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New Freshwater Shrimp Tank

I have been looking into other ways to feed my aquaponics fish and shrimp are a great way to do that.  I have also found a variety of shrimp called Mississippi Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes kadiakensis).  Being native to much of the United States, unlike many shrimp they are very cold hardy.

The ebay seller I got them from, johns796 says he catches them to order from his own pond.  He is in northern Louisiana just barely south of the Arkansas border and that he has had ice on it 3 of the last 4 years.  Additionally in the Pond Boss Forum I have read accounts of them surviving over winter in Nebraska in ponds.

That said surviving in a 200 gallon steel tank is different then in a 100,000 gallon natural pond.  So I am not sure if they will survive my winters.  Hence I have four tanks they are going in outside, 20 each and I will keep 20 in this tank.

The system is explained in the video below but what I did was use a “kritter keeper” to make a very large bio filter which also pacifies the filter so the top vegetation doesn’t get beat up and destroyed.   For now the top vegetation is salvinia.  The wood is chola cactus wood with lots of hiding space for the baby shrimps.  The bottom is a thin layer of baked compost, then a layer of lava sand and last a layer of lava rock.

The shrimp should be here tomorrow and some java moss and marimo moss balls should be here this week, Friday at the latest.

Anyway enjoy the video and ask any questions you have.

Items Used in this Project…

Parts 15 and 16 of My New 300 Gallon Aquaponics Build

Today we get the mulch layer on and I give a full breakdown of the fertility products I use in my wicking beds and sources for all of them.




See complete playlist for this project here. http://bit.ly/300gal

Full list of products in this video

Endo Mycorrhizae Fungal Inoculation – http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/aiotd-2-20-17

GS Plant Foods Liquid Kelp Fertilizer –

Dr Earth Fertilizer – http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/aiotd-4-10-17

Garrett Juice Plus – http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/aiotd-3-16-18

Epsoma 3-4-4 Fertilizer – https://amzn.to/2CxXe1s

Epsoma Blood Meal – https://amzn.to/2wYmacC – Really any blood meal is fine. I have no brand loyalty with strait blood meal.

Liquid Molasses – https://amzn.to/2wYLejw

Mushroom Spawn – https://mushroommountain.com/products/king-stropharia-clemson-stropharia-rugoso-annulata


White Nile Tilapia Feeding in One of My Aquaponics Systems

Just a short video of my White Nile Tilapia feeding in my greenhouse based aquaponics system.  The fish are about 15 months old and I would say a bit over 2 pounds on average.  They should be able to feed for at least 3 more months until it gets too cold for them.



You can find all my aquatics and aquaponics videos in one playlist at bit.ly/9mile-aquaponics

New 300 Gallon Aquaponics System – Part Thirteen

See complete playlist for this project here. http://bit.ly/300gal

Today I answer your questions on this system so far. Including questions on using worms, charcoal, system cycling, pea gravel and system size.




Three New Aquaponics Videos

More progress has been made on the new 300 Gallon aquaponics system.  We got the false bottoms done for two wicking beds, came up with a soil mix and got one of the beds filled up.  In addition to these three videos you can find the entire playlist here http://bit.ly/300gal





New 300 Gallon Aquaponics System – Part Nine

See complete playlist for this project here. http://bit.ly/300gal

After nearly dying of heat stroke (not exaggerating) this summer I am finally back at getting shit done on this project. The good news is everything gets easier from here.

Next step is to get the two now cycling wicking beds full of media and soil and set the footers for the next 4.




Episode-2276- Back Yard Aquaculture for Beauty and Food Production

Back Yard Protein that Looks After Itself

So we have been updating our new instagram project and have changed the channel name to @itsajacklife to make it more clear that most posts are by Dorothy about my life vs. by me.  And this AM she took this photo of me at teh Miyagi pond and captioned it,

Enjoying the Miyagi. It’s Tuesday morning time for a stand alone show. Jack has no idea what he will talk about today says the fish will tell him.

