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Victor Tire Plug Repair Kit – Item of the Day


Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is a product that if you don’t have it in your car, well, you are wrong.  I almost never say anything like that but when it comes to how cheap this product is and how much of your ass it can save, I’ll say it.

The item is the Victor Tire Repair Kit (we just really call these a plug kit).  These things will fix a flat tire, or going flat tire, 90% of the time or more.  The only thing they won’t fix are holes in the side wall or completely torn, cut, etc. tires.

For instance one day on the Dallas Tollway I hit a piece of angle iron and it cut about a 4 inch slice in my tire, I had to put a spare tire on, at rush hour, about 50 feet from the toll both in August when the car thermometer said it was 114 degrees.  NOT FUN, and quite dangerous due to other drivers (aka idiots).

Had it been a nail or something more common, it would have been pull out nail, put in plug, air up tire with my portable compressor enough to get to an exit, then fully air up tire.  Total time about 2 minutes, vs. the 15 doing the spare took.  In other words 13 less minutes risking being killed by an idiot.

Tire plugs are very reliable and surprisingly effective.  My uncle and I one time got a flat in his jeep.  We found the leak and an odd black thing about the size of a big man’s thumb in it.  Puzzled we looked at each other and he pulled it out with a pair of pliers.  It was a screw driver, with the handle almost all the way in the tire.  We pondered it, tried a plug and it held.

I have some experience with tire repair, you see my father ran a tire business for 20 years.  I broke down and fixed a lot of tires as a kid.  My dad would sell a person a replacement, or do a patch or do a plug.  But when he got a flat he would always just plug the tires on his own car.  Now the best practice is to go to a shop afterword and see if a proper internal patch can be applied.

But here is the thing, most tire shops are now run by liars, or people trained by so many generations of liars they don’t know they are lying any longer.  They will say the tire can’t be patched and you need a new one, why, well to sell you a new one.  If I was faced with driving a plugged tire when my set had say 10,000 miles or a bit more on it before I replaced them all anyway, or buying one expensive tire, well, I’d be driving with a plugged tire.

The key is with a plug kit you can get going again fast.  Oh and if you have a lawn tractor and live where thorny things grow, these are an absolute requirement.  Ask me how I know.  Finally the kit I recommend on Amazon is a good low cost option, the truth is though they are all good really.  There is really only one way to make a plug kit.  I don’t care where you get one of these but have one and learn to use it.   For what it is worth though Victor Tire Repair Kit is a top quality kit that is cheap enough to keep one in the garage and one in every vehicle.

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Globe Electric 48W 360° Work Light – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Item of the day is the Globe Electric 48W 360° Work Light.  I LOVE THESE LIGHTS.  Really I do.  For a long time like many I used typical stand based directional work lights like these for this need.  They do work, they are bight but in many ways they suck.

I mean these lights are fine if you are in a shop and point them under the hood of a car, at a work bench or something like that.  But for ambient light in a work area they are kind of useless.  They only really light up the area you point them at and worse when you turn around, they blind you.

I found the Globe Electric Work Light when my buddy David brought two of them over for one of our workshops.  We try to provide lighting between the outbuildings so people don’t break their necks, so they can wash their evening dishes, etc.  Until I found these we would attempt to elevate the directional lights, etc.  It worked but it was not very good.

We got these and two of them basically turn the area into a well lit work area, and that is outside with no reflection.  In a shop building they provide awesome light.

But think about the prepper applications, one of these fully lights 2-3 rooms if you are talking open concept, say kitchen, dining and living area, certainly well enough to get around, not stub your toe etc in a black out, and it does it all on 48 watts.  So it will run a LONG time on a few deep cycle batteries in a back up system.

And when I had a farm hand working for me in the short hours of winter I called it his “slave light” much to his bemusement.  Because we would just run an extension cord to the area he was working in and it was plenty of light to unload trucks, mulch garden beds, etc.

Oh and one more thing for this little multi-tasker, they are great for when you need to get more light into shooting a video.

For 99 bucks these are simply the best damn work light I have ever found.  If you go night fishing and have battery back up or an inverter man these things are amazing for that as well as lighting up a camping area.  And yea they attract bugs at night, so all the bugs go to the light and you are 25 feet away from them!

Personally I don’t know why more companies don’t embrace this format.  These are not 100% perfect but they are damn good and I still have one I stole from David over three years ago and it still works as good as the day I um, “acquired it”.

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P.S. – Don’t feel sorry for David, he has emptied my good liquor cabinet of more than enough to cover the 99 bucks.  As evidence of that I present this!  That was a 30 year old tawny port, looted while I was on vacation.  Yea and he also ran off with about 8 pounds of my dry sausage and jerky and fed it to himself and his dog in Alaska!  True story.  We all need more friends like this.



