Support and Email Response Time During SHOT Show

As I have announced quite a bit over the last two weeks, this time for the first time ever the TSP Staff (Dorothy and I) will be attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  We are flying out tomorrow and won’t be returning until late at night on Friday the 20th.  There absolutely will be episodes of TSP on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  I have already recorded them, edited them and pre-set them to publish about 7 central each day.  My hope is to put together some short interviews that result in a show for Thursday but no promises.

The big thing I want to let you guys know though is email responses will be far more delayed then during normal operations.  All tech support emails relating to the MSB will be answered but expect response times in the 24 hour vs. 2 hour range which is my day to day goal for response time during business hours.    This is also not a great week for “chatty” emails along the lines of “how are things going, etc.”.  Priority this week will be given to handling customer support.

Trade shows like SHOT mean early mornings and late nights.  My goal this time is to find some great interview candidates, some awesome MSB discount deals and to better brand TSP.  The show will return to its regular scheduled broadcasts and quick response Technical Support next Monday the 23rd.  Just want to keep you guys informed.

Also one last time if you live near Vegas or will be there for shot on Thursday the 19th we are doing a limited attendance meet up for TSP members.  Once again you DO NOT have to be attending SHOT to come to the meet up.  Full details of the event which will be held at Tommy Bahamas are at this link.

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