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Episode-1327- Jen Mendez on Permaculture Based Childrens Education

Jen Mendez of PermieKids.com

Jen Mendez of PermieKids.com

Jen Mendez is a wife, mother, permaculture enthusiast and student, lifelong learner, urban homesteader, and professionally trained, successful educator gone rogue. Her experiences living and working around the world as an active duty military member led to an understanding  of the need for and the impact of education on the future of our world.

After her service, she completed a Masters in International Education with a focus on early childhood and elementary education and has been an educator ever since. Between her time as a classroom teacher and now as a homeschooling parent, she has fused her passion for educating and her enthusiasm for permaculture into an ethical, scientific design process to create a comprehensive, project-based inquiry education that empowers in learning and life.

The goal is to help children become active, solutions-based thinkers and do-ers. She has created an approach to education that the children, parents, grandparents, teachers, and other mentors can use to collaborate and design an education that meets the needs, goals, and passions of each individual children.

Moreover, she is using her knowledge and connections within the educational community to access, integrate, and re-configure resources that already exist so that, in the words of Bill Mollison (Permaculture Designers’ Manual, p.9), “It arranges what was already there in a different way, so that it works to conserve energy or to generate more energy than it consumes.” The idea is that as a community, we can use this commonsense, ethical design system and resources to create an education that empowers in learning and life.

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What Exactly is a Permaculture Design Certification and What Isn’t

I have been working with Permaculture, implementing designs and teaching it to others for about 5 years now.  5 years ago like many new to the concept I thought Permaculture was simply planting trees and bushes vs. annual crops, boy was I wrong.

I am an information sponge when a new topic of interest comes up.  When I realized permaculture wasn’t just a word but an entire design science I went into overdrive.  Someone sent me Geoff Lawton’s “Greening the Desert” and my mind opened to things I had never even considered before.  After that, I soon discovered 3 great resources that stemmed from Bill Mollison they were…

I watched the videos and read the PDF at a speed I am sure Bill has never spoken at.  I read it again, watched it again, etc.  I bought copies of Permaculture One, Permaculture Two, The Permaculture Design Manual and any other videos and/or books that seemed worth having.  As is typical I first became an expert in the intellectual sense on the concept and then began practical application along side of that effort.

In those 5 years I became a recognized name in the discipline.  I have guest lectured at PDCs, I have presented at major events, taken part in great workshops as a student.  Along the way I also took a PDC for which I got a certificate.  The course was online as it was the only way I could get it done.  Today I consider that certification worthless.  Don’t get me wrong, the course taught me a lot, I learned a lot, but it was NOT a Permaculture Design Certification course in my view now.

Like I said I have pretty much invested in every single resource that is available in the Permaculture space.  So when Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison released an entire PDC on DVD I bought it, in spite of a HUGE shipping cost from Australia.  I sat down, put in the first DVD and even took notes (not something I am known for) and in the first 8 hours I learned the following…

  • More about design science then I had from all the other material I had reviewed
  • 5 times what I had in my entire online PDC course at least
  • What Permaculture really is, “ethical design science and art coming together”
  • That many so called PDC Courses in the US are simply not qualified to be called a true PDC

I know this will upset some people, but it is simply true.  A design course should prepare you to go design systems from small to large in any climate on the planet.  A person that completed such a course should be able to look at the shape of land forms and know the climate they are in from that alone.  They should understand earth works, swales, sills, guilds and more.  Sadly many don’t.

Of course Geoff Lawton has now released an online PDC but not everyone will be able to take it.  For some the cost is too high, for others the timing isn’t right and they will only take so many students to make sure that the quality of education is sufficient.  Not to mention someone has to review the final published projects of each student seeking certification.

Additionally for Permaculture to keep growing we need it to be profitable and there are many outstanding teachers out there.  Two that spring to mind are Ben Falk who is actually moving more to doing specific hands on workshops vs. PDCs which I find very cool, I think there is a huge demand for this.  The other that jumps to mind is Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture.  I know for a fact Bill’s curriculum was based on direct guidance from the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

There are a few facts about the term Permaculture and the history of the movement.  The first is the word was coined by Bill Mollison who co wrote Permaculture One with David Holmgren.   After that is was Bill who developed the PDC curriculum and began teaching and evolving it.  This went on pretty much for about 20 years and along Bill’s side for almost all of that time was Geoff Lawton.  Together these two men made Permaculture into a global concept, they created the brand, taught thousands of students and evolved the concept based on science and ethics.