She was right and the fish said, “hey dummy talk about us”, so today that is what we are going to discuss.  While prior shows focused mostly on aquaponics and mentioned doing it as pure aquaculture, today we are going to focus on that side alone.  A few aquaponic components may be mentioned today but we are going to stick really to back yard ponds.

Few things on my property give me more enjoyment than my various garden ponds.  There is something peaceful about moving water and fish.  The bonus is if we want fish tacos tonight and didn’t take any out of the freezer, with 4 bread balls and 5 minutes I can have us 4 nice pan fish for cooking.

Aquaculture is function stacking in the best way.  You get a beautiful piece of landscaping, wildlife habitat and free food as a bonus.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Why bother with aquaculture in the first place
  • The benefits
    • Beauty and relaxation
    • Simplicity – compared to aquaponics
    • Protein production – no guilt at harvest time
    • Low maintenance – you could automate almost everything
    • Vegetable production even without aquaponics
  • The types of ponds to consider
    • Gunnite or concrete in ground
    • EDPM in ground
    • Fabricated stock tanks or ponds
    • Framed lined ponds – can be above ground or partly in ground
    • Swimming pool conversions
  • Fish for your pond
    • Start with goldfish or koi, grow them out until they won’t get killed
    • Pan fish are really the best (perch, brim, bluegill, “perch”)
    • Catfish (bullhead and channels)
    • Bass and other predators are best in large ponds, really large
  • Feeding your fish
    • Commercial fish feed – better than you think
    • Minnows – grow your own
    • Black Solider Fly Larva
    • Duck Weed and Salvania
    • Insects – a few ideas
  • Dealing with winter
    • Get in the ground, the deeper the better
    • Insulate framed systems with soil
    • Consider solar heat – (some thoughts on making it work on air)
    • Wrap pipes and use heat tape
    • Use local fish
    • Stock tank heaters
  • Getting your fish
    • Hook and line
    • Traps and nets
    • Buying them
    • Breeding them
  • Final Thoughts

Resources for today’s show…

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Miyagi Pond Updates for 8-21-31

Some updates to the Myagi Pond (aka Timber Frame Pond).  Also a preview for today’s episode of TSP.

Flowering gourd seeds are hard to find but you can find them on eBay on occasion search for “Bau Sao”, none are available right now, I may have some this fall at the workshop. It is also known as “white flowered gourd”.

The original sweet potato slips came form Victory Sees they are Japanese Purple/Red Sweet Potato and they are my favorite. You have to order them in early spring here.

For the water spinach search ebay for Pak Boong, Kang Kung or Ong Choy this is the seller I got mine from.

For water celery plants search ebay for Korean watercress, minari, Rau can nuoc or Oenanthe javanica this is the seller I got mine from. While not pictured in this video it has become my favorite water plant for edible production next to water spinach.

I mention a bio active vivarium in this video. This video by “The Bio Dude” shows what I am talking about, very cool guy.

I also mention a snake called a Baron’s Racer this is what they are like.



Timber Frame Pond Update for 8-6-18

Just a bit of an update on our timber frame pond project.

You can get the entire playlist for this series here.

And you can get my everything aquaponics and aquatics playlist here.


New Aquaponics Video and We Need Expert Council Questions ASAP

New Aquaponics Update

First up after a long delay I have an update (number 8 in the series) on my new aquaponics build.

Not a ton of progress since the last update but we do have a ton of growth. We also have a new manifold we will be using in all future builds thanks to Nick Ferguson at http://www.homegrownliberty.com/ on this.

Now that we have the plumbing planned to avoid having to cross the pipes in shallow soil, progress should speed up.

See complete playlist for this project here. http://bit.ly/300gal


I Need Questions for the Expert Council

Despite a few members currently being on the pikers list (you know who you are) I have a shortage of expert council questions.  Right now I only have three in the can for Friday, not enough for a full show.  Please send your questions to me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast dot com with TSPC Expert in the subject line.

To get more information on our Expert Council visit our “Meet the Expert Council Page” to learn more about them and their specific areas of expertise.