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Episode-2088- Lessons and Planning from the first 3/4s of 2017

The Timber Frame Pond – AKA “Miyagi Pond” is the Nine Mile Farm Home Run of 2017

Here are Nine Mile Farm we have pretty much settled into our selected systems on a lot of things at this point almost 5 years into the journey.  Our ducks run on a clock work like system, feeding, paddock shifting, egg collection, etc are all quite fine tuned at this point.

The trees require very little maintenance and most of our desired infrastructure is now installed.  Still we are constantly trying and testing out new things.  This year we have found some really great gems of knowledge and we have also come up with some quite refined plans for our future.

A lot of the new stuff is going to be built in winter, because here in north Texas that is the most pleasant time of year for construction work and out door projects.  Today I am going to do an old school sort of “chat with Jack” episode on what has worked well this year and where we are taking that knowledge to in the future.

Join Me Today to Discuss….

  • The aviary and aquaponics system has become a great asset in need of tweaking
  • The timber frame pond (Miyagi) is the most trouble free aquatic system I’ve built
  • Thai water spinach is an amazing and delicious plant
  • Peppers do fantastic at 60% shade here in Texas anyway
  • Tomato blight continues to be the bane of my existence
  • Elevated ponds and gardens are the way forward due to the ducks
  • Our in ground pond is pretty much a disaster, we may have to nuke it
  • Bluegill and other sunfish are about the most trouble free and economically viable protein here in Texas
  • Bullheads do not seem to be a good aquaponics option
  • A Steven Harris Battery Bank and a cooler make a great live well
  • Plans for this winter
    • Build a bigger, better Miyagi
    • Grow out koi for the Miyagi’s
    • Develop a large wicking bed system that is 100% duck proof
    • Design a planting plan for the new and old systems
    • Meat chicken run in 2018, no new ducks this time
    • Take another go at the orchard that failed
    • Duck Free Zones and an Outdoor Kitchen
    • Look to simplify systems and automate everything
  • Final thoughts

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1400 Gallon Timber Frame Tank Aquatic System Build

This project was a long time coming, I transformed a platform we had built for a water catchment tank into a 1400ish gallon fish tank using a EDPM liner.

The system currently has 4 ebb and flow beds but this is not true aquaponics but rather an aquatic system using a aquaponics component as a bio filtration system.

The body of this is built with 4×4 pressure treated lumber designed for ground contact.  The first layer is 4 inches below grade and held into the limestone with 12 inch hot dipped galvanized spikes, which were aided in penetration by hammer drilling into the limestone layer.  The other layers are each attached with 20, 6-inch galvanized spikes per course (5 per piece of lumber).  Translation it isn’t going anyway.

Plans now include creating a floating plant island to prevent floating plants from being pummeled by the overflows and aeration wand.    Adding cinder block towers and benches for emergent vegetation and of course adding a lot more fish.  We also need to do some plain old landscaping around the area to make things look better now that the heavy part of the project is done.

New Videos – Aquaponics – Tree Collards – Baby Chicks and Polts and Zoodles

In this first video we check out some stuff in the aquaponics and aquatics systems, including Tree Collards that you can order at projecttreecollard.org

We also look at the progress of the white Hubbard squash. Watch the bees working the Pickerel Rush and see the recent failure of the aquatic system and our temporary work around.



Next in Season Three – Episode 18 of The Duck Chronicles we have a duckless duck chronicle episode because the new babies are here.  Today we have to intercept the mail lady to get the birds out of the truck early in the day, we unbox the babies and get them settled into their brooders.



Lastly I have put together the long promised how to make zoodles video.  Zoodles are zuchinni noodles, we use these in dozens of ways and they make a great way to use left overs.  In this instance we used some left over meat balls, some of our cherry tomatoes and basil out of the aquaponics system with some salt, pepper and garlic to make something pretty outstanding.



Aquatics and Aquaponics Update for 5-11-17

Just a quick walk though the aviary checking our mainly the wicking beds, lots of tomatoes set, zucchini is doing great, training winter squash vines, feeding the fish and more.

Focusing on the things we are learning with this system so that we can implement our major expansion this summer in the old garden area.



Aquaponics and Aquatics Update for 5-4-17

Today we take a look at some of the growth inside the aviary including some banging squash and tomato plants, some cloning propagation techniques and the beds running expanded shale that are going to need rebuilding due to poor drainage.

Videos from Nine Mile Farm – 4-5-17

First we have Aquatic and Aquaponics Update 4-3-17 in this video I go over some new things we have added to our system.   Specifically two new flood and drain beds installed in the aviary, along with the growth in the wicking beds.  We also check out how well the water cleared up in the garden ponds and some new water plants for 2017.


Next up on The Duck Chronicles we have S3- Episode 13 – Big Ducks, Little Ducks and Gooses in Between in this video we have begun the integration of the babies to the main flock, I hope to have them fully integrated in about 14 days.  The biggest concern is that all the babies get big enough to not be able to get though the fence.


Remember  you can Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you can find all our Aquaponics and Aquatic Updates at this Playlist and all our duck videos at DuckChronicles.com

Three New Survival Podcast Videos This Week

I put out three videos this week on our YouTube channel but with all that has been going on I am just now getting to post them on the blog.

First up in the Duck Chronicles, I have two new episodes out.

Season Three – Episode Eleven – Free Range Grass Is Heaven – The new flock of baby ducks gets their first taste of real freedom and are set free on the back pasture at nine mile farm.



Season Three – Episode Twelve – Into the Swales We Delve – Thanks to a good over night rain there is a bit of water holding in the upper swale and the babies get their first taste of swimming and playing in mud.




Aquatic and Aquaponics Updates – 3-29-17 – The garden ponds have had three ebb and flow beds added, more for filtration than true growing of food.  These are simple beds you can build all in for 20-25 dollars depending on what media you use and where you get it.




Redneck Venison Pho and New Aquatic System Drains

Couple videos we did over the weekend.  First is what we call Redneck Pho (pho is pronounced fuh) this version is made with venison and quail.  Most of the time I actually do the broth for about 3-4 hours longer, chill over night in the fridge and remove any hardened fat/tallow from the top.  Then use the broth for Redneck Pho or other things.  But for the sake of this video I condensed it into one process.

Items mentioned in this video Items mentioned in this video are Red Yeti Shears  and the Stock Sock



Next up some modifications I made to out aquatic system on Sunday.  I came up with a simple cheap way to create overflow drains that should be 100% fool proof in never clogging.

NOTE – Concerns about the metal tanks, suggestions to try to make this aquatic system into an aquaponics system or fear mongering about PVC will be ignored and possibly deleted.  Sorry but after three years of explaining it, I am just done.  Some day soon I may do one video addressing these concerns one more time, but for the time being I am just done with nervous nillies and people that worry about non problems.



2 Inch Return Lines Added to the Aquatic System

Just some quick video of a modification we did to the aquatic system (note aquatic, not aquaponic).  We plumbed in 2 inch return lines so we can run the flow much faster and turn the entire system over about once ever 90 minutes, or about 16 times a day.

I also explain why the Duck Chronicles Season Three won’t be starting for a few more weeks.  And there are two more bonus videos.

Here are two more videos of some fish we caught and added to the aquaponics system this week as well.