Survival Podcast AOCS Copper Coins Coming Soon

Here is the deal we have a new project going with Rob Gray with the AOCS (American Open Currency Standard) to produce AOCS Copper Coins for TSP.  These are going to be awesome and VERY affordable, like 1.25 a piece or there about and about 1 dollar a piece in larger quantities.

Rob is a huge supporter of TSP so he is fronting the copper on the first run. We will pay for it of course but as the coins are sold.

Tiffany Rockwell of the Gear Shop has been working on the design, below is a comp, we are not done with it yet and the final will look a bit different.  Additionally it will be proof quality copper not a black enamal but this gives you and idea of where we are going with it.

These coins will be official AOCS currency and usable for barter with AOCS merchants.   They will also be a good tool to spread the message about honest money and TSP.  In fact a special covert project is underway that will teach anyone you give one of these to the real truth about our money supply.

Rob Gray from AOCS had given us an awesome deal to bring these coins to our listeners in helping me with the initial cost of the copper.  I do however have to pay the set up fees and the die making cost.  So I am running a special until Oct. 31`st on MSB, just use coupon code “copper” and get your first year of MSB for only 30 dollars.

If you want to see some actual AOCS copper check them out at the AOCS mint, this will give you a better idea of what our coins are going to look like in the final result.  Also don’t freak at the prices on the mints page most of those are for bags of like 250 units or more.  Again our coins will sell for about 1.25 a coin in small volumes and have a good discount for volume buys.

Examples of Current AOCS Copper Coins

Again the design above is not final and these won’t even be up for pre order for close to a month.  We have at least one major design change in mind, we are going to make the hyphens into little ants.  The image is a compass rose and the words honor, courage, strength and knowledge represent keeping your moral and mental bearings.  They are also the primary tenets by which I set up the show’s philosophy.

The reverse will mention a new site where people can learn the truth about money but more on that later.  We would love to hear what you think of the design and please remember there will be no black on the actual coins they will be proof quality copper with the images includes by relief and impression.

For those that wonder why we are not doing silver, we can’t do that at this time and sell them at a fair price and even break even much less make a tiny profit.  It is on the radar some day but this is a much more affordable way for us and the audience to work on helping others learn about honest money and being prepared.

25 Responses to Survival Podcast AOCS Copper Coins Coming Soon

  1. How much actual copper value will there be in the coin? thanks

  2. Oh I am so totally buying some!

  3. I’m in!

  4. Very nice choice! Looking forward to hearing about the secret money website. 🙂

    Will you have to make new dies to do a silver run in the future?

  5. Have you considered honeybees instead of ants in the design change?

  6. I love the design. If they are out in time, I’ll probably buy some for Christmas presents.

  7. Modern Survival

    There will be 1 ounce of copper in the coins, they will be just about the same size as a typical silver round but a bit thicker to accommodate the slightly lower weight of copper vs silver per volume.

    We won’t be doing bees vs. ants, though I like the bee and perhaps we can work something into the obverse with a bee.

  8. Modern Survival

    Oh and they should be available for pre order and ship before Christmas the time Rob stated was seven weeks as of a few days ago.

  9. A couple of years ago we bought 100 of D’Anconia Copper coins to give out to people who had read Atlas Shrugged. The quality of these coins is great.
    I will be buying a bunch of these new coins.

  10. These are awesome! I’m in for at least a few pounds of these.

  11. I think it looks great! I’d be in for buying some for myself and for gifts.

  12. Ok I am down for 20 of them!

  13. Wow, neat idea Jack. I’ll take a few. And if they had bees I’d be happier.

  14. Very cool. I hope if I order some they won’t be seized before they are even shipped to me. That happened a couple years ago when I ordered some copper Ron Paul coins from Liberty Dollar.

  15. Modern Survival

    @Travis, This is why I choose Rob and AOCS to do this with. They have crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s. What they are doing violates no laws and doesn’t attempt to replace US currency, simply exist along side it.

    The Liberty Dollar was a great idea but mistakes made it vulnerable. Rob studied those issues deeply before setting up AOCS. He has been a class act all the way as well and I am happy to support him and his efforts.

  16. Greg Hershner

    I have a John Galt Silver and D’Anconia copper coin. They are very well done. I suppose there are a lot of “Atlas Shrugged” fans at TSP.

  17. When you interviewed the AOCS representative (last year?), you said you would take a AOCS 1 oz. silver round as payment for the MSB membership. I haven’t heard it mentioned since. Is that option still available?

  18. Modern Survival

    @Paul absolutely! For MSB I will always take “50” in AOCS currency or two ounces in any pure silver such as bars or rounds marked .999 fine silver. I will even take $3.00 in face value of any U.S. pre 64 90% silver coins (dimes, quarters, halves, dollars).

    Quite happily I might add.

  19. I Like these “ROUNDS” and want some.
    Jack, is it ok to call these copper “ROUNDS” coin’s?

  20. Modern Survival

    @Joerocker a coin by definition is

    “A piece of hard material that is standardized in weight, is produced in large quantities in order to facilitate trade, and primarily can be used as a legal tender token for commerce in the designated country, region, or territory.”

    These are a piece of hard material that is standardized in weight and going to be produced in large quantities in order that people may use them for trade with AOCS merchants or in any barter economy of their choosing.

    Calling them “legal tender” would be completely false but I think they are definitely coins. If there is some legal technicality here I am not aware of it.

    But a challenge coin is called a coin, right?

  21. How can one purchase these coins when available? Does one need to be a member of your ‘Brigade’ to purchase?

  22. Any update on availability?

  23. Modern Survival

    Preorders should begin this week.

  24. OK, late January and no update on the TSP copper rounds/coins. What’s up? Are they coming anytime soon?

  25. Modern Survival


    They are in and shipping this week but to all, ALL QUESTIONS about items ordered from the gear shop need to be addressed to the gear shop not to me. I do not run the gear shop, not now, not ever.

    Also there have been updates posted at the gear shop website. Additionally they will be shipping all week long as 90% of the first run sold in pre order.

    Due to this we are ordering 5,000 more on a second run.