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Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle – Item of the Day


Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle available in both 22 Caliber and 177 Caliber.  A few months ago I set out to find the best value to price ratio in break barrel air rifles and settled on this one.

There is a lot to like about the Nitro Venom Series.  First is price, there are better break barrel guns out there but nothing close to this that I have found in the 200 dollar and under range.  Next is quality of fit and finish, now a high end Weatherby this gun is not but as a pellet gun the finish is very well done.  Next we have power.  The 22 caliber version will put standard lead pellets down range at 800 FPS and the 177 smokes em down range at 1000 FPS.

Now were it really comes together is accuracy, please understand that piston guns have a break in period, more on that in a second.  That said I was getting decent groups out of the box with this gun.  After a full break in of 500 rounds I can now drill a quarter at 20 yards, and I can knock holes in beer cans off my back fence from my porch, about 60 yards.

Now another feature that I really liked and led me to this pick was the integrated picatinny rail.  By that I mean the rail is fused to the receiver, not bolted on.    Piston guns have forward recoil, they can be hard on scopes but harder on rings and mounts.  Because this rail is welded to the receiver you eliminate an entire point of failure, this rail is NOT going to move.

The included rings are 4×4 rings, meaning they have 4 vs 2 bolts for each ring, this is really important with forward recoil.  The included Centerpoint 3×9 Scope is in my opinion the only weak point, but I would pay the price for this gun with no scope so I am fine with it, in fact it is still on my gun.  It isn’t a bad scope and it does hold zero (over 2000 rounds now).

It is just not a really clear scope.  I don’t expect Leopold quality in a scope at this level but suffice to say it could be better.  I will likely eventually put a UTG 4X32 1″ Mil-dot Airgun Scope on mine, I currently have that scope on my Crosman 392 and I really like it.  I also think 4x is plenty of power for an airgun and like mildot to play with hold over and windage at extended ranges (50-100 yards).

On break in, one of the nice things about nitro piston is they break in faster.  Older style pistons took 1500 or more to really settle in.  Most now break in at about 1000 shots.  Nitros tend to settle in at about 200-300 but I go 500 before I really start dialing in the “perfect pellet” for it.

Here is my basic break in.  I get the gun hitting about center at say 10 yards, then move it to 25 yards, get it basically hitting center, not really concerned about a tight group.  Then I put 100 cheap ass pellets in a small dish on my back porch.  Every time I get a chance I shoot it until I am bored.  I just shoot some of my metal targets off hand until the bowl is empty.  I do that until I get though 5 bowls and then get down to picking the best pellet.

So far one of the most accurate pellets this gun shoots is a pleasant surprise.  They are the quite inexpensive Crosman Premier 22 Hollow Points.  As this is a fine hunting pellet and only $5.82 for 500 rounds, I have pretty much settled on it.  It has been more than adequate for squirrels and rabbits so far.

The other thing to do is check the scope rings/mounts every so often during break in.  This means check tightness but don’t keep torquing them down more and more every time, just make sure you are not getting movement or loosening.  You can also mark your scope with a grease pencil along the rings which will show you any movement of the scope.  Though be aware it is easy to wipe off.

So if you are in the market for a good quality piston air rifle that doesn’t cost as much as an entry level center fire rifle, check out the Nitro Venom in your choice of 22 Caliber or 177 Caliber today.

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Mad Bull Propane Airsoft Adapter – Item of the Day

adapertEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Mad Bull Propane Adapter for Gas Blow Back Airsoft Guns. If you shoot and train with Gas Blow Back Airsoft guns (and you should) then you simply can not afford to NOT have one of these adapters. They pay for themselves so fast it is insane.

There are a lot of cheaper adapters but this one is what I always look for, maximum value to cost ratio. What good is a cheap plastic adapter that fails in a year or less, buy those over and over, or one of these and never need to buy one again.  Which of those options makes more sense to you?

Consider the following a one pound cylinder of propane at Walmart is about 6 bucks, I have seen twin packs for under 10 dollars all the time. You can get them anywhere and again it is about 5-6 dollars a pound.

Contrast this with “Green Gas”, at about 21 dollars a pound. That is a savings of 75%! Not to mention most of us must order it online and off line specialty stores often charge even more if you have one near you. But wait, propane is yucky stuff and “green gas” is all green and good for the earth right? NOPE! Green Gas is NOTHING but propane with silicone oil and odor modifiers in it, so it doesn’t smell like well, grill gas.

That is where these wonderful Mad Bull Propane Adapters come in. All you do is screw one onto the top of a 1 pound propane cylinder (due the cost of shipping get this at a local store). Spray a bit of silicon oil into the fitting for that purpose, charge your mags, fire away. Just a tiny bit of silicone is needed to ensure your gun operates well and functions properly.

In general I add a bit about every 4 pistol magazines. Below I included two youtube videos that show how this product works, its features and how to use it. I personally own two airsoft gas blow back pistols I train and shoot with. First is a WE Tech 1911 and the second a WE Tech Sig 228. These are very similar to my two primary carry guns.

Airsoft allows me to shoot as much as I want, in my own back yard, with a gun that 100% functions like what I carry and use for personal defense, I can do it for pennies a week by the way.

Let me ask you, how much range time do most of you really get? When you go to your range can your draw and fire? Can you double tap? Can you shoot and move? Can you engage multiple targets at multiple distances? Can you utilize cover and shoot from behind it? Can you set up scenarios?

If you answered yes to all of those AWESOME, and I used to as well, when I lived in rural Arkansas, my range was my back yard and I could do anything I felt like in the bounds of safety and sanity. Today when I go to a range I am impeded by costs, set hours, a distance to drive and rules (for obvious reasons) that make me answer the first question with not enough and the rest with no.

