Episode-96- Systema, the Russian Martial Art

Today we have a lot of ground to cover with most of the show focusing on the Russian Martial Art known as “Systema” and the psychology of confrontation as explained by Russian Martial artists.    We also cover some information about the Listener Contest, the Listener Forum and Media Bias.

Tune in today to hear…

  • What happened to yesterday’s show
  • Our forum has crossed over 10,000 posts in about two months
  • New prizes are coming from Center of Mass and SOE Tactical Gear
  • Another chance to win today
  • How can a win by 64% be both a narrow victory and a landslide (only with our fricken biased media)
  • The physics behind the “systema strike”
  • The KGBs view on the “psychology of confrontation”
  • Why children are born with an innate knowledge of self defense and loose it
  • Why Russian Martial Artists don’t break boards or bricks (fascinating)
  • Learning to hear your inner voice (both when to take action and when to retreat)
  • No weapon (even a fist) should be seen before it is deployed
  • Disarming an opponent by not confronting them with force or aggression

Resources for Today’s Show

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