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Some Humor and Fun – Charlie Dog Takes Out Jeff D.

Friend of the Spirko family Jeff D (not sure he wants his last name published so I will leave it at D) stopped by the TSP homestead. Charlie decided to have some fun, it really is a good thing Charlie is a friendly dog. Can you imagine what would have happened if this was an attack vs. just Charlie playing!

FYI for drive by visitors that don’t call first! Charlie doesn’t like strangers until they are introduced, he is part of our security protocol. But as you can see once introduced he is as friendly as they come though a bit rough in his play.

This is the “dangerous pit bull” that has been so hyped up by the media.  Sure he will defend his home and his family but would not any good dog?  The truth is simple dogs of any breed are a product of their upbringing.  Charlie is a clown, he gets into trouble but he is as friendly as they come.

We just got DNA results on Charlie, he is part Stafford Terrier, part Bull Terrier and part Pointer.  So basically a pit bull and pointer mix.  Oh the horror, oh the terror of a dog that licks you so viciously, plays with such reckless abandon.  Something must be done, pit bulls must be stopped, won’t someone think of the children, won’t someone think of the Jeff!

Enjoy, it is pretty damn funny!