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Episode-258- Listener Questions 8-17-09

Today we do another round of listener questions.  We have some great questions today on things like handguns, dealing with wildlife, securing weapons in a home with children, storing fishing gear and more.

In the intro segment we name Roxana Mayer as assclown of the day for pretending to be a doctor while at a town hall meeting with Shelia Jackson Lee in support of Obamacare.  We also name Charles “Gus” Agusto, Jr. as hero of the day for taking out four armed gunmen with an old pump shotgun.  Oh by the way “Gus” is 72 years old.  Salute to you sir!

Tune in to hear me answer the following questions…

  • How do you store fishing line long term?  (easy one)
  • What about the 40 S&W for a defensive handgun round?
  • What’s up with the expiration dates on thing like rice, pasta and beans?
  • How do you deal with bears, does bear spray work?
  • How do you safely keep a gun in the home with an autistic child?
  • What should you do to prep if you live on an island?
  • What about buying real estate with an IRA and making improvements to it?
  • What type of food do you keep in a BOB in very hot climates?
  • Is water collected from an AC condenser good for the garden?
  • How do you build a community in an everyday neighborhood?

Resources for today’s show…

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