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Episode-862- The Modern Homesteading Mindset

Some folks wonder why I spend so much effort on homesteading type topics.  Simply put because modern survivalism is about a better quality of life, not just prepping for total systems failure.  In fact I feel in many ways that systems have already failed or are actively failing.

Understand the role of society and government is supposed to be to make sure people have individual rights and the ability to pursue happiness.  While it may be the case that these words are part of our foundational documents I view them as universal natural law.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • How well are “the systems” working for the average person
  • Homesteading as a mindset vs. tasks and stuff
  • What were the goals of the original homesteaders
  • Typical modern homestead lifestyles
    • Urban Homesteading
    • Suburban Homesteading
    • Rural Homesteading
    • Off Grid Homesteading
  • How the six needs of survival relate to homesteading
    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
    • Energy
    • Security
    • Sanitation
  • The importance of community for homesteaders
  • The concept of a true “homesteaders community”

Resources for Today’s Show…

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