9PM, you haven’t had dinner yet, you have a half skinned deer or hog and dull ass knife.  In a word this SUCKS!  If someone said, here is a razor sharp blade for a buck 60 you can have right now, you’d hand him a 5 and tell him to keep the change!

While I didn’t charge the guy this did happen at this last hunt.  I met a really cool guy who had brought his God Son on a hunt with him.  The boy shot a beautiful Aoudad, really beautiful.  The man was really taking his time skinning this animal because it was going to be mounted.  I could tell that it was really important to him to do a good job.  I could also tell his knife was getting dull but noticed a Outdoor Edge Knife sitting on the ledge next to him.

When I asked him about it he said they were great but he forgot to get extra blades.  I asked if he wanted a blade for it and thought he was gonna stop and hug me he was so happy.  He finished up and we talked while he did.  Turns out this guy is the type that hunts all over the world, hunting is pretty much all he does.  He is retired very young, mid thirties.  He invented a stem cell technology that he sold to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and well, he is set for life.

He had just come back from Tajikistan from a sheep hunt that is considered one of the most challenging hunts in the world.  He has hunted in New Zealand, Australia, Russia, etc.  And yea for skinning he carries a 35 dollar knife with a disposable blade!  Why?  It works and it always works.

Just unlike him pick up a pack or two of extra blades!  They are only 9.99 with free shipping on prime.

Let me be clear, you can absolutely use this knife for anything you’d use any similar knife for.  It simply though screams out, use me for skinning, and that is why I have one.  Skinning is hard on an edge and you simply need a razor sharp knife to do it right.  With this you always have one.  Again I know how to sharpen knives and do a good job of it, but at 9:30 PM on a hunt, I want to be kicking back at the fire with a beer and belly full of deer heart off the gill, not sharpening a knife and looking at a half skinned animal.

So check out the Outdoor Edge RB-20 Razor Blaze Knife all the other hunters in camp that had them, loved them, and I think you will too.  I find the knife a great deal with 6 blades included for only $34.95.

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P.S. – The other knife I considered for this use was a Havalon Piranta but I felt the blade shape just wasn’t enough like a “regular knife”.  The blades cost less for sure in fact about half the price but again they are not optimal in my personal view.

One gentleman in our camp had both the Outdoor Edge and the Havalon Piranta and said he preferred the Outdoor Edge for a few reasons.  One is the over all feel when cutting, related to the blade shape.  The other is that the blade is much easier to change in Outdoor Edge and you are likely to cut yourself changing the blade in the Piranta.

The thing he liked better about the Piranta is it is easier to clean.  I can seen in the design why this is so.  However when I got home, I just removed the blade from my knife, tossed the frame into the silverware thing on the dishwasher and it came out clean as new!  I personally prefer the Outdoor Edge but wanted to bring the Piranta to your attention because the long term cost is lower.  However how many big game animals do you skin in a year?

The Gerber EAB Lite – TSP Item of the Day


The Gerber EAB Lite is a Huge Bang for Your Buck as an EDC Tool.

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife.  This little guy is one of my absolute favorite little pieces of EDC. 

You may wonder why a guy that carries knives that cost 200-700 dollars would turn around and carry this little 6 dollar tool.  Simple I have no desire to dull and gum up my expensive knives on things like opening boxes with my good knives.  And it is one thing to get tape goo all over your 300 dollar custom it is another to dull it to the extreme cutting up boxes into pieces.

What the Gerber EAB Lite does is ensure you always have a razor sharp blade available because, well, you use razor blades in it.  Now think about this you can get a hundred pack of blades for 11 bucks.  Each blade can be used till dull, then flipped and you use up the other side.  That means with one 100 pack of blades you can flip or change a blade each week and will will have a brand new blade in your knife for almost 4 years!