I was a fan of cheap spring single cock airsoft guns for a long time, I still am for training brand new shooters and for deliberate practice. For the price most are amazingly accurate and quite powerful. But they are a limited training tool that simply will not function like a real firearm.  But to get started shooting, man they are great.

CO2 fed versions get expensive fast, there is no self fill option with them. But get yourself a Mad Bull Propane Adapter and some .2 grain biodegradable airsoft pellets and the gun or guns of your choice, and you can shoot for very little money. These guns are also very accurate at any reasonable distance for true defensive hand gun training.

You can shoot and move, practice reloads, holster and un-holser, and above all have the time and money to do it often enough to stay sharp so those skills are honed if you ever need them.

Lastly the biggest reason, is, it is fun as hell to do! Finish dinner, want something to amuse yourself, set up some targets and practice for 20 minutes, listen to some music and chat with buddy while you do it to boot! Have a friend of relative on the fence about guns, what a safe fun way to teach them about them in you own backyard or even in a basement on a cold or rainy day.

I personally feel that airsoft is the most underutilized training tool among shooters today. It is not just something for kids to pay games with on the weekends. The training can be as tough or as fun as you want to make it. Think it is unrealistic for a 1911 single stack to hold 13 rounds, well, put 8 in your mags, and get training!

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Here are a couple of good Youtube Videos about today’s item of the day.

Scope set up for the Benjamin 392 or Benjamin 397 Air Rifle – Item of the Day for 8-23-16

Every day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Please Note – Amazon is currently out of the Picatinny Scope Intermount in this set up, rather than not provide it I have linked to Pyramid Air for that product.  This is the only good product for this need, so I found you a source until Amazon gets them back in stock.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is my chosen scope set up for the Benjamin 392 or Benjamin 397 air rifles. The set up consists of…

I am a huge fan of the 392 because as far as I can tell it is the last of the variable pump 22 pellet rifles.   I had a 60s version I shot as a kid made under the Crossman brand, it was also at one time called the Blue Streak under the Benjamin Brand.  The modern 392 is the last of the legacy we still have around.

I initially resisted scoping my 392 and just played in the back yard with it, reliving the hundreds of pests and small game animals I killed with my old childhood gun.  My uncle still has that gun and it still works by the way.  But I stated to wonder just how well could this little gun perform if you gave it a mil dot 4x scope.  My goal was not to ruin this gun with too much scope, and to keep the scope as low as possible on the barrel.

Since there are so many moving parts going on here rather than a long review I am providing a short video of my set up.  If you want to get the scope further back than mine is and want to avoid cutting the picatinny rail (though it would be really simple to do), you could move up to medium height rings.

Note please watch This Video – before you buy the items I recommend or any items recommended for the 392/397 air rifles.  These guns were never meant to be scoped and I put a lot of thought into the items I used but they still have some limits.  Several other solutions I tested just do not work well, at all in my opinion.  I really recommend you DO NOT buy or use these things!

Additionally Crossman/Benjamin also make a Picatinny Scope Intermount that is the same thing as Air Venturi Base, if you can find that it works too.  Finally the rings that come with the UTG scope won’t work with the mount system.  They are grove mount style rings.  The scope itself would be fine on any quality air rifle.

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JSB Diabolo Jumbo Monster Pellets – Item of the Day

realmonstorEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend.

Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is JSB Diabolo Jumbo Monster Pellets which can be had in both 22 Caliber and 177 Caliber.  At about 15 bucks for 200 pellets they are not cheap by any measure but these are not “plinking pellets”.  Rather these are designed to turn your pellet gun into a sledge hammer.

The 22 Caliber JSB Diabolo Jumbo Monster Pellets weigh in at 25.39 Grains compared to a typical 22 Caliber Pellet that will weigh in at about 14-15 grains.  The 177 Caliber JSB Diabolo Jumbo Monster Pellets weigh in at 13.43 grains vs. a typical 177 caliber pellet weight of 7-8 grains.

It isn’t just energy we are talking here either it is also penetration.  If you open any ballistics manual and start looking at bullets, you will see a specification called “Sectional Density” usually abbreviated as S.D.

If you start looking at various bullets of a caliber you will see that as weight goes up, bullets get longer and S.D. goes higher.  So what is S.D.?  Simply a rating on an objects ability to penetrate.  And logically something longer and heavier is more “dart like” will penetrate better.  Imagine two nails, the same weight, one long and thin, the other short and stubby, which is easier to drive with a hammer?

So while the rest of the airgun world is trying to make lighter pellets for extreme velocity, JSG and a few others are going “Elmer Keith” on things.  Bigger, heavier, a little slower but more impact.  And it works.

I tested the 22 Caliber ones in my Benjamin 892.  Using a column of my covered porch as a vertical rest (not exactly a sand bag) they gave me a dime sized group.  Shooting at 40 yards they fully penetrated some old T-111 siding like it wasn’t even there.  Keep in mind this is from a classic variable pump 22 (about the only one left) with a modest maximum muzzle velocity of about 685 FPS.  I can only imagine what these will do in a top end break barrel or PCP gun!

The key is I don’t try to shoot pigs with a pellet gun.  I use mine for quite elimination of pests like rats, invasive pond turtles, raccoons, etc.   I also occasionally shot a squirrel if Charlie trees one and we share grilled squirrel that day.  Um, is there a better evening than grilled squirrel with your best friend and a beer?  For these uses these are the best I have found.  I did find a few heavier but none of those gave me really good groups, at least in my Benjamin 892.

I have not yet tested the 177 version but based on my experience I would expect they would serve the small bore airgunner very well for similar purposes.  Remember don’t go plinking with these, use them for hammering pests and small game.  You can get them here

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