To me if you are going to say you are a “Certified Permaculture Designer” it certainly isn’t necessary to be taught by one of these two men, though it is great to do so if you can.  What you should do though is go though the material and concepts that actually were created by the industries founder, Bill Mollison.  Again this is based on the science of design, the prime directive and three core ethics.  There are two problems with many courses that claim to be PDCs in my view.  One is what they don’t include and the other is what they do include, both are major hurtles holding Permaculture back in my view.

Problems With What Isn’t Included

This one is pretty easy, here are some questions I would ask any company or individual who wanted to sell me a PDC course, if they can answer them all sufficiently, I think you are good to go.

  1. Can you tell me what a sill is and how it functions?
  2. Can you explain the basic difference between sector and zone analysis?
  3. Will your course teach me about landscape profiles?
  4. Will your course teach me to design systems in any climate or landscape?
  5. What makes your PDC valid, did you receive guidance from the PRI of Australia flat out would Bill Mollison consider a certificate from your course valid?

Bluntly, before I would spend my money on a Permaculture Design Course I would want a satisfactory answer to all those questions, with one consideration.  That consideration is a question to myself, “does certification matter to me, is that something I really want as a credential?”.

Many of these courses are actually exceptional, you learn incredible things, lots about design and they can help you a great deal in many ways.  However, if they are not based on the core curriculum of Permaculture’s founder, they are not in my view a Design Certification.  I don’t think most of these schools are doing this for negative purposes, I just think they feel qualified to teach and are selling what they feel people want.  Such schools would do best to simply start offering workshops based on regional design, specific techniques, etc. rather then make their own version of a PDC .  Either that or seek guidance from the PRI to make sure the curriculum is complete.  Either would be fine in my book.

Problems With What Is Included

This is a bigger problem to me.  Most of the courses with this issue have the what isn’t included problem as well, but these are much worse when the missing info is back filled with an agenda.   Being a very nature based system Permaculture attracts what many would call modern day hippies and/or people into a lot of “airy fairy stuff”.  Generally a lot of politics get added in when you start down that path.  Before I continue I want to provide a quote from Permaculture’s founder, Bill Mollison it is…

“So it’s [permaculture] a revolution. But permaculture is anti-political. There is no room for politicians or administrators or priests. And there are no laws either. The only ethics we obey are: care of the earth, care of people, and reinvestment in those ends.”

I want to point out here that the above quote isn’t my view it is the view of Permaculture’s founder, the man whom we all must thank for the existence of the Permaculture movement as a whole.  You can read the interview that quote comes from here.

Here are some examples of things that I know have actually been stated in so called Permaculture Design Courses, none of which I feel have any place in a PDC

  • If you own a gun you are not a real permaculturist
  • If you don’t use your urine for fertilizer you are not a permaculturist
  • You must be off grid 100% or you are not a permaculturist
  • If you are a republican you are not a permaculturist
  • If you don’t believe in global warming based on CO2 you are not a permaculturist
  • If you use heavy equipment you are not a permaculturist
  • Every permaculture student should be a vegetarian
  • All surplus should be redistributed (a bastardization of the third ethic)
  • You can’t have an SUV and practice permaculture
  • Permaculture is all or nothing

That is just the start.  There are PDCs which require the students to camp out, they are not permitted to get a hotel at their own expense as it is considered wasteful on fuel.  Some have a lot of hippy like campfire time with bare feet, singing, chanting etc.  That I actually have no problem with as long as it is something additional for those that want to do it and not part of the curriculum and required.  In some instances it has been part of the core course.

