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Dr Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment – Item of the Day

drchrisEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is Dr Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment.  While I have often made my own comfrey ointment by simply infusing olive oil with dried comfrey root and leaf, and then thickening it with bees wax, this particular formula really works well.

I feel it is the combination of other ingredients that make something great like comfrey salve, even better.  As many of you know I severely injured my knee so bad I was on crutches for a week, this spring.  There was severe straining to both my MCL and LCL to the point where I could not even bear weight on it.

Upon returning from my trip I began using this and in two days went from crutches to a cane, one more week and I put the cane away.  I wore a knee brace for another week, and by then was walking normal.  This stuff don’t just help you heal from injuries it also reduces pain.  And that is almost instant.

The other day my daughter-in-law was breaking out with a nasty rash due to post pregnancy hormones.  She was almost in tears as it was so uncomfortable.  I suggested that they apply a bit of this, to one area to test it.  The rash went away, almost at once, so they used it where ever she had the rash and 15 minutes later she was happy and content.

I am not saying this stuff treats or cures things, as the dot gov says I can’t say such a thing.  All I can tell you is our results have been fantastic.  And that the healing power of comfrey is well known and well documented, in fact its traditional folk medicine name is “bone knit”.

I have been recommending this highly on the air for a quite a few months at this point and have heard from dozens of you guys who have used it on abrasions, bruised ribs, twisted ankles, etc. with great results.  I really recommend that as a prepper you keep a jar or two of Dr Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment on hand all the time.  It is too valuable not to, and if you live in the south like I do it is only a matter of when not if you will have an encounter with fire ants.  Let me say nothing I have ever used on a fire ant bite, well bites it is never just one is it, works as fast or as good as this stuff.

I know a lot of you guys have used this stuff so let me know your results in the comments below.  Also most of the negative reviews on Amazon say that “it is hard”, I know I should not have to say this, but that is because it is made with WAX, put it somewhere a bit warm if it is hard to work with, it will soften right up.

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