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S3 – Duck Chronicles – Episode Nine – Eating Greens and Feeling Fine

Today the ducks are munching on lettuce, plantain, comfrey and chicory.  We hang out with them a bit and discuss why the additional 40 ducks just are not coming this year.

Duck Chronicles Episode Eight – The New Water System is Effing Great

Today we check in with the baby ducks who are mostly napping after partying all night long.  We discuss their new water buckets and the drinking cups I build them with.  We also discuss why I don’t give them this type of system in their first week even though it is easier for me.

You can find the watering cups I use on Amazon at this Link.

S3- Duck Chronicles – Episode Seven – Answers to Questions and Spinach Heaven

Today we wipe out the remainder of the ducks baby spinach stash, I will have to resupply them soon.  We also answer questions from the audience on things like stocking density, duck breed choices, the purpose of swales and more.

Episode Six of The Duck Chronicles – Time for a Spinach Fix

Today we visit the baby ducks and check out their response to spinach, they seem to like it.  We also get a good laugh, tune in to see why.  To see all episodes of all seasons visit, www.duckchronicles.com

S3 – Episode Five – The Special Little Duck is Still Alive

Well our extra efforts to get the little girl from episode 4 to eat paid off and it was like throwing a light switch. As soon as she ate and then followed up with a drink all was well. Now a day later it is tough to even see which one she is.

We also answer some questions and introduce the babies to arugula greens today. They approve!

Season Three – Episode Four – Little Ducks All Over the Floor

Today we discuss mortality rates, which are generally in the 2-3% range over large numbers of ducklings.  We also discuss the breeds we have and identifying them as ducklings.

Sadly one of our ducklings died yesterday and we have one today that doesn’t look like she is going to make it either.  This is a reality when brooding baby ducks.

S3 – Duck Chronicles – Episode 3 – A New Box of Ducks for Me

In Episode 3 of Season Three we start again at the post office picking up the balance of this week’s shipment of ducklings.  We will have one more round of ducks coming next week.

We then move on to the brooder.  Everyone from shipment one did well despite and over night low in the mid 30s.  It was warm enough inside the “Fortress of Duckatude”.  By 8 AM they were up partying at the feeders and waters and welcoming their new brooder mates by 9AM.

We finish with feeding the adult ducks, walking along the swale and peek at an upcoming meal for our Spring Workshop.

Season Three – Duck Chronicles Episodes One and Two Published

Today March 1st is the launch of Season Three of the Duck Chronicles.  In episode one I pick the new ducks up at the post office, talk about a shortage of Silver Appleyards, more shipments coming and the fact that John Metzer of Metzer Farms Personally Called me to Explain the issues.  That folks is customer service!

In episode two we show you the giant brooder set up this year (AKA The Fortress of Duckatude”, our duck poop water catchers on steroids and deal with a few babies that still managed to get wet.  We take everyone to learn where the warm place is, hang out a bit and wrap it up surrounded by baby ducks.




S2- Duck Chronicles 40 – The Final Sortie

Season Two is over and while I thought we didn’t do as many episodes by hook or crook both seasons ended up being 40 episodes!

Don’t worry though Duck Chronicles is not going away, Season Three will begin about Feb. the 8th.

Today we talk about our full swales, the plans for the geese, new ducks arriving in Feburary, some other plans for the farm and more.

For all Duck Chronicles episodes visit www.duckchronicles.com

Duck Chronicles Season Two – Episode 39 – Freezing Cold at Bath Time

So I woke up to 13 degree weather and frozen ground and frozen pipes.  Fortunately I was able to drain most of our pipes in advance and able to keep the hose bib on the house from freezing up so the ducks could have a morning bath.  With a wind chill of 6, they still don’t care about the cold at all.

Season Three will be coming early February with the largest group of ducklings we have ever brooded.  You can find the entire series at DuckChronicles.com