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Heads Up – Amazon Lightning Deal on All Anker Charging Products

Anker is absolutely one of my favorite companies in the world of back up power and device charging.  They are a solid company and I recommend many of their products.

Today they have a lightning deal on Amazon, you can save up to 33% on all devices.  You can find everything here, https://amzn.to/2SGm0Ra

Some of the items I highly recommend include

Featured Deals of the Day for 10-2-18

Often I take a look at Amazon Deals of the Day and find some good stuff, sometimes I find stuff that is not really for me but interesting.

I am not going to start doing this daily but from time to time if I see some interesting stuff I will do a stand alone post about the stuff I find interesting.

IMPORTANT on my Items of the Day via TSPAZ, every item has been in my hands and tried out.  Most of them I own and they are in my home.  These items unless noted otherwise are not the same.  They are things I found interesting that at least have honest reviews (according to fake spot) that are generally positive.


The first Item I found interesting today is the Tenergy Redigrill Smokeless Infrared Grill, Indoor Grill.  On sale today for 134.99.  Only 10 reviews but 8 are 5 star and 2 are 4 star and they check out as an A grade on Fakespot.  I am fully equipped for grilling in many ways, but if I were in an apartment or place where I couldn’t do a outdoor grill I would likely get one.

  • Pros – Infrared grilling is awesome and you can use this inside.  Also today it is on sale for 45 bucks off.
  • Cons – This grill is an on or off situation.  There is no heat control.  There is a keep warm setting.  So this is for high temp grilling only.  That said an indoor grill really only serves that purpose.  Also a bit bulky.


The next thing is Crocs are on sale.  You either love or hate these things and the old joke is the holes are where your dignity runs out, but I am not concerned with the opinions of those who don’t pay my bills.  I am in the I love Crocs corner and if you were in and out of the house all day long you might be too.  I hated them when I first saw them, then I put on a pair and changed my mind.

Well the good news is Crocs Originals are all on Sale at Amazon today.

  • Pros – Last a long time, comfortable and quick on and off.
  • Cons – Dogs like to chew them and some people think they are ugly.


Next up is the RAVPower 24W Folding Solar Panel with 3 USB Ports.  I don’t own this one but have checked out a few shown to me by audience members.  This is a solid durable product.  It has 240 reviews with 4.5 stars over all and a perfect A grade both for the product and the customer on Fake Spot.

  • Pros – You can save 22 dollars today.  It will do a good job when you are remote charging small devices.  24 watts is a decent amount of power if you are hiking or camping to help top off devices.  It is light weight and folds up quite compact.
  • Cons – well it is solar so it ain’t a light saber and it won’t work in the dark or when clouds are out.  So pair it up with a back up battery pack for your small devices.  I still recommend this one.


That’s it I won’t be doing this to frequently but when I see cool stuff I will do a quick post like this.  If you happen to see an item of the day you think the community would want to know about, email me about at with TSPC IOTD in the subject line.