Long term listeners of TSP know I have recommended this product for almost as long as there has been a TSP.  This little tool sells for about 6 bucks and ships free on Amazon Prime to boot.  I give these away to friends and family all the time.  It is a great way to share prepping in a very soft way.  People see it and are like wow what is that, or you are always prepared.  I just hand it to them, show them how the blade is changed and say, “if you promise to carry it you can have it”.

Important – One little safety tip.  Like most houses we have a “junk drawer” in our kitchen, right near the garbage.  I keep my extra blades and a small screwdriver in that drawer with and old vitamin bottle.

When I change my blade, I drop the old blade into the bottle and cap it.  This way no one will bet hurt handling the garbage.  I would feel awful if Charlie got hurt in one of his weak garbage eating moments.  It also protects us when we take out the trash and hey garbage men are people too right!  Just understand when your blade is “dull” likely parts of it are still sharp and can be dangerous.  Always and I mean always do something to prevent injuries from old blades when discarding them.

Anyway if you don’t already have one give the Gerber EAB Lite a try, for the price you can’t beat it.  And consider picking up a few to give away and perhaps one for each glove box in your vehicles.  I have even used this to skin squirrels and rabbits, with the way I do it, it is all you need.

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Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Knife – Item of the Day

Special Notice
– I am bringing this knife around again today for two reasons.  First it fits perfectly with today’s show about trapping.  Second, and this is a bigger deal, right now not only is this knife on sale but almost everything Morakniv makes is on sale, check the entire line up here.   This seem to do this every year the week of Christmas for obvious reasons.

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Knife.  This knife is one of the most popular bush crafting and outdoors knives in the world, for two reasons, it is damn good and it is stupid cheap.

I generally am of the school of thought that you can have great quality or a cheap price but not both, this knife is an exception to that well proven general rule.  There is a lot to love about this little knife but lets start with the price tag of $18.95, yep under 20 bucks.  I have talked to more than one knife maker who has said, “I can’t buy the material to make a knife that good for 20 bucks”.

Now don’t get me wrong this is not a Patrick Roehrman custom by a long shot but for 18 dollars I feel you are getting a knife that could easily sell in the 40-60 dollar price range and no one would complain.  This knife a thick, 1/8-inch (3.2mm) carbon steel blade with a slightly blunter 27 Degree edge angle for high load capacity and maximum sharpness resistance.

The Companion HD has an extra large ergonomic handle with a soft high-friction grip. The classic scandi grind combined with high quality carbon steel makes the knife easy to resharpen. Mora knives made from high carbon steel achieve high hardness, sharpen easily and are exceptionally tough.

High carbon steels are preferred in applications that demand durability and can be easily re-sharpened when needed.   The back of this bade also throws an awesome shed of sparks off a ferro rod!

This knife is basically the beefed up version of the Mora Companion MG which sells for $11.68 and while this knife is a good value as well, I definitely recommend spending 6 more bucks and stepping up to the Companion Heavy Duty.  While the two look very similar to the eye the Companion Heavy Duty is suitable for tasks like breaking bone and batoning wood where I feel you are asking to much if you do these things with the lighter version.

So check out this knife today.  I feel everyone should have a few Mora knives in their collection and this one is at the top of my list of recommended ones.

Remember you can always find all of our reviews at TspAz.com

P.S. – If you read the very few negative reviews of Mora knives including this one most involve the knife rusting.  These knives are made of CARBON STEEL and if you let it get wet without cleaning, drying and oiling it, yea it will rust.  I actually see little value in a shinny blade for a working knife so I accelerate the patina process on mine with vinegar, in today’s show segment on the item of the day I will tell you how to easily do that and why you would want to.




Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition – Item of the Day


Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition.  Recently I was asked my opinion of electric knife sharpeners on the air.  My opinion in short was NOT GOOD, having examined many, they all have one thing in common, well two, first they don’t really work, second they damage knives.  I also said if anyone finds a good one, let me know and I will evaluate it.

