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4 Awesome New MSB Benefits

New Benefits for the MSB

I have been working hard to bring some new benefits to members of the Member’s Support Brigade, today I am really excited to announce four great new benefits along with three announcements.

Remember the MSB is a program for listeners who want to support the show and it comes out to about 20 cents an episode.  Members gain access to exclusive benefits such as free eBooks, supporting vendor discounts and video content for member’s only.

First Two Free eBooks with a Combined Value of about 45 Bucks 

  • How to Build Your Own Residential Wind Turbine – Value $14.99 – This 45 page manual teaches you the basics of wind power generation and tell you how to build your own wind based power systems from items you can scrounge of acquire inexpensively.  This manual usually sells for $14.99 from PreparingYourFamily.com but now all MSB Members get it at no cost.
  • The Glycation Factor – Value $29.99 – Glycation or glycation of proteins occurs when glucose is in the blood stream from when we consume a diet with carbohydrates and other sugars. Glycation can seriously damage the major organ systems of the body and lead to premature aging. In his new book, Dr. Greg Ellis explains the dangers of glycation and how it can be avoided to prevent aging as well as live longer and better than ever before. This book may be the most important scientific information about diet and nutrition you ever read.  This book contains over 500 pages of deeply researched data and while it normally sells for $29.99 at ByeByeCarbs.com but now all MSB members get it for free

Both of the Above Books are now available for free instant download on the “Download” Page of the Members Brigade. 

Two New MSB Supporting Vendor Discounts

  • Dr. Greg Ellis’ Website ByeByeCarbs.com –  As one of the Worlds’ foremost experts on nutrition, health and well being, Dr. Greg Ellis has dedicated over 40 years of his life to both scientific and practical research and has worked with over 10,000 subjects, including many champion amateur and professional athletes as well as the general public.  MSB Members receive a 15% discount on all items for sale on Dr. Ellis’ site www.ByeByeCarbs.com
  • ValRizanov.com – Val Riazanov trained in Judo and Sambo as a member of the Russian Olympic squad for 6 years and later served in the infamous KGB as an operative and trianer.  Val is a master of the Russian Martial Arts system known as Systema.  He has produced a series of DVDs and eBooks on the subject and MSB Members get 15% off all the products on his website.

The Discount Codes for Both of these new supporting vendors are on the “Benefits” page of the MSB.

Three Important MSB Announcements

  • Long Time Supporter Safe Castle Royal Increases Value – Vic over at Safe Castle Royal has increased the cost of his “Discount Buyers Club” to $49.00.  This lifetime membership offers big discounts on most Safe Castle Products.  The membership has been selling for $29.00 but due to increased demand they recently raised the price to $49.00.  However, all MSB Members will continue to recieve this membership at zero cost to them.  Meaning this one benefit now pays all but 1 dollar of the first year of MSB Membership.
  • Clarification on Free Silver from Ready Made Resources – Ready Made Resources is still offering free silver with the purchase of 3 Cases of Mountain House of Alpine Aire Foods, with a few qualifiers.  The purchase must be for 3 case of either Mountain House Freeze Dried Food in #10 cans, or Alpine Aire Freeze Dried Food (note not all Alpine Aire is Freeze Dried)  in #10 Sized Cans and Ready Made Resources will send you 2) .9999 U.S. Silver Eagles which have a value $81.00. This offer can not be combined with any other sales or offers.
  • MSB and Forum Memberships are NOT LINKED – I have had a large number of members recently wondering why they can’t log into the forum with their MSB username and password.  The answer is simple, the MSB and the Forum are not linked, they are separate systems.  While many forum members display MSB badges in their signature that is something they do manually, it doesn’t mean the two systems are linked together.

As you can see I am continuing to build value for members of the support brigade.  With the new eBooks just announced the value of eBooks alone is over $140.00 while the value of the Safe Castle Membership and Western Botanicals Membership now combines to about 100 dollars in value, meaning just the eBooks and these two free memberships provide a 249 dollar return against first year membership costs of only 50 dollars.

So if you are a Member you may want to go log into your account and get your new eBooks or take advantage of some of the new or existing discounts.  If you have been considering becoming an MSB Member just visit the Members Page for more information.