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Episode-465- Technology Based Tools for Preppers

Many preppers seem to shun technology in exchange for more “primitive” skills such as bush-crafting and  stellar/solar navigation.  Personally I feel neither should be relied on to the exclusion of the other.  For instance I carry a lighter in every kit I own but I also know how to make friction fire and I can fire steel as well.  Each tool has its place and acts as redundancy for the others.

A fellow prepper once mocked my use of a GPS, I simply asked if he rode a horse to work on a daily basis.  The point was received with that one question.  Technology can be both a blessing and a curse, it is up to us to fully utilize it while still understanding its limitations.

Join me today as we discuss the following technologies

  • Emergency Weather Alerts from The Weather Channel
  • Google News Alerts
  • Facebook/Twitter
  • Off the shelf back up power
  • Solar/Hand Crank Radio
  • Vehicle based GPS
  • Handheld GPS
  • Cell phones and apps
  • Thumb Drives – Portable Data
  • Lap Top Computers
  • Digital Camera
  • Ready.gov etc.
  • YouTube (Download Helper)

Resources for today’s show…

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