Episode-277- H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Facts and Myths

I have been getting a ton of questions, comments and concerns about a possible swine flu pandemic this fall so I thought it was time to revisit the subject.  It may interest you to know that officially right now there is a swine flu pandemic. Seriously the world health organization declared it long ago.

So what is coming, what can we expect from the media, from the flu itself, is it over blown, is it a real concern, what is the deal?  Tune in today to get the facts as I see them, you opinion may differ, if so please comment below.

I am also recognizing GuideOn.org as hero of the day for the work they are doing to help childern who have lost fathers or mothers during military service.  Please help these guys out if you can this is one of the more noble causes I have ever heard of.

Tune in today as we discuss…

  • Pandemics as a whole are real and they are a primary threat to keep an eye on
  • The big concern about (H1N1) is speed of transmission not lethality
  • You should be prepping now Swine Flu or no Swine Flu
  • The media is going to “lather this up”, what that means to you
  • Inside information – the State of Texas is not even testing people positive for influenza A for H1N1 any more
  • To get maximum participation of the population we will be told vaccines are in “short supply” not forced to take them
  • Why I will not get a vaccine this year, period
  • This is going to have an impact on you if you get sick or not even if the flu itself is not that big a deal
  • The response by media, government and sheeple will be the biggest problem
  • Why this may help to once again tank our economy at least short term
  • The big danger is the next pandemic and the “cried wolf” syndrom
  • My advice, stay prepped, be happy

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7 Responses to Episode-277- H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic Facts and Myths

  1. Congrats going to NYC to be on the show. http://guideon.org is a great org. They help these kids from the heart. These kids really hurt and growing up without a dad is really difficult, a mom can\’t replace what a dad contributes to shaping and raising kids exposing them to camping, hunting, fighting. I have helped out at a few GuideOn outings and the kids are craving a male role-model especially the boys that want somebody like them. It is really rewarding and the kids gravitate to you especially when you have a military or survivalist background. James Clark is good people and is a great outdoors man in Montana.

  2. Does anyone think that it might be a good idea to stock up on antiviral medication like Valtrex? I just go to the Dr. and say I feel a cold sore coming on, and they write me script for a bottle of Valtrex. I am sure this isn’t a good idea to use all the time, because it probably has an effect on the immune system if used over a long term. But if there is a serious outbreak of a virus, it might be a good idea to have some antiviral meds on hand to give yourself a boost for a couple of days.

  3. My husband works in a clinic and is concerned about being forced to get the vaccination. Luckily his boss said he would never force it and would sign off anything saying he got it if it came to that. Also, your right about media hype causing a “crying wolf” scenario. I see it here in Florida with the weather channel whenever a TS or Hurricane hits. They play it up so much that when it turns out to be a non-event the people in the area are less likely to heed the warnings of a real severe threat. We had flu-like symptoms when the first breakout happened and when we went took our 4yr old to the military base clinic to due to high fever they said they were not testing for swine flu. A squadron on base broke out with it a couple months later and it was reported in the paper but no one died. Maybe only active duty are tested??? You know the problem with too much lather is a build up of soap SCUM!

  4. “Codex Alimentarius” set to take effect Dec 21, 2009. Stock up on your “self-health” info and whatever you can to take care of your family before this date. It is possible that we’ll need a prescription for vitamins, herbs, and minerals any time after this date. Here is a short article of what we may expect:


  5. Kathy,

    I’m not sure there’s much one can do to stop the regulation of vitamins and herbal preparations in the long term. Stocking up on such items has its uses, but once they are regulated, your supplies will ultimately run out.

    I think a better long term solution would be to grow as much of your own organic food and natural meat/eggs/dairy, as possible. Let’s not forget how humans are supposed to take in our nutrients.

    And, while you’re growing your own food, you should consider growing your own medicinal herbs. There are many good books out there on growing and preparing medicinal herbs. Many culinary herbs do double-duty as medicinal herbs. By making your own herbal preparations (teas, extracts, etc.), you can control the freshness and potency, and end up with a better product than anything you could buy at the store. If you need to invest in a greenhouse to grow specific medicinal herbs that won’t grow in your climate, then do it.

    If you do not have the land to do such now, then it’s time to start looking for some.

  6. On another note, be aware of how each state is responding to the Swine Flu. I live in Massachusetts which is trying to push through a Pandemic Response bill (MA Senate Bill, #2028) which would allow entry into one’s home without a warrant to allow officials to search for people and property that might be infectious. It implies that if the govenor declares an emergency (and there is no criteria for such a declaration), vaccinations would be expected, but states they would not be mandatory. However, if you refuse the vaccine, the state has the right to isolate/quarrantine you. This may take place in your own home, or you may be taken elsewhere. Another option the state has is to get a court order to have you vaccinated/decontaminated, even if it is against your wishes.

  7. You know I love you Jack, but there is some really important information that you do not understand regarding health and wellness. I know it is not possible to know everything and your wife, being a nurse, will naturally be jaded towards western medicine. I only know this because I was caught up in the lies of Western Medicine for 15 years (my work) until I opened my eyes and learned the truth.

    Regarding H1N1, if we are looking at logic like you mentioned, it is highly unlikely that someone were working on a vaccination spring and summer of 2008 (the patent for H1N1 vaccine was filed fall 2008) and some of it got out by accident spring 2009 causing H1N1 at that time. It is highly unlikely because the first cases were in Mexico, not in or around the towns where the labs were, where the flu vaccine was being created. The only way it could have gotten to those people in Mexico is through a tainted vaccination…… intentionally.

    If you want to learn more about how man-made viruses are tested on humans through vaccinations, read or watch “Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola”. This is an amazing movie ( I believe in book form now), a bit dry in spots because there is a tremendous amount of physical evidence being presented documenting this.

    Only man-made viruses are dangerous. Natural (not man-made) viruses are not dangerous if you understand them. Bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds are created by nature to detoxify our bodies. They breakdown toxins and degenerative tissue so our bodies can eliminate it easily (throwing up, diarrhea, through our skin, mucus, ear wax, etc). If you stop the detoxification process, by taking medications to stop the so-called “symptoms”, you push the toxins and degenerative tissue back in the body and add additional toxins to the body (the synthetic meds) and eventually all that stuff inside the body causes illness and sometimes diseases like cancer. If yo want to know what caused a cancer…..send it to the lab to be tested for toxins. Doctors wont do it because to screen for this kind of thing is extremely expensive because there is so much crap out there to test for. many have done it though and found out what really caused their cancer. If any forum member wants to fully understand this more, I will gladly elaborate.