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Episode-473- Listener Feedback 7-12-10

In is listener feedback Monday so I am back with another great round of your questions, comments and current event feed back.  Today we have some cool questions on things like a first gun for that woman in your life, storing guns on a budget, property tax freedom, storing food, dehydrating veggies and more.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • Is a 22 a good first handgun for a new shooter, is it useful for self defense
  • What is the best budget friendly way to store and protect long arms
  • What is the big deal wit GMO food, one scientist says we are all nuts for even worrying about it
  • Will North Dakota soon get rid of property taxes, it could happen
  • What are the paint style cans I use for storing food, where do you get them
  • What are the penalties for withdrawal from ROTH 401Ks and ROTH IRAs
  • How good is High Mowing Organic Seed’s service, one listener says AWESOME
  • When is it time to begin ignoring laws in favor of practical preparedness
  • Any downside to “universal” rechargeable batteries
  • What is the difference between inflation and supply and demand, one “expert” doesn’t have a clue
  • How do you know when to buy, sell or refinance a house (an answer no economist will ever give you)

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