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Episode-383- 10 Uncommon Edible Plants for Every Backyard

Today we discuss 10 edible plants that are not very common in most backyards or stores and the unique advantages they offer the modern survivalists concerned with producing their own food.  Each of these plants offers unique advantages to the backyard and small homestead grower.  Advantages such as good nutritional profiles, disease resistance, ease in seed saving, heat tolerance and more.

Note that the seed sources below are comprised of many sources.  You can get many of these seeds from multiple providers.  I just wanted the opportunity today to expose you today to a variety of solid providers of organic and non GMO seed.

Join me today as we discuss the following unusual edible plants…

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Episode-378- Listener Feedback 2-15-10

Time to get back to our Monday tradition of answering listener questions.  Today we have questions on economic issue, dogs, gardening, guns and more.  Also make sure to check out our links and resources today as we have a tremendous number of very valuable resources today.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • A few of my upcoming appearances
  • How would cap and trade create a new fiat currency
  • What are the advantages of the scout rifle concept
  • What is Google Map Buddy (kick ass free software)
  • How SaveOurSkills.com will help preserve traditional skills
  • Why do rifleman often prefer a bolt action to a semi automatic
  • What advantages does a bolt action offer when training rifleman
  • Is last minute hording a “pioneering” concept
  • How do you keep digging dogs out of a garden
  • What factors should you consider with “inside” and “outside” dogs
  • Your skills are something no one can take away from you

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

Episode-240- Audience Questions for 7-20-09

It’s Monday and time for another episode were I answer audience questions.  To day I discuss topics such as composting, debt, a credit card follow up, city vs country living, a total SHTF and more.

Tune in Today as I Answer…

  • If debt is bad what about student loan debt?
  • Are credit cards OK if you always pay your full balance?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of living in the city, small towns, suburbs, remotely, etc.?
  • Is a total breakdown possible?  Is it probable?  What could cause it?
  • Is cooking an important skill to learn for SHTF and daily survival?
  • What can you and what can’t you compost?  What can you compost but probably should not?
  • Is complete independence possible?  Is it desirable?

Resources for today’s show…

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Episode-22- Changing a Childs Life with Gardening

This is a special episode as we go over 10 crops and 10 lessons that we can teach kids with a garden that are priceless beyond words. Tune in today to learn…

  • How Radishes and Greens teach that what we do now matters
  • How to use beans and peas to teach kids how plants “help” each other
  • How Tomatoes, Squash and Peppers can build a community and teach sharing
  • How Potatoes and Carrots teach that what you don’t see matters
  • How Pumpkins teach us to create our own entertainment

With Gardening in General we talk about…

  • How gardening teaches kids that food does not come from a store
  • That the life in a seed applies to the entire world
  • How the earth should be seen as a provider not a “resource”
  • That hard work pays off
  • That you can take care of yourself and others

This is a shorter show then normal but I think it may be one of the best so far. We need to realize that survival preparedness is best done by blending it with life on a day to day basis. To survive we need to also ensure the survival of the next generations.

I would love to hear your stories about what you learned about from gardening with parents or grandparents and what these lessons mean to you. Or what other lessons do you think we learn from gardening. Remember to make suggestion and comment.

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