Then someone called in who had just bought Work Sharp he was quite satisfied with it and asked me to evaluate it.  The Work Sharp comes in two models

The chief difference between the two being that the Ken Onion edition handles knife angles from 15-30 degrees and is 100% integrated.  It also has some added features like a blade guide and I prefer the way the belts are removed.  So while the caller bought the base model I opted to buy the upgraded model.

The unit arrived Saturday, considering Patrick Roherman’s comments on the Work Sharp that you can read here, I decided to start our with a “junk knife”, a discolored old plastic handled Mora in the back of the drawer seemed to suffice.  It did have a faint remainder of an edge but had been well abused.  I started with the coarsest (sharpening belt), chose a 20 degree angle and went to work, 5 minutes including two belt switches to finer grain belts and my knife was arm hair shaving sharp.

From there I touched up a few of my everyday kitchen knives using the fine belt, very quick a pass or two and nice and sharp.  Time for a real test I thought.  We have a small cheap Santoku Knife that was not just dull, the edge was gone.  My wife kept abusing it and I just never fixed it.  So I dropped down the the coarsest belt they give you, one for “sharpening tools and fixing knives”.  There was literally no edge at all, and lots of dings and nicks in the steel.  Figured a 18 degree angle would work, dialed it in, and went to work.

Total job took me about 15 minutes (going really slow to learn the tool) but in the end, once again I had a bare patch of skin on my forearm as proof the tool works and works well.

Again I invite you to read Patrick’s comments on this tool both pro and con.  I will point out one of his cons that the belts are “proprietary and expensive”, should be taken with a lump of salt.  Patrick is a pro who sharpens thousands upon thousands of knives, the belts are 10 bucks a set on prime and would sharpen a LOT of knives for the homesteader before needing replacement.  And I think Patrick’s final comment sums it up perfectly, “If I didn’t have the equipment I have I would probably consider purchasing one myself.”

I do want to point out that my fast results may be partly because I both do know how to manually sharpen and do have some machining experience.  You may want to pick up some true crappy junk to practice on.  One thing Patrick said about it is that the short belts can over heat faster.  I agree but you get the hang of it pretty fast and it is variable speed so that helps you learn slowly as well.

My advice is if you want sharp knives and don’t want to rely on a pro to sharpen them for you, get one of these and learn to use it.   I know a guy that sharpens knives at a Farmers Market for 5 bucks a knife for small knives and 10 for larger ones.  When you do the math it doesn’t take long for a tool like this to pay for itself.

And personally I see the extra money for the Ken Onion Edition (Ken is an award winning custom knife maker by the way), well worth the extra cost.  No extra parts to loose, easier belt changes, more flexibility, and sharpens more tools than the base model.  That said if you just want something for your kitchen and carry knives, the Basic One will likely make you happy too and not stretch your budget.

Again though, I do want to caution PLEASE if you get one, spend some time using cheapo practice knives with it before putting your expensive blades into it.   And I would go ahead and pick up a second set of belts right away too.  The cheapest practice knives I can recommend to practice with are something I think everyone should have a bunch of anyway, and you should not get these on Amazon, get them from a dirt cheap company called BudK.

The knife is a mora clone called the wahoo killer, these are used by every fishing guide I know in South Florida.  To these guys time is money so when one gets to dull to cut bait they toss it out and buy a new one.  At 3 bucks a piece they are a good value and frankly you won’t care if you screw one up.

Remember you can always find all of our reviews at TspAz.com

P.S. – Since I ran this item the first time in 2016 over 100 members of this audience purchased one of these tools.  I have heard back from ONE and only ONE who had a problem, where a part broke.

They contacted Work Sharp who promptly apologized about the part, said just throw it away and immediately sent them a brand new one.  I am now absolutely sold on this product and more so the company that stands behind it.


