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Episode-1045- Every Day “Disasters” and DIY Prepping and The Criminal Mindset with David Nash

Today we have a minor inconvenience when our power went out.  Out came the 6K Troy-Bilt Generator and soon daily emails were being handled and hot coffee was had by all.  I posted a picture of it on Facebook and was amazed how a few fellow preppers sort of crapped on the concept. It was a very few but still it shows a problem with mindset in my view.  To the guy who recommended solar I am not including you in this group of a few, don’t want you getting your panties in a wad or anything, LOL.

One person said, “warm water, hot coffee and TV won’t help you when TSHTF”.  My question is if you are not prepared to be comfortable in a routine system failure how on earth can you claim that you are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?  I will also tell you as a business owner not being able to run your business is a disaster.

So in the first part of today’s show I talk a bit about this concept and how it relates to yesterday’s segment on getting started.

Then I introduce David Nash of TNGun.com.  David is a full time emergency manger by trade, and an advocate of self-reliance and personal preparedness by avocation.  He is also instructor certified in a variety of topics such as firearms, terrorism response, WMD, and incident command.  He’s written two books, and runs a DIY focused prepper website, based around his training business “The Shepherd School”.

Today he joins us first to talk about prepping from a DIY standpoint.  David feels prepping is full of $500 problems, but if you only have $50, you  have to use other ways of making up the difference, we also want to talk about my upcoming book “52 projects for self reliance”.

From there we move into some of his experiences as a corrections officer and we take a real look into the criminal and violent mindsets that many people simply cannot seem to get their heads around.  During this period I tell the story of how my grandfather was shot, even though he complied with a robber and how fighting back and running away saved his life.

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