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Come Meet Jack Spirko at Liberty Forum 2018

I will be appearing at Liberty Forum 2018 in Manchester, New Hampshire.  This will be the 11th Annual Liberty Forum will take place February 8-10, 2018, at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester. Early bird tickets are available now!

I got you guys a discount too of 10% with discount code TSP10, so make sure to use that when you buy your tickets.

Other announced guests are Lou Perez who I am really looking forward to meeting and my friend and co cryptosavage Vin Armini.  I can tell you after Vin attended our fall workshop, he is like me, he hangs out and is very accessible.

I will be doing three talks this time around.  The opening key note which will focus on personal liberty though “proactive apathy”.  My hope is to fire up folks in this opening talk so they get the most out of event, more on that in a bit.

I will also be participating in a podcasting forum with other podcasters like Vin.  In that session we will be discussing how you put liberty into action thru podcasts and daily activities and show others how to do the same along with how to actually make a living doing it.

I have yet to decide on my final talk as to a subject, they have given me carte blanche to discuss anything.  As I know many of you will attend, I am open to suggestions, so just comment with them below.

So let me tell you why you should come to New Hampshire in of all months February for Liberty Forum.  Yes it will be cold but it will also be indoors, in a awesome hotel, so don’t let the weather scare you.

The reason is the people, just see all the speakers and education you get as a bonus.  I am heading back to New Hampshire to support a movement (The Free State Project) that I can’t even join, think about that.  Why?  The people, that is why.  I have been speaking in large venues for over 20 years and my absolute favorite place to do so is Liberty Forum in New Hampshire.

If you take the time and come this year you will be transformed by the experience and make connections with people that may last a lifetime.  I know quite a few ventures that started over a beer at Liberty Forum.

So what is the cost, there are two options for tickets they are…

  • General Admission for – $129.00
  • All Inclusive for – $289.00

I really recommend the all inclusive as it includes all sessions and meals.  If you want to attend my key note on Thursday night and do general admission plus Thursday evening dinner & entertainment as a $79.00 add on.  At that point you are up to 208 so I really think going all access for that plus Friday and Saturday meals makes a lot of sense.  It is during a lot of the meals you get a chance to meet and network with people you’d otherwise not connect with.

On that let me say PLEASE network, bring business cards, get cards or names, numbers and emails of those you meet and cultivate those relationships.  There are few places you can hang out with say 1,000 people that truly love liberty.  Make the most of it.

So again check your calendar and do what you can to come meet me and other awesome folks at Liberty Forum 2018.  Again you can get your tickets here, and make sure to use discount code tsp10 when you do so you get your 10% discount.

P.S. – Here is one of my talks from Liberty Forum in 2012, it will give you a bit of a feel for what the venue is like.

This Week on PETV Presentations

PETV Presentations

You can find all of the recorded presentations on the PETV On Demand Page

This week on PETV Presentations

Tuesday, August 23
1pm Pacific
2pm Mountain
3pm Central
4pm Eastern
Episode 09 – Philippe Choinière
More Details:
More details are available on the PETV Event Page
Topic: Branding and marketing sustainable farming and business.
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Branding and marketing sustainable farming and business

  • Value adding and transformation
  • image, branding and events
  • communication and marketing
  • selling direct to consumer
  • building a community/following
  • leveraging passion
  • joint ventures collaboration

About: Philippe Choinière
A former professional hockey player who graduated with an Economics degree, Philippe grew up on a large conventional apple farm. His love for the land combined with his refusal to accept chemical based commodity farming to be his future, he set out to build 2 sustainable brands that draws it’s resources from the family farms and forests. The herb farm is certified organic and the Oneka Brand is in the process of getting a Bcorp certification.

Mulligan Mint Open House

Dallas, TX based Mulligan Mint hosts its first open house event

The Sentinel is Now in Copper

The Sentinel is Now in Copper

In 2012, Mulligan Mint set out to be the finest full service production and manufacturing mint in the country.  In less than 2 years, M2 has grown to occupy 20,000 square feet of production space with the all of the equipment necessary to take refined silver from shot to finished, minted product.  In spite of the obstacles we’ve faced as a small business, we have worked diligently to set the standard for both quality and integrity in the precious metals industry and have, quite frankly, become the talk of the silver community and coined as “The Little Mint that Could”. For more information about who we are and what we do, visit our website at www.mulliganmint.com.

This November 5th, 2013 we cordially invite you to see for yourself what all of the fuss is about.  Our doors will be open to you from 3pm to 9pm for our first official open house event.  Please join us as we walk you through the minting process, introduce you to the Mulligan Mint, Inc family and hear, first hand, all the exciting things we have on the horizon for 2014.  Enjoy our keynote speakers: Jeffrey Tucker of Mises Institute renown, Stephen Macaskill of Amagi Metals and FEE, Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast, and Rob Gray of Open Currency and CEO of Mulligan Mint, Inc.

And just in case you can’t be there, we will be broadcasting the event live for you and the rest of the silver community so be on the lookout for that information on our Mulligan Mint homepage in the days prior to the event.

For those that have been concerned about ordering silver due to the bankruptcy, it is certainly understandable.  The good news is if you are local you can come to this event and purchase silver cash and carry on site.

For those with pending orders, I discussed the situation with Rob last night.  Basically this is the deal.  The mint is slowly digging out of its hole but as it is in bankruptcy it has to do what it is told to do by its trustee and the court.  Right now that is as follows.

First – all new orders are to be filled and done so as soon as they are placed.

Second – any back orders are to be filled in reverse order, the newest orders first.  I know this doesn’t make sense but it is what the court has ordered.

Third – once all back log of orders are filled the mint should be able to at that time be able to fill “trapped orders” these are orders that were placed before the bankruptcy filing.

Rob told me last night, if he had the choice he would be filling orders based on the oldest first, but he doesn’t have that choice at this time.  I want to point out that I have been up front about this situation from day one.  We all know the cause of this misery and it isn’t worth repeating at this time.  The fact is simple, Rob is doing all he can to stay in the fight and make the mint a success.

For those with trapped orders if there were anything I could do I would.  Frankly right now I am a creditor for about 20,000 dollars in commissions due in the bankruptcy.  That is largely because I took no commissions for the last 90 days in order to help Rob fill orders in this time.   In any event if you are local and have any questions come on down to the mint next Tuesday.