Rapala AC/DC Electric Fillet Knife – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Rapala AC/DC Electric Fillet Knife.  So bottom line up front, 95% of the items I review I personally own, I don’t own this one yet but I soon will.  Many years ago I was taught that the fastest way to filet fish was with an electric knife.  I learned this from my late friend Howell Dodd.

This week I took a good old solid “mental health day” with my buddy David and we hired fishing guide Omar Cotter of Luck ‘O the Irish Guide Service.  We had a great day on Tawokini.  We left the ramp at 0630 and were back well before noon.  Total haul…

  • 50 Sand Bass (aka white bass)
  • 4 Yellow bass (that were worth keeping)
  • 1 Blue Cat
  • 1 Striper

We also caught a lot of hybrids just a few inches under the legal limit of 18 inches and tons of yellow bass that were hand sized.  Here is a photo of our haul below.

Now one of the best parts about fishing with a guide other than they know exactly how and where to put you on fish all season long is well, they generally clean your fish for you.  I was not at all surprised to see Omar whip out an electric knife, every guide I know in North Texas seems to use one.  Speed is life in business.

What did surprise me what the particular model he was using of course it was the Rapala AC/DC Electric Fillet Knife.  There was a good cleaning station at the ramp and he simply had this knife clipped onto the battery in his boat and went to town, cleaning about 1 fish both fillets off and skinned in about 30 seconds a fish.

Again 95% of the items I review I personally own and have put though the ringer a while before recommending them.  In this instance though I have no qualms taking Omar’s recommendation.  Omar fishes for a living running about 2-6 trips a week almost year round and has been doing this now for over 20 years.  If there was a better tool for this job he would own it.

From a flexibility stand point this tool is awesome.  Because it uses both AC or DC if you have power you can use it, because I have yet to see a power option besides AC or DC.  This means when you are camping with your 4 wheeler you can use it, if you have a battery on your boat you can use it, heck the thing will even work if the grid is down with your Steven Harris approved battery back up system.

It comes with 6 and 7.5 inch blades so it is up to cleaning just about anything you would be cleaning in bulk.  It made short work and never slowed down going from 11 inch white bass to a 18 inch blue cat and on to a 20 inch striped bass.

One recommendation I have would be to add a couple Rapala Filet Gloves to your kit with this.  You only need one in the non knife hand but they do wear out in time, so two is one and one is none you know.   While these will help prevent cutting yourself, the bigger thing they do is help you hold onto a slimy fish so that your work is easier.

The entire kit comes in a great hard case to keep everything organized and dry if you store it in a boat, etc.  If you wear the blades out you can replace them with out buying an entire new kit but let me tell you such blades last a long time anyway.  The cost is a great as well, the Rapala AC/DC Electric Fillet Knife will only set you back about 42 bucks with free shipping on prime.  So if you want to clean more fish faster than you ever have before check out this piece of kit today.

Remember you can always find all of our reviews at TspAz.com

P.S. – As soon as Omar finished up I was ready to kick myself for not videoing him in action with this knife.  But I checked YouTube an found this video of some guys cleaning sand bass with the same knife.

Just ignore the end where they talk about the second board and the blood line and other bones, it is all mythological nonsense.  Tune in today to episode 2020 hear how to skip all that when it comes to sand bass.  They are also going a bit slow because they seem new to using this knife and are doing it to teach.  Once you get skilled with this tool, it is amazing how fast you can really go.

P.S.S. – It likely goes without saying but I can’t recommend Omar Cotter of Luck ‘O the Irish Guide Service enough if you want a guided trip in North Texas.  His lakes of choice are Lake Grapevine and Lake Tawakoni.  Either way a trip is 275 bucks and all you need to bring with you is a license and a cooler with ice to take your fish home with you.   Two guys splitting that is about 140 a piece and that is not expensive for a great day on the lake and a cooler of fish.

And if you guide any guide does a great job for you please consider tipping them, it is a tough job these guys do and good ones always work hard to make sure client get a great trip.