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New Youtube Video on Harvesting Amaranth Grain

I have had a lot of questions about harvesting amaranth grain so I knocked out this video for you guys today.  This is really more about harvesting just a bit for seed for the next planting.  I will do a more “brutal” version for lack of a better term when the next seed heads are available.

Growing Wild Edibles and the Transitional to a Fall Garden

This is a tour of our garden which is currently in a transitional stage, it also covers a few of the species I mentioned in yesterday’s show that we have harvested from the wild and now are cultivating in our garden such as purslane, lambs-quarter’s, amaranth and ground cherries.

There is kind of a moment at the end were as I am speaking I really come into touch with the fact that we will be leaving this house behind this winter when we move.  While I am very excited to move out of the city it did hit me just a bit that after all the years here of working and making this place into something special it will soon be turned over to someone else, someone who might remove my garden and plant good old civilized grass!  While I hope not it is up to the new home owner to either value or devalue the nitrogen rich organic soil we built.

Like I say at the end though, do it even if you will leave at some point, learn, gain the knowledge and make the place better than the way you found it.  While I will miss the place I don’t regret one second of the work we put into it or the countless meals that had something we grew for ourselves as part of them.

I am at the BOL today but there will be a show tomorrow it is already prerecorded and ready to go via the magic of automation and the wordpress blog platform,


Episode-383- 10 Uncommon Edible Plants for Every Backyard

Today we discuss 10 edible plants that are not very common in most backyards or stores and the unique advantages they offer the modern survivalists concerned with producing their own food.  Each of these plants offers unique advantages to the backyard and small homestead grower.  Advantages such as good nutritional profiles, disease resistance, ease in seed saving, heat tolerance and more.

Note that the seed sources below are comprised of many sources.  You can get many of these seeds from multiple providers.  I just wanted the opportunity today to expose you today to a variety of solid providers of organic and non GMO seed.

Join me today as we discuss the following unusual edible plants…

Additional Resources for Today’s Show

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