In a PDC if you are discussing energy it should be the potential or kinetic energy of actual scientific forces of nature.  Not the “energy of the goddess spirit of Mother Earth”.  I again have no problem with people who have this spiritual view.  I have no problem with people that gain a Permaculture education and then practice it from this view.  That is fine, we all practice our professions in a specific angle based on our personal spiritually and world view.  It just isn’t something that belongs in the educational components of something that is supposed to be based on design science.  Frankly a PDC should not be used to indoctrinate others with any individual’s political or spiritual views.  It should be all about what works and how and why to do it.

Consider taking a course in architecture at a university.  Now if you talk to students in that course you will find some are Christian, some atheists, some die hard democrats and some die hard republicans and others might be politically agnostic.  The teacher too will have a specific geo political world view.  Some may come though in his teaching but basically he is going to teach his students to design a building.

Along with other training those students will then design buildings and much of who and what they are will go into said designs, heck deeply religious students might specialize in designing churches.  Yet the education will be about structure, engineering, foundations, etc.  In other words what works, what makes a building safe, useable, etc.  That teacher shouldn’t be teaching his students that “the mystical energy of Mother Earth can be channeled though the arches of the building”, such has little place in the world of academia in a architectural course.  If you want such things take a course on world religion or metaphysics.

The approach of injecting politics and spiritually into a PDC is extremely damaging to the movement.  The reality is taking a PDC takes time and money.  Many people with the money and willing to sacrifice the time are doing so because they have seen the results of permaculture and want to be better able to reproduce them.  Many also want to make permaculture part of a business in the realm of sustainable landscaping as part of an existing business.  Some want to go into full on consulting.  Some want to go into teaching workshops and courses of their own.

Such people want to know what works, how it works, why it works and how to do it.  They are generally not interested in dancing in mud, chanting mantras or being told they are evil for having their own political opinions.  In fact I have spoken to a lot of people that took PDCs who were very turned off of permaculture because they became convinced that this was the heart of what permaculture really is.  Geoff has confirmed that he has had the same experience in speaking with thousands of people around the world who have been though similar so called PDCs.

Conversely when a person has taken a true PDC based on the core curriculum of the movement’s founder the response is almost always positive.  They are on fire with a desire to implement solutions and frankly capable of doing it.  They become open to how awesome nature’s systems are, they start designing highway medians in their head during rush hour and begin to see every problem as a solution.

These concepts are universal.  Once explained no republican with an open mind has ever objected to the concepts of care of the earth, care of people and return of surplus nor has any democrat, libertarian, etc. whom I have explained them to.  I have never shown the results of a well executed permaculture project to anyone that didn’t think it was an amazing thing.  Almost every human on the planet I show the results side of things to wants at least a little piece of it in their lives.

Permaculture could be the most popular movement on our planet if some us can get out of our own way.  I am not saying you should change your political view or your spiritual view if you are in this camp, just that you should let others be free to have their own views on this stuff.  I am also stating that we should not drag divisional baggage into a universally appealing movement.

Some people feel no one should own a SUV and all homes should have solar panels.  Well, great, get a compact car or a horse for all I care, shut off the grid and put up your panels.  Don’t however attack the guy with a FJ Cruiser, a big AC System on his house who also happens to spend a lot of money and time to transform his entire property into a urban food forest.  His efforts are just as valuable as many who are far more “green” in the totality of their lives.

Frankly his contribution might be better.  Should his backyard become an example to many other upper middle class in his neighborhood and they emulate him.  Sure they may drive gas guzzlers and watch 70 inch TVs but hell isn’t that their choice to make?  Are we not all better off to have 10,000 such people plant their grass lawns to beneficial plantings?  Isn’t it better that 10,000 such families develop 10,000 distributed local food systems even if they continue to do other things you personally consider wasteful.

Simply put once you start down the permaculture path your life becomes more sustainable and your ecological foot print becomes softer.  Each of us chooses exactly how far we walk such a path.  Some will live in an off grid earthship, grow 70% of our own food and buy the other 30% from only local sources.  Others will live a 100% modern style life but transform our landscapes into something productive, beautiful and sustainable.  Most of us are like myself, we are somewhere in the middle.  We reduce our waste, do as much as we can to be self sufficient and sustainable and slowly implement as much design as we can afford into our lives.

