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Episode-2125- Getting Started with Herbalism

When I mentioned this show in passing a few weeks ago I figured it might have some interest, it turned out to have a LOT of interest so today we will take a dive into this subject.   Let’s start out with something that should be self evident.  Man has been using herbs safely for thousands of years, for as long as recorded history for that matter.

Now there have always been “doctors”, “shamans”, etc with specialized higher knowledge.  At times genuine and at times not so much.  The key is though while there have always been some with specialized knowledge relying on them was the exception rather than the rule.

Up until about 100 years ago every society from the early hunter gatherers up to the average American had knowledge of and used herbs in their daily life.

Why?  Simple really…

  • They work
  • They are generally safe
  • They are readily available
  • They cost little to nothing

And so it was until man created refined medications, shaped them into pills and capsules and put them in bottles on shelves in stores.  Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of medications I am grateful that we have access to, but that doesn’t mean herbs stopped working on humans.

My point is though that modern society has taught us to fear anything we do not fully understand and think only special people can be trusted with it.  Take teaching, do you really think it requires a 4 year university degree to teach first grade?  Of course you don’t.

Well guess what you don’t need to be a M.H. (master herbalist) to make up a salve for a scrape on your arm or a tea that helps you relax either.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • To start out, just what is herbalism anyway
  • Why should you develop knowledge in herbalism
  • Lets look at the culinary herb oregano and see what it can do
    • Anti Viral & Anti Fungal (carvacrol and thymol)
    • Eases Upset Stomach
    • Antiseptic
    • Antioxident
    • Reduces insect bite itch
    • More
  • So if oregano can do all of that why doesn’t anyone seem to know about it
  • My suggestions for becoming skilled and knowledgeable with herbs
    • Knowledge – 1 herb a week, 10 minutes a day 5 days a week, for one year
      • Day one what does it do
      • Day two in what forms should it be used
      • Day three where do you get it, how to grow it, etc
      • Day four and five – learn about two “unknowns”
    • Application – minimum two new applications a month, some to consider are
      • Start by adding fresh herbs to your cooking as often as possible
      • Make simple culinary herbal oils
      • Make an herbal salve (the oil has you half way there)
      • Use an essential oil diffuser
      • Use an essential oil with another oil
      • Make a tincture
      • Develop a tea or an “herbal water” (that’s an infusion btw)
      • Purchase an herbal product to complicated to make yourself
      • Make a decoction (its just a tea you boil for 10-15 minutes)
      • Find herbs that grow wild where you live
    • Why I really recommend The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook
    • Why you should consider starting to teach others right away
    • Final thoughts

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