JB Weld WaterWeld Underwater Epoxy Putty – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the JB Weld WaterWeld Underwater Epoxy Putty.  I personally think this is an item that everyone should have a few tubes of at all times.  Let’s start out with why to choose underwater epoxy paste?

Simple really, WaterWeld will work on wet surfaces, IF USED PROPERLY and it will also work on dry surfaces.  I am a person that likes to standardize, it makes everything easier.  So instead of go grab me a tube of X epoxy putty, it is just epoxy putty that does all jobs such a putty can do wet or dry.

And it usually ends up being that when something needs fixing it ends up being wet!  Even if it is something that isn’t usually wet.  Translation stuff tends to break when it rains and snows!  So by choosing an underwater product it always works, every time.

Let’s talk a bit about proper use, if you read the reviews you will see a lot of very happy people, they used it right and you will see a lot of “doesn’t work at all, doesn’t stick to anything, does not work in water” etc.  Those people used it wrong.

First this stuff comes in a tube, it is two parts and if you look at the end you will see it has a light color and a dark color with one on the outside and one on the inside.  You cut as much off the tube as you need and mix it.  And you have to mix it fully, it should all be one color when done and it should smell like stale pee.  Yep, stale urine smell is a good thing here, I am serious.

Next if fully cures in about 20-30 minutes but it begins to set in about 7-10.  So if you are fixing an active leak or applying it under water, you have to hold it in place with pressure for about 10 minutes until it starts to cure.  Then it will hold and fully cure.  If you just stick it on something wet and leave it alone it will likely fail, may be even fall off.

Also the surface needs to be cleaned, no oil, no grease.  And if it is a smooth surface, a bit of roughing up isn’t always needed but it is always helpful.  In the end though this stuff can save your bacon in so many ways.  My most recent use was a conversion of my aquatic system.  My top tank was plumbed to my bottom tank with 3/4 inch pipe, it was a constant point of failure for many reasons but mostly because the return pipe at 3/4th of an inch was too small.

The solution was to install a 2 inch bulkhead in to the tank and plumb in a 2 inch return line.  Problem was this left a 3/4 inch line that could end up draining the tank and over flowing the lower one.  To fix that both tanks would need to be dug up as the factory bulkheads were on the bottom, the pipe fittings removed and then plugs installed.  This meant a lot of work and draining the tanks, not good.

Solution was simple, I mixed up some WaterWeld, formed a plug and plugged the hole with it in the top tank.  I then made a flat disc with the rest of the putty and capped it on top of the plug that was pushed into the pipe.  I held this in place for about 10 minutes, done.  Problem solved and the new system is running.  So about 5 dollars in epoxy saved me about 6 hours of work and draining tanks that were full of fish!  Just one example of how great this stuff is.

There are a few options when buying it on Amazon, first you can get a single tube for 5.07 or you can choose various muti packs as you see fit.  I think this is a good prep so having a few tubes around is not a bad idea.  I keep one in each vehicle kit and some around the house and shop at all times.

It will last damn near forever if you don’t mix it and keep it sealed up.   If you don’t want six just wait  until you have other stuff to buy and pick up a tube or two at the 4.55 price.

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The VIAIR 300P and 450P Portable Air Compressors – Item of the Day

compressEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the VIAIR 300P or if you have a very large truck or RV I recommend the VIAIR 450P.  These two compressors are not cheap, priced at 134 for the 300P and 254 for the 450P but they are top notch tools.

And guys I have looked and looked for a decent and reliable portable compressor that could be had for under 50 bucks, there are some that are okay but I have yet to find one I would recommend though.  I personally own the 400P and I am really happy with it.  I went for the larger compressor because I drive a very large truck with very big tires, and I wanted something that could fill one without over heating.

The 300P should be sufficient for most vehicles though.  When you get your hands on one of these you understand instantly why it is more expensive than your typical portable compressor.  Because it is built like well, a true air compressor.   Solid and heavy duty, proper cooling fins.

Note that it DOES NOT have a 12vdc plug rather it clips onto your battery posts.  This means it can draw enough power to run a tool of this wattage.  As Steven Harris would tell you, you can only pull about 120-150 watts across a cigarette lighter plug.  Any more and you will pop the fuse to it.  So higher power tools need to be clamped to the battery.   Yes this means raising the hood but trust me for the power you get, it is worth it.

Along with your compressor you want to make sure you have some 40 amp fuses.  These compressors have an inline fuse of standard Bussmann design.  You will also want a tire plug kit.  This is some vehicle prep that really can save your butt!  We are talking making a real pain in the ass into a minor inconvenience.