There is a place for all such people in Permaculture.  Frankly the die hards among us need a lot of the people on the “permaculture edge” if we want to build a life and an income based on permaculture principles.  Rather then putting down the upper middle class guy with a large SUV living in the suburbs, qualified designers should be selling that guy a design.   If he wants solar panels great, but if he just wants an edible landscape design then design it for him, implement it and bill him for it.  I mean I drive a truck, it was expensive but I don’t know how to build one nor do I want a job doing so.  I don’t really care how to build a truck.  I am also not about to study automotive engineering before I buy a vehicle.  I have a house, I bought it, I don’t want to become a carpenter.

We as designers should be selling design to anyone that will buy it and implement it.  If they want an end to end system fine, but if they only want 30% that is fine too.  Just get them on the path and don’t be afraid to make a profit along the way.  This all starts with good design and good design comes from fully qualified designers.

Don’t take this the wrong way.  Let’s say you have a teacher in your area that has studied permaculture deeply.  Say this person never took a real PDC but developed a course specific to your region.  That course might be amazing and might be worth spending time and money on.  Honestly for some it might do more for them then a PDC, I really mean that.  But a Design Course meant to teach global principles of design and a regional course on specific techniques are two different things.

Likewise if you want to do a two week Permaculture event, dance around the fire, pray to the Earth Spirit, take mud baths, burn incense, discuss politics from your view or what have you knock yourself out.  When I say we have room for everyone, I mean it.  Just call it what it is, a Spiritual Retreat with a Permaculture Component.  Tell people where you are coming from and what to expect and enjoy the hell out of yourself but don’t claim that it is a PDC because it isn’t.

In the end people make their own choices about their own businesses and the market will judge based on results.  This article isn’t to be a seminal work on what makes one qualified to teach a PDC or not.  I just want to make people on all sides of this issue think a bit deeper about it.  Additionally I wanted to provide my audience with my view on how to select a permaculture course or teacher.  Again many courses are really wonderful, saying something isn’t a PDC isn’t a put down, it is just a fact based on the core realities and components of permacutlure design as founded by Bill Mollison.

Episode-1099- Laurette Lynn on Don’t Do Drugs, Stay Out of School

Laurette Lynn, Host, Author, Speaker.

Laurette Lynn, Host, Author, Speaker.

Laurette Lynn is a long time advocate for more authentic, organic living, parenting, health and family life she is an author, blogger and speaker.

Her books and articles as well as audio downloads and eBooks on home education, parenting and liberated living, help families embrace freedom in learning, thinking and living.  She is best know for her book Don’t Do Drugs, Stay Out of School

On public schools Laurette has stated, “I strongly believe that the way our current system of contrived education,  has been having a slow but fiercely corrosive effect on family life, parenting and thus society.  I try to help, along with a growing number of others, by advocating for a better and healthier alternative in learning, living and being.”

Laurette is also the host of Unplugged Mom Radio© a popular web talk podcast show for school free families and other outside-the-box thinkers.  Through UMRadio, Laurette Lynn questions the compulsory behaviors that lend to the continuing detriment of our societies mental, physical, spiritual and intellectual well-being.

Laurette’s work emphasizes the need for families to unplug from mainstream assumptions in learning and living, disconnect from the artificial process of life and discover the freedom and joy in learning and living more authentically.

Resources for Today’s Show…

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Episode-1052- The Need for Skill Set Development in a Changing World

Today we announced a new feature to 13skills.com that will improve interaction among members.  This got me thinking that while I often talk about our need to improve skills (specifically hard skills) I have not ever really done a dedicated show specifically going into the actual reasons that such skills are so important.

Our modern age has lulled us to sleep but most people that listen to TSP are aware that major changes are not just coming, in many ways they are happening right now, in front of our eyes.  We live in a society where people “call a guy” far more often then fixing things themselves.  We teach our children to avoid phyical work at all costs and are devolving into tablet and phone based society.

I personally love technology but consider that we teach a student basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division prior to empowering them with a calculator.  Should we not also teach young drivers to use street signs and read a map before giving them a GPS application?

I also have some follow up from yesterday, one issue I seem to have been very wrong about in regard to college and I wish to make it right and something very dangerous in the so called “NRA Members Gun Safety Act” I left out yesterday.

