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New Video Series Dedicated to Comfrey – Episode One

The sheer number of questions about comfrey since I did episode 1371 has been pretty amazing.  I haven’t had as much follow up questions on an episode in a LONG TIME so I decided to do a whole series on comfrey.  Here is episode one.  The Basics of Comfrey Propagation with Root Cuttings.

Here is a link to the seller I bought from on eBay but now the huge quantity makes sense, apparently I bought a quantity of 2 packs of 10, there was still a SHIT TON of comfrey there, far more than 20 crowns and cuttings.  This is one of the best deals I have found on Comfrey.

Episode-1371- All About Comfrey the Miracle Plant

Comfrey - A Proven Medicinal Herb, With a Undeserved Bad Reputation.

Comfrey – A Proven Medicinal Herb, With a Undeserved Bad Reputation.

Why do I call comfrey a miracle plant?  Well if I said their was one plant that could help heal broken bones, speed wound healing, heal skin ulcers that nothing else could close, provide fertilizer, provide mulch, feed livestock and be as easy to grow as breaking off a piece of a root and sticking it in the dirt, what would you call it?

Comfrey does all of these things and frankly more.  It also has a very undeserved bad reputation as being toxic if used internally.  In fact some over zealous nanny state types even caution against using it externally.  I am not really sure if the misinformation about comfrey is simply tea cup protectionism run a muck or an outright slander campaign.  And while I can’t advise you to use comfrey internally, because it is illegal for me to do so, what I will say is at times I do and I certainly am not dead or ill from doing so.

Even if you plan to never use comfrey internally it is still a plant every person should grow and be familiar with.  Its uses are too many to ignore and further it is so easy to grow and propagate there is no reason not to.

Join Me Today As I Discuss…

  • What exactly is comfrey
  • Why are we told comfrey is toxic
  • What is wrong with the research done to say it is toxic
  • What are the main comfrey types and what does Bocking mean?
  • How do you propagate comfrey
    • From seed (“wild comfrey” only)
    • From root cuttings, crowns, etc.
    • From tiny cuttings (make a lot fast)
    • Growing out cuttings in containers to multiply results fast
    • How I would propagate lots of roots fast if I wanted to
  • Uses for Comfrey
    • As fodder for cows, chickens, pigs, geese, etc. what you need to know
    • As fertilizer
      • Awesome NPK Ratio 1.8-0.5-5.3
      • A Dynamic Accumulator of Si, N, Mg, Ca, K & Fe
      • Making Liquid Fertilizer
      • Mulching
      • Leaf Boosting
    • For Medicinal Use
      • On wounds and ulcers
      • On bites and stings
      • On broken bones and sprains
      • On bruises
      • Internally (this is illegal)
      • Making oils and salves
  • Rules for successful comfrey patches
    • Keep it “clean, cut and fed”
    • Grass can and will choke out comfrey
    • You can graze it, best to do when you would have cut it
    • I prefer a distributed model but might do a propagation patch
  • Sources of Comfrey

Resources for today’s show…

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