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Texas Rat Snake on the TSP Homestead

This is a little Texas Rat Snake (more info here).  Lots of people are quick to kill them and say they have no choice because these snakes are “agressive”.  They are not what they are is defensive.

They will strike, they will bite, they will rattle their tails in the grass and leaves but ONLY if you mess with them.  They will never come after a person and being bit is less of an issue then being scratched by a house cat.  They do tremendous work in ridding areas of rodents and if you have them around, you have rodents or they would not be there.  Letting them be is the best course of action.  My only reasons for even catching this guy were to

1.  Be able to show it to you guys so you knew what they looked like.

2.  Get him out of the middle of our field before the dogs got to it and killed it.

He was released in a bushy area of our back pasture with lots of woods and other stuff to hide in.  I welcome his presence and honestly you should too.  All irrational fears should be banished folks and fearing something like this is irrational.

This snake couldn’t do any real harm to anyone not even a child.  A wall corner in your home is more dangerous to your children then one of these. Our daily episode will be out soon but for now I just wanted to share what I found during my morning walk with a cup of Muhi Tai Coffee.

See the Texas Rat Snake Video on Youtube

Episode-1019- The Role of Animals in Permaculture

Properly Managed Chickens Can Convert Pasture to Forest

Properly Managed Chickens Can Convert Pasture to Forest

Geoff Lawton just released a great video that represents the beginnings of an awesome new project and it fits in great with today’s show topic.  In his video which addresses preparing for future crisis with permaculture Geoff shows how chickens can be used to establish a food forest 150 square meters at a time.

This is just one role that livestock both small and large can play in a permaculture system.  From talking to hundreds of people I am convinced that you can have some sort of livestock in just about any environment.

To me if you really wish to branch out into individual sustainability at some point animals must become part of the formula.  Today I discuss how to do that and how to actually sculpt land with animals being one of your tools in doing so.  We discuss how to do this on a large acreage or even a small suburban lot.

Join Me Today As We Discuss…

  • Why animals in the first place, what does nature teach us
  • Understanding soil creation both fungal and bacterial
  • Using chickens to restore a pasture OR create a food forest
  • Using ducks for pest control and free ranging them in “forest”
  • The role animals play in nutrient bioavailability
  • How improperly managed animals can destroy a system
  • How to adapt large scale animal concepts into small scale operations
  • Using animals in suburban environments
  • How to even use animals covertly in suburban environments

Resources for Today’s Show…

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Episode-313- Audience Questions for 11-09-09

It is Monday and we are back with another round of listener questions.   Some great ones today on topics like dealing with livestock during a SHTF, a complex real estate problem, basements in Texas, building home grown generators, operational security and spreading prepping and self sufficiency to your friends, family and acquaintances.

Tune in today to hear answers to the following questions…

  • What do you do with live stock if you have to bug out and how do you prep to care for them if you bug in?
  • Where and how do you store extra propane tanks?
  • What is a spot price, how high above spot is reasonable to pay for silver coins?
  • What about platinum and palladium as alternatives to gold for investing?
  • How to handle a complex real estate situation where the owner wants to sell the land but continue to live in the house?
  • Whats up with the new iPod nano, is it worth the upgrade?
  • Are plans on how to build a generator from old parts a good investment/idea?
  • Why are there no basements in the Texas Hill Country, if you want one what are some alternatives when building a new home?
  • Why am I personally so loose on OPSEC, what advice do I have for others as to OPSEC (operational security)
  • How can you open minds about prepping in 60 seconds?

Resources for today’s show…

Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show