Join Me Today as We Discuss…

Follow Up From Episode 1051

  • Listener’s weigh in on the value of community college even with advanced degree pursuit
  • Why the no fly list and terror watch lists do NOT belong in the gun control debate

On Today’s Main Topic

  • What a faltering economy or economic collapse means in regard to skills
  • Hard skills vs. soft skills and why we need to emphasize hard skills on some levels
  • How we lost our skills as modern Americans
  • Why we actually feel fulfilled and good about ourselves by building up our skills
  • Why you should focus on the skills that interest you but also challenge you
  • How the loss of skills is directly related to our loss of liberty
  • Why responsibilities must be part of our rights if we are to retain said rights
  • Why real teachers don’t create students but new teachers
  • What have you done with your dash, what will you leave behind

 Resources for Today’s Show:

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Episode-754- Self Sufficiency, Self Reliance & Lifestyle Design

Today I break from listener feedback Monday’s typical formula to bring to you a subject I think we all really need to consider as we move into the final “quarter” of 2011.  Why is your current lifestyle the way that it is, who designed it that way and what would you have done differently knowing what you know now.

Join Me Today As I Discuss

  • Self Reliance vs. Self Sufficiency
  • Why we measure self reliance in time
  • Why we measure self sufficiency in percentages
  • What role true land ownership plays in the equation
  • The concept of “lifestyle design”
    • Would you design your current lifestyle on purpose
    • Would most people design a home, career and debt as they are today
    • Is permaculture about growing stuff or designing lifestyle or both
    • If you don’t admit mistakes you cant retrofit solutions

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-739- Changing The Way We Help Children Learn

I was originally going to call this “changing the way we teach our children”, but when I went to type that, I realized it missed the entire point.   To me this is one of the biggest problems of the modern education system we teach instead of encouraging learning.

When you teach you “push” information when you encourage a person to learn you are “pulled” by them to learn more.  Have you ever wondered about this fact…

No person asks questions that start with why, what and how more than a child.

Now given that is the case why do kids always end up bored in school, how do they get from wanting to know the why of everything to bored apathetic teens in just a few years of school?  Can we really blame them when the results of our system are so uniform?

Today’s episode was inspired by a comment in response to the segment I did yesterday on “unschooling”.  Unschooling is where children are largely self directed in their learning and study what they are most interested in.  Most of the feedback was great but one commenter left the following comment…

Dear Jack,

Your remarks on ”One step beyond homeschooling – unschooling” are completely wrong and disturbing, not that expected you to be perfect.

Let the ”children discover what they like” is nothing more than parents skipping their parenting responsibility to educate their children and a petty excuse.

Parents have the responsibility to orientate their children because they do have life experience, in contrast the Children have almost no experience and lots of romanticism … how does the child discover what he wants? By analyzing his own ignorance ?

Another problem is that it opens the door for children to escape reality by studying ”cool”, but ultimately irrelevant subjects, in order to escape their petty lives. This going to create a lot of little Nicolo Machiavelli, who become philosophers because their lives sucked.

In short : Unschooling is a petty excuse for parents to escape their responsibility, children do not have not enough life experience or stability to make important life decisions and this will certainly result in children escaping reality in BS studies, just like the example of your article studying ”exo-geology”.”

I find this view very myopic and very limiting, today’s show explains why and expands on the concept of putting people (kids are PEOPLE) in charge of their own learning.

Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-544- Five Lies that Attack Individual Liberty

Today we have a rebroadcast of a show I did back in August 27th, 2008.  I decided this would be a good show to have on during my absence to Arkansas where I am laying wood flooring getting ready for our move there this winter. I want you to think about some of these things in contrast with the so called “historic election” that just occurred yesterday.  My belief is until some of these underlying issues no matter who is in charge we will get the same results with a different marketing message.   Today’s podcast may challenge some of your beliefs and might even make you angry at times. That just means is isn’t the same old – same old.

Keep in mind that this show was done in 2008 before the economic crash when all the talking heads were telling us that things were going to be just fine and countless advisors were telling people to buy Bank of America stock because it had dropped in price due to “guilt by association”.

