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Dura Heat Kerosene Heater – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Dura Heat Convection Kerosene Heater.

What!  My God Jack don’t you know how
dangerous those things are? 

Hold on, calm down, let’s take a look at this concern.

We now live in a society where they put, “do not iron clothes while wearing them” as a warning label on irons.  Think about that for a moment please.  Oven doors have a warning not to stand on them and use them as a step ladder, (yes really).  So do you think if Kerosene Heaters were the death machines some claim them to be any company would be in business selling them today.

That said safety is a concern which is one reason I like this model.  If you bump it hard or if it gets tipped over, it will shut itself off.  It also has a great heat cage to prevent accidental burns.

What about CO2 you fool, we will all die!

Please take a breath and let me ask you, when exactly was the last time you heard, “Kerosene heater kills family of four”?  Anyyyyyyway, yes CO2 is produced when burning any organic fuel, but here are basic rules for using a heater like this.

  1.  Do not use in a small closed in room
  2.  Always make sure your wick is in good condition
  3.  Don’t burn the fame too high, if it is smoking it is way too high
  4.  Crack a window or two just a bit to allow circulation

Number 4 likely isn’t needed with modern heaters but it is such a cheap insurance policy there is no reason not to do so.  By simply doing the above these heaters are safe and hundreds of thousands of people are using them all the time.

That said my primary use for them was always outbuildings, shops and sheds and they are fantastic for that.  But when we lived in Pennsylvania and the electric heat went out they saved our bacon, and two heated our entire 2200 square foot home to comfortable levels with one up and one down stairs.

What makes this great is they produce deep heat and radiate it 360 degrees.  If you live in a truly cold climate bang for the buck this is YOUR BEST BET FOR BACK UP HEAT if you don’t have a wood stove or a fireplace insert.

There is one big concern that to me makes something like the Big Buddy Propane Heater a better option, and that is kerosene availability.  Now you can generally get prepackaged cans from hardware and specialty stores for about 8 dollars a gallon just about anywhere, but that is not economical.  These things burn about 1 gallon per 4-6 hours.  So do that math over a week!

Now where we lived in PA every gas station had K1 at the pump for about the price of gas and diesel.  Here in Dallas – Fort Worth it is hard to find more than a few places with kerosene and it seems there are less each year.  So in short I recommend kerosene heaters for colder states with wide availability of fuel at fair prices.  I recommend propane for back up heat for many southern states because you can get cheap propane everywhere.

Again though bang for the buck if you have kerosene available these heaters heat far more efficiently then propane portable heaters, they are easy to maintain and safe if used properly.  If your primary heating solution is electric, let me simply say whether it is the Dura Heat Kerosene Heater  or the Big Buddy Propane Heater, get at lest one or two of these into your winter preps if you don’t have a solution already.

The alternative is that one day it is say 12 degrees outside, an ice storm takes out power and you and your family have 3 days or more of shivering to look forward to.

I do want to be clear I have not used this particular model.  I switched to propane back in 2004 when we returned to Texas due to fuel availability.  We actually gave our two kerosene heaters to neighbors when we left.

To find a heater to recommend what I did was intensively research safety, service and customer satisfaction and found this one to be the best currently available.  With over 120 customer review and 4.5 stars overall, along with a price of only 150 bucks with free shipping, I simply think in this area the Dura Heat Kerosene Heater  is the best value currently on the market.

Final note, fireplaces are great, but they don’t heat homes, they at best warm one room.  I am not putting them down, I love fireplaces but they send 85% of their heat up the chimney and out into the sky. Don’t think simply having a fireplace is a complete back up for cold weather grid down scenarios.

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K&H Ultimate All-In-One Stock Tank De-Icer – Item of the Day


Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the K&H Ultimate All-In-One Stock Tank De-Icer.  Freezing temps are either here or coming soon depending on where you live.  I love these De-Icers in my view it is the best option on the market.

They come in several sizes including…

  • 250 Watts
  • 500 Watts
  • 750 Watts
  • 1000 Watts and
  • 1500 Watts

Why this Item Rocks!

Its in the name, “all in one” that is what you get an all in one solution.  Previously I have reviewed the thermocube, it is a great product and would be ideal for use with many stock tank heaters.  Why have your heater running when it is 50 degrees?

But you don’t need a thermocube that feature is built in.  When your water hits 35 degrees the heater comes on, all by itself and when it hits 45 it shuts off.  So you only draw power when you need it.

Choosing the Right Sized Heater for your Needs

Personally I use the 250 watt models.  There are a few reasons for this.  First and foremost my belief is when you use anything electrical you should use as little power as necessary to do the job. In my climate for a 50 gallon tank 250 watts is sufficient.

I also run two (two is one and one is none you know right) to two separate 50 gallon stock tanks.  If I ran two 500s that would put a 1000 watt draw on a single circuit doing other things as well and could pop the breaker.  These are only useful if they work you know.

In the end you should consult K&Hs great chart right here, just click on it for a full sized view.


You will note that for my zone (USDA 8) a 50 gallon tank requires a 250 watt heater.  So that works for my needs.  I personally only use mine to make sure there is some water available at all times for my ducks.

These can be used as floating heaters or submerged by removing the foam that makes them float.  This gives you flexibility.  Say you want to keep a poultry watering going you can put one of these inside it and let it sink.  To me for a stock tank you want it floating because it ices up from the top down.

In any event if you want to keep your critters watered this coming winter, check out the K&H Ultimate All-In-One Stock Tank De-Icer today.

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Mr. Heater Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater – Item of the Day


Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Mr. Heater Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater.  This guy saved our butts big time during the great ice storm of 2011 in Arkansas.  It is amazing the amount of heat this guy provides.

To get best use of it you absolutely want to get the large tank adapter for it.  Running on a lower setting a standard grill tank gives you heat for a LONG time.  Of course it can also use the little 1 pound cans which is convenient for somethings.

To make that economical I suggest you get an adapter that allows you to use large tanks to refill the one pound cans. These can be had for 10-15 bucks here is the one I recommend.  If you have never used one here is a video on how to do so.

I decided to feature this item because winter is swiftly on the way.  As I said in 2011 we had a major ice storm in Arkansas and were without power for 7 days, temps were mostly in the sub 30s during the day and low teens over night.  Between this heater and our fire place and generator we never even cared.

There are other uses though!  You know that relative you have, we all have one that is ALWAYS COLD, the one that stays at your place for the holidays and wants to turn up your thermostat to just this side of hell because they are cold at night.  Well put this in their room and let them heat just that room.

But is it safe?  VERY VERY safe indeed.  First it is quite safe to burn propane indoors, people have been doing it forever, but there are two safety features built in.  One it has a built in O2 detector, if levels drop it shuts itself off.  Also if it is tipped over it again shuts itself off.

The key to getting most efficient use of this heater is to pick a room or two to heat, set it pretty high for say 10 minutes to take off the chill and then run it pretty low.  It is amazing how well it works when you do it that way.  Again folks winter is coming, it always does, the time to beef up your winter preps is before not after the first snow flies.  So check out the Mr. Heater Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater soon.

I have also reviewed my favorite kerosene heater but not everyone has good local access to kerosene, so you can read both reviews and choose the right back up heat system for your pending winter needs.

Remember you can always find all of our reviews at TspAz.com

P.S. – If you live in the socialist hell holes of Massachusetts or Canada your owners (elected officials) say you have to buy this version and pay 20 dollars more more for it.  I can’t find a thing different about this version, likely it has a built in tax or some such shit.  Additionally if you live in the nanny state of California your owners say you must read this bunch of bullshit they wrote before you endanger yourself with a perfectly safe heater.