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Episode-859- Jack Dody on Off Grid Homesteading

Jack Dody of christianhomesteaders.org

Jack Dody of ChristianHomesteaders.org

Jack and Marilou Dody live on a homestead on the plains of Colorado, within sight of Pikes Peak. Jack has been designing and building “alternative” housing since the late sixties.

His workbook entitled Abundaculture gives the details of his homestead construction, including solar and wind power, a rainwater catch system, indoor garden, passive solar, and a composting toilet.

Jack runs workshops to train missionaries, homesteaders and homeschoolers on the knowledge he has gain in his years of actually living the life of a truly off grid homesteader.   His work has prepared many for trips to remote ares of the world on aid missions along with helping others realize their own dream of homestead life.

Jack joins Jack today to discuss…

  • The challenges of true off grid living
  • Using a sawdust toilet
  • Using gray water for irrigation
  • Using SIP containers in dry climates
  • The value of kids growing up on the homestead
  • How you can  make solar and wind affordable
  • Why most homesteaders need at least some off homestead income
  • Common mistakes of new homesteaders
  • Why homesteaders are generally the first to know about threats to liberty

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