Tune in to get my thoughts about,

  • The lie that “its a consumer driven economy and there is nothing wrong with that” and how it is driving people and our nation into the oppression of debt.
  • The lie of “no child left behind” and that “everyone should go to college” and how it is destroying our economy and making us dependent on illegal immigrant labor
  • The noble professions no one goes to college to do and why we need quality people to do them
  • The lie that “The Constitution gives us rights” and how that lie grants government power that it does not and should not have
  • Why The Constitution does not “apply to Americans” and how it actually applies to humans
  • The lie of class warfare and how it convinces you that you don’t have what you want because of some other group
  • The class structure of Europe that we left behind and why it needs to stay there
  • The lie that “you can’t do it” or “you can’t make it” with out government help and how the government is actually the problem that limits individual achievement
  • The lie of being told what you want or told what is a success or a failure or what you need
  • Why no matter who runs Washington we all still have the ability to declare individual liberty
  • How we lost the attitude of “this family doesn’t take charity” and how that is killing us
  • How the individual spirit and personal fortitude is stronger then any law, government or situation
  • How many of the “poor” are really free and many of the most “successful” are enslaved by life and debt
  • How your personal action, personal spirit and determination are your greatest survival asset

Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-517- Survival Podcast Call In Friday 9-24-10

It is Friday and time for another edition of “call in Friday” where I take your calls and comments on the air.  Today I have questions about food storage, credit, cold weather clothing, agricultural exemptionis, the free state project concept, using your preps and more.  If you would like to be on the show call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.

Join me today as we take your calls on…

  • Dealing with beavers cutting down your fruit tress (yes really)
  • Storing food in mason jars for dry storage vs. mylar
  • Options for clothing including cotton, wool, blends and dealing with cold and hot weather
  • Getting your land an agricultural exemption
  • Free State Project at the city/town/county level?
  • Do you need a credit rating in America today
  • Will I get a second BOL when we move to Arkansas
  • What do you do after opening large freeze dried amounts of food you can’t use quickly
  • Why is unemployment higher but more people are now buying houses
  • A young high school girl SCHOOLS the school!  FRICKEN AWESOME!!

Resources for today’s show…

Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.

Episode-435- The Revolution is You

We only occasionally dip into politics around here, time to time we focus on economics and that always by the very nature of out current state must include some political components as well.  Some members of the audience want more and some want less and wish we would stick 100% to practical pepping action.

The reality is the two are one in the same!  Make no mistake about it this is a revolution you and I are conducting together.  Today we discuss the multi-planked revolution where “taking this country back” isn’t  just about the next election or political topic “du jour”.  No this revolution is about how we live, how we prepare, how we self educate and above all how we impact those around us simply by living as who and what we are, human with sovereign rights bestowed upon us by our creator.

Today I also introduce our new long awaited custom bumper music, as you might have guessed the title of the song is “The Revolution is You”.  The song was written and performed by Gregg Yows of RevolutionRockAndRoll.com (I am actually a minor co writer as well) .  The final track was mastered by Matthew McCabe at Finley Sound.  Gregg and Matthew are both long time listeners to TSP which means this song is truly a creation of our community, I hope it inspires you to know the power you truly have, indeed YOU are the revolution.

I am also running a special on the Members Brigade that will run until Monday the 17th, you can get your first year of the MSB for only 35 dollars with the discount code “revolution”.

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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Episode-392- Listener Feedback 3-5-10

Today we do a show with your questions comments and feedback on subjects like public education,  storage, gardening, the second amendment and more.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • How we could fix our education system overnight with no additional spending
  • Thoughts on high mileage cars and diesel motors
  • What exactly should “arms” mean in the 2nd amendment, would it apply to a cruise missile
  • What’s up with all the buy gold advertising
  • How can you effectively increase storage space in a typical suburban home
  • What’s first paying debt down or basic preps
  • Will the government seize retirement accounts like IRAs and 401Ks
  • What are some good areas of the US with affordable land and libertarian politics
  • What should a left handed right eye dominant shooter do
  • Choosing mulch from suppliers like Home Depot and Lowes, etc.

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