So what if you just can’t afford the expense of one of the VAIR compressors or say you can for one vehicle but not two?  Here is the best sub 50 dollar compressor I could find.  It is the Q Industries HV35.  At least it has a 10 foot cord so you can likely reach any tire on your vehicle, but you want to check for sure if you have a quad cab truck.

That is the other thing I love about the VAIR, you have long power cables but you get a really long air hose, I have filled up tires on a trailer without having to drop it with mine.   But hey the HV35 will in most instances at least get you off the side of the road and to a service station, so it is better than nothing.

Still all in all, if you want something that will work and will last check out the the VIAIR 300 and 450P compressors.

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P.S. – Note that the only weakness the VIAIR compressors have is the air hose.  It works really good and stores very easily.  But after several years mine did get brittle and sprung a leak.  I upgraded to this braided hose, man this thing is built like a tank!

The Hitchin Rod – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Hitchin Rod.  I first discovered the concept of a device like this when I bought my first RV.  They still make ones like the first one I had.  Basically two foam balls on something like an old school transistor radio antenna.  Problem isn’t that they don’t work, rather that they break.

Here is an example of the cheap style ones I no longer use.  They work fine, they just break often.

I bet you older folks like me remember using wire or coat hangers more than once to fix an old school radio antenna.  That material is just designed to break, so you might imagine how swiftly it gets broken in an application like this.  Still being able to back up and hook up fast and easy on your own was nice enough that I would just replace them when I had to.

Then I found the Hitchin Rods, someone decided to be good rather than cheap.  These are even better than the cheapos with the balls in function not just longevity.

Here is how it works.  Put one of them center on your trailer hitch, the other center on your truck hitch and back up lining them up.  Since it is just a magnet your trailer hitch will simply push the rod on the truck hitch over, as soon as you move it back a bit you are lined up.

Get out crank your trailer down, hook up your safety chains and electronics and roll the hell out.  Having worked construction for many years I actually came up with a great way to guide folks onto a hitch that works better than any I have ever found.  And if you have two people and both get it, it works slick.  Tune into today’s show and I will explain it.

But let me point you to something the manufacturer says about this product, they say,

Imagine the marriages this can save!!

Yea don’t know about saving a marriage but it makes a happier one.  I love my wife but a good ground guide she is not when it comes to hooking up trailers.  It isn’t a “woman thing” either I have dealt with plenty of guys that can’t guide you to a hitch to save their life, you end up doing it alone.  Back up, get out, take a look, adjust, etc.  They wave their hands but you give the hell up on their erratic meaningless motions and just deal with it.

For 35.99 with free shipping that problem is gone for good.  And they are well made in a durable one piece format.  At 48″ long they fit easily behind your truck seat taking up almost no space and you know they will be there when you need them.

This is how I feel about this product the first time you use it and get on the road faster with no stress you will feel that they have already paid for themselves.  It is just that convenient.  So if you often have to hook up trailers alone or with people that lets just say have “spacial perception and communication issues”, get a set of these.  It will make your life easier and lead to less shouting as well.  So check out the Hitchin Rods today.

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ThorFire’s Cap Light – Item of the Day

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the ThorFire Cap Light.  I love these types of lights, I have been using them, especially for night time fishing for years.  The amount of battery life you get from them is impressive, yet at times the brightness is lacking.  This one is the brightest one I have found that is still compact and not bulky when worn on your cap or hat brim.

I  have some typical strap on head lamps in my vehicles but I honestly prefer these stye of light for must uses.  First because I am a hat wearer by my very nature.   You seldom see me without one of my Henchels or various caps on my head.  Those strap on lights are more feature rich but they just don’t work well with a hat.  This means I can’t wear it, likely will set it down somewhere and loose it.

This light is also affordable and it does come with the required CR2032 batteries.  The cost is about 11 dollars for one or 19 dollars for a 2 pack, so it makes sense to get two, two is one and one is none you know.

Some of the uses that these things provide include, light when dealing with vehicle trouble on the side of the road in the dark.  Simple tasks on the homestead that require both hands in the dark.  Climbing into that hunting blind in the early morning hours and more.

But again the place I use mine most is when fishing.  Have you ever tried to tie a fish hook on in pitch dark, it isn’t fun, and it isn’t really much fun with a flashlight in your teeth either.  When I was a kid I used to fish a pond about a mile from home.  Sometimes I had no flashlight and would have to go about 50 yards from the pond to a streetlight to tie on a new hook if I fished after dark.

After I did that a few times I made sure a flashlight was always with my gear.  I guess it was about 15 years ago that I first found one of these clip on style lights and remembered those old days of fishing stock ponds and old stripping holes in the dark.  Since finding them I have never not had one when fishing, they are just too useful.

Of all I have tried the ThorFire Cap Hat Light is the brightest and most useful.  So give it a try and they also make great stocking stuffers this time of year.

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