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Episode-1010- Saving Money with Couponing with Corey Pie’

Corey Pie’ joins us today to discuss the concept of extreme couponing and how extreme couponing can improve your personal preparedness.  Specifically how it can help families to  save money and get out of debt.

Additionally how it can help to build a great stockpile of food and supplies while creating a surplus to share with others in need.

Join Cory and I Today as we Discuss…

  • How and why did to get started in with couponing
  • How does it work from a practical stand point
  • What’s the difference between couponing and extreme couponing
  • How does extreme couponing improve your personal preparedness
  • How much can you really save
  • Are some of the TV shows somewhat faked on the subject
  • Why you always need to be kind to the check out people
  • Some examples of some really great deals
  • How long it takes per week to save on average how much money
  • How you can actually have fun while doing it
  • How were you live can impact your success
  • The importance of organization and “seasonality”

Resources for Today’s Show…

Corey’s Links

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