Episode-39- Survivalism Around the Blogosphere

Today I decided to do something a bit different and I have pulled 5 topics currently being discussed by various bloggers. Tune in today to hear my thoughts on the following posts –

1. Government May Have Massive Surveillance Program for Use in “National Emergency” – From The Ignorance is Futile Blog.

Summary – There may be as many as 8 Million Americans that are in a database as a potential threat during a national emergency. The article cites the following – 1. “According to a senior government official…”There exists a database of Americans, who, often for the slightest and most trivial reason, are considered unfriendly, and who, in a time of panic, might be incarcerated. The database can identify and locate perceived ‘enemies of the state’ almost instantaneously.”

2. Ramen Noodles as a Food Storage Supplement – From The Survival Blog

Summary – The value and cheapness of Ramen Noodles is offset by they lack of nutritional value. Protect from rodents. Hey why not post your Ramen Noodle recipe ideas in the comments section.

3. Forget Global Warming we may enter a “Little Ice Age” from the Know the Lies Blog

Summary – Sun spot activity is decreasing and while NASA expects a major increase in 2012 even some of their scientists predict a major decline from then into 2015. From 1645 – 1715 we had the Maunder Minimum that was the cause of the Little Ice Age during the “dark ages”. The Armagh observatory predicts a 2 (about 3.5 Fahrenheit) degree decline over the next 20 years.

4. CNN Talks about Peak Oil – from OffGridSurvival.com

Summary – CNN did a story with a video available at the blog about a man in Main that is growing food, storing wood and using alternative energy to prepare for peak oil. An embeded video from CNN shows solar car and homestead put togehter by a really cool guy who is a school teacher in Maine.

5. Major Banks May Fail – from the “Texas Preppers Network”

Summary – Former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff (biw Harvard Professor) stated – “The worst of the global financial crisis is yet to come and a large U.S. bank will fail in the next few months as the world’s biggest economy hits further troubles.”

Mr. Rogogg further stated, “We’re not just going to see mid-sized banks go under in the next few months, we’re going to see a whopper, we’re going to see a big one, one of the big investment banks or big banks”


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5 Responses to Episode-39- Survivalism Around the Blogosphere

  1. Mary Franklin

    Re: Top Ramen Recipes
    I liked the idea of top ramen noodles as a food storage addition. Because of the MSG in most top ramen, I would humbly recommend not using the flavor packets, but use the convenience and cost-efficient noodles as a base and add dried legumes or dried vegetables (that you can get readily from a local food cooperative in the bins where you find bulk bin items (even generic grocery stores have bulk bins nowadays). i’ve read the Mormon religion websites lately and i believe they’ve “got it down” in the emergency food storage area. They would have great resources i’m sure for storing the top ramen noodles & dried vegetable and legumes.
    i would like to suggest an upcoming topic of discussion might be: Growing Sprouts. They would be basic to survival and are some of the easiest food to grow (3-5 DAYS (not weeks, DAYS) to get something so quickly with so so many nutrients; a person could survive on sprouts & clean water forever. (i’m not a vegan type but i am a vegetarian and somewhat conscious of my health. A great website for growing sprouts would be:
    Another great website for growing food organically would be:
    organic gardening.com is a fantastic website that has loads of really free advice for the new and old gardener. free organic gardening advice galore!!! 🙂 🙂
    i like your podcast very much and have given your website to friends and coworkers.
    Mary Franklin
    Sacramento, California

  2. Just wanted to say I enjoy the survival podcasts.

    If you have time I would like to hear some tips about when war,genocide,chaos breaks out in a country. We live below Zimbabwe in South Africa and would be interesting to hear what your thoughts are on situations like that.

    Anyway, have a great weekend.


  3. Blavish: I understand there is good historical information on what happened in Zimbabwe/former Rhodesia (as it was at the time) during its long troubles and before that the likes of Kenya. As always the best way not to lose a fight is don’t get into one!
    Ragnor Benson ( http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Survival-Retreat-Ragnar-Benson/dp/087364980X ) does some interesting book on the “modern survival retreat” and “Survival Retreat: A Total Plan For Retreat Defense”, as does Bruce Clayton in some of the chapters in “life after doomsday”.

  4. PS: I think this would be a very useful type of pod cast, maybe every couple of weeks. Listeners could report any good material they may want to share, just be careful